British student comes forward with close-range account of troll-like creature chasing train

// February 12th, 2014 // No Comments » // News

A 25-year-old British student has reported what he describes as “a troll looking creature” chasing after a train that was travelling through flooded fields towards London. The lad said that at first, he thought the creature was a “fat bloke running through the soggy fields, water up to his knees”. As the creature neared the […]

Wikileaks cable details Morocco King UFO sighting and confidential request to U.S. government for assistance

// April 11th, 2013 // No Comments » // News

On September 25th, 1976, King Hassan II of Morocco instructed his Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie to inquire about a strange unidentified craft that he and others had witnessed in the early morning hours over the skies of Morocco on the night of September 18th through the 19th of that year. King Hassan II described […]

The Russell Crowe UFO video explained – how an ass tried to trick the UFO community

// March 7th, 2013 // No Comments » // News

I held off on this as long as possible but just couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer. I really didn’t want to post the Russell Crowe video – at Altered Dimensions we focus on the truly unexplained phenomena. But the Russell Crowe video has gathered so much momentum in the media that I had […]

Fast moving UFOs caught on video shot in Albuquerque New Mexico

// February 6th, 2013 // No Comments » // News

Many people were taking pictures of the sky Saturday night because of the recent storm but one viewer caught something different while trying to shoot the clouds. This video was sent to an Albuquerque news station from viewer Cesar Garcia. He was recording the clouds near the corner of Blake and Unser streets in Albuquerque […]


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