Month: March 2018

Real-life mad scientist – “Mad” Mike Hughes blasts off in homemade steam-powered rocket – and survives

He's a limo driver from California who calls himself a self-taught scientist. Others say he’s a crackpot. What we know for certain is that he’s no chicken. This week 61-year-old “Mad” Mike Hughes took the first step to proving the world if truly flat (more accurately, Frisbee-shaped). According to Mike, to verify the earth is flat, we must view it from space. And Mike doesn’t trust NASA’s version of events. Thus, he decided to build his own rocket (with the wondrous words “flat earth” emblazoned on the side). “Do I believe the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee? I believe it is.  Do I know for sure? No. That’s why I want to go up in space.” Mike constructed his steam-powered rocket, dubbed Liberty One, and a

What is going on in the skies over Seattle? Second mysterious hi-tech spy airplane seen flying above city

I wrote back in August 2017 about an exotic spy plane that had been circling above Seattle suburbs for several days. When reporters contacted the US military to ask if the gray plane with USAF-style serial numbers was theirs, they denied any knowledge of the plane or its mission. However, researchers noted that the serial number of the aircraft was one of six serial number sequences commonly associated with the top secret 427th Special Operations Squadron. Nobody could understand why a spyplane would conduct missions over Seattle and the news soon faded.  This week however, another mysterious craft has been spotted in the skies above Seattle – and this time it’s a weaponized AC-130 gunship, the most feared asset in the United States’ military aircraft

The mysterious Nazca Lines of Peru

The Nazca Lines are a collection of unusual, large ancient geoglyphs etched into the high plateaus of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. The largest are nearly a quarter-mile long and depict a variety of objects and shapes including more than 70 drawings of animals such as birds, fish, llamas, jaguars, and monkeys – many of which would have been unknown to inhabitants of the area. Some depict human-like entities. They cover an area about 170 square miles and are only visible from the air. The drawings are believed to have been created sometime between 500 BC and 500 AD. They were made by gouging shallow lines about 6-inches deep into the ground, removing the natural iron oxide-coated reddish pebbles and exposing the grayish ground beneath.

Scientists say skeletal remains with bizarre alien-like features have 24 chromosomes just like human DNA but is NOT human

According to new reports out of Russia, the strange set of remains (dubbed "Maria") found alongside a 9-month year-old baby mummy (dubbed "Vavita" and thought to be Maria's daugther) have the Ruskies scratching their heads. The remains were found in Nazca, Peru (near the infamous Nazca lines) and include four complete skeletons with two arms, two legs, a head, pair of eyes, and a mouth. Their DNA were found to have 23 pairs of chromosomes, just like humans. In fact, according to the scientists, “the tissue is biological in nature and their chemical composition indicates that they are humans.” Although they certainly appear human – they are not. The skeletal remains, believed to be over 2,000 years old and preserved with a white powder called cadmium chloride, demonstrate

Russia contradicts NASA and predicts major solar storm over next two weeks could be catastrophic

This story is odd, maybe concerning even, on multiple fronts. Russian scientists are stepping out and making a prediction that over the next two weeks, a series of solar flares will be released with potentially catastrophic consequences on earth. NASA on the other hand, says “nah”.  So, who's right? It’s a relatively common occurrence – geomagnetic storms on the Sun resulting from Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs- clouds of plasma released with solar flares) release charged particles that hit earth causing a variety of unusual consequences including damage to electronic machinery and disruptions in GPS and communication networks. CMEs also cause damage in human beings including higher risk of stroke, increased intensity of migraine headaches, heightened depression, confused thinking, erratic behavior, and disruption to sleep cycles. To

Clearest video yet of a triangular-UFO has emerged – is this the infamous TR-3 Black Mantra?

This week, one of the clearest videos of a triangular-shaped UFO emerged. Shot on January 26, 2018 (according to the video timestamp), using an automobile dashcam at an undisclosed location, the UFO is seen flying in from the left, behind a tree, and then off the top right-hand side of the video. The characteristic three-light, unblinking pattern on the bottom of the craft is clearly visible in the video. Some believe this to be a rare video capture of the TR-3B (TR-3 Black Manta) spy/surveillance aircraft, a "black project" protocol created and flown by the United States Air Force. The only evidence for the aircraft is based on several reported sightings of the mysterious flying wing aircraft over Antelope Valley, an area of desert in southern

A plethora of “time travelers” have emerged lately – and they bring back chilling accounts of mankind’s future

Dozens of cases have been reported since 2017 – persons claiming to have time travelled either to, or from the future. Many brought back terrifying accounts of what mankind can expect in the future.  Of course, given the nature of their assertions, their stories are impossible to prove – or disprove. So take the following for what it is – claims from various “time travelers” who truly believe they moved through time to witness mankind's future. James Oliver – year 6491 James Oliver says he is “essentially an archaeologist” who routinely travels through time to study various time periods and cultures. When asked what the worst thing mankind has to look forward to, he says without hesitation – the eruption of Yellowstone Caldera. According to Oliver, when the