The FBI just evacuated the National Solar Laboratory and other areas near Roswell and nobody knows why.

On September 6, 2018, the FBI swooped in with Blackhawk helicopters and other vehicles and evacuated (raided?) the National Solar Observatory near Roswell, New Mexico – and no one knows why. In addition, the nearby United States Post Office was evacuated and the surrounding area locked down too. A worker told ABC: “We were told on September 6 that we would be evacuated along with the surrounding area, we were not told why. We were told just to be out of the area. We remain suspended until we are allowed to return.” One week later and all facilities in the area remain closed. Roswell and the United State’s highly secretive White Sand Test Facility and Holloman Air Force Base are barely 100 miles apart. Directly in between, in

Eyewitness report from welder who cut open the crashed UFO at Roswell

A retired engineer has opened up and revealed an interview he conducted with a military welder who described cutting open the hull of the infamous crashed UFO at Roswell. The witness’s version not only matches other Roswell eyewitness accounts, including confirmation of strewn wreckage and lifeless alien bodies inside the downed UFO, but reveals new details that may forever change the Roswell saga. The engineer who interviewed the welder, explained that his interest in UFOs began while attending school at the University of California in Santa Cruz. After conducting a few amateur UFO investigations, his reputation on campus as “someone who knew about UFOs” grew. It was during his time at UCSC when a friend from his church introduced him to another friend who had asked to

The Twining Memo – 1947 letter from US General who visited Roswell confirms UFOs are real

UFOlogists believe one of the best pieces of evidence for the existence of UFOs and the United States’ cover-up of their presence is a memo from a top United States General dated September 23, 1947, known as the Twining Memo. The memo was uncovered by UFO researcher Stanton Friedman “in a classified box in a classified vault”. Its authenticity is rarely debated. The memo was written about two months after the Roswell incident in response to a request from an Air Force general (A-2) to provide information on the recent spate of “flying saucer sightings”. General Nathan Twining, head of the U.S. Air Material Command (AMC) wrote the classified letter to Air Force General George Schulgen. The letter explicitly says that UFOs are a real unexplained phenomenon. One

Man buys $2 tintype photo at junk shop – discovers it’s only the 2nd known photo of Billy the Kid worth estimated $5 million dollars

One man is a lot happier and possibly $5 million dollars richer after experts authenticated his 4x5 inch tintype picture as only the second-known photograph of the famous outlaw Billy the Kid (aka Henry McCarty or William Bonney). Randy Guijarro purchased the photo at a Fresno, California junk shop for just $2 dolloars. The photo shows the smug-faced Billy the Kid and his gang, the Regulators, playing a game of croquet at a New Mexico ranch. The photo was acquired by Guijarro five years ago. After careful examination, he thought one of the croquet players highly resembled Billy the Kid (Guijarro is a U.S. history buff and was familiar with the Kid). However, experts quickly shot down his find as an authentic photograph of Billy the

Man claims to have seen top-secret UFO files during visit to military base with Aunt

A man has come forward claiming he personally saw files related to UFO reports at McClellan Air Force Base in the early 1970’s. McClellan AFB is a U.S. Air Force base located seven miles northeast of Sacramento, California and David Armstrong says that his aunt worked in the UFO Records section of the facility for about eighteen years.  Armstrong says he reviewed the files for over two hours while his Aunt was called out of the room.  If true, the information he witnessed confirms several extraterrestrial theories proposed by UFOlogists. Armstrong visits McClellan Air Force Base When in his late teenage years, Armstrong travelled from North Dakota to Sacramento to visit his aunt who worked at the McClellan AFB. According to Armstrong, she asked if he wanted a

The full-story behind the stunning newly discovered photos of Roswell alien (the “Roswell Slides”)

Discovery of the Roswell Slides In 1989, an Arizona woman was cleaning the home of a deceased couple, readying the home for an upcoming estate sale, when she made a discovery that could have ground-breaking implications for humanity. While carrying items to the garbage can, she noticed a box (or chest) full of Kodachrome slides which she figured could be somewhat interesting. She took the box of photo slides to her home and placed them in her garage. And there the box sat – for ten more years. Around 1999, the woman dug through the pictures in the forgotten box and to her surprise, found photos from all over the world, many of which included famous celebrities such as Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, and President Dwight Eisenhower.

Many believe some segments of 1940’s recreation of Roswell dead alien film are authentic

Ray Santilli’s 1995 Alien Autopsy: Fact of Fiction documentary was long suspected to be a hoax before Santilli came forward and explained that much of the film was a recreation of a 1940’s film that he had seen and eventually purchased.  Although the video was originally presented to the public as an authentic autopsy on the body of an extraterrestrial that was recovered from the crash of a "flying disc" UFO near Roswell, New Mexico on June 2, 1947 (and sold to television networks and broadcast in more than 33 countries as such), Santilli maintained that part of the film did indeed contain actual footage – but never confirmed which part was authentic footage and which was recreated. According to the video producers, before Santilli could raise enough money

Professional geologist continues to find unusual artifacts in the Roswell crash debris field

After moving to the Roswell, New Mexico area, Frank Kimbler, a professional geologists, took an interest in the Roswell crash lore and began investigating the infamous crash debris field in search of clues to the 60-year-old mystery. It will come as no surprise to the readers that as a result, Kimbler has made several highly unusual discoveries including unusual artifacts and aerial photographic evidence of disturbed ground in and around the debris field. For over 30 years, Frank Kimbler worked as a geologist and as an oceanographer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Before moving to Roswell to take a teaching position at the New Mexico Military Institute, Kimbler didn’t have much interest in UFOs (even though he experienced an unusual sighting himself in his 20's)

Woman says retired Wright Patterson AFB military man confirmed Roswell alien bodies at base

An interesting report was submitted to MUFON yesterday (July 24, 2014). The report was filed by the grandchild of the woman who received the information firsthand around 1960 and apparently tired of having it weighing on her mind. According to the woman, her grandmother recalled a close friend from Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirming that indeed, there were alien bodies from the Roswell incident and those bodies were transferred and stored at Wright Patterson. “My grandparents lived in Dayton, Ohio for years prior to 1964. A close friend retired from Wright Patterson AFB. He was high ranking. My grandmother, who was the most witty, honest, and candid persons I'dve ever met asked him if it were true about the alien craft and possibly the alien bodies

The Maury Island incident – Crisman and Dahl sighting of six UFOs over Maury Island sparks conspiracy and coverup

When it comes to early historical UFO accounts, we often recall the Roswell crash or the Kenneth Arnold sighting, both of which occurred in 1947. Seldom is the 1947 Maury Island incident remembered nor mentioned in publications, and for good reason - many UFO investigators believe the Maury Island incident was a hoax.  Others however, believe the case bore the classic earmarks of an intelligence cover-up operation. Regardless of whether or not Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman spotted six UFOs flying above Maury Island in June of 1947, the Maury Island case incorporates several unusually bizarre, but historically proven facts, including the first reported case of government-sponsored “men in black”, two suspicious crashes of airplanes transporting case evidence back to their home  base, several shadowy

The 1950 Guy Hottel UFO Memo – secret US Air Force memo regarding recovery of UFO and its occupants

FBI officials admitted last week that the most popular file in their online reading room, the memo known as the Guy Hottel Memo, was never even investigated.  The memo, dated March 22, 1950, was written by special agent Guy Hottel, head of the FBI's field office in Washington and addressed to FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover.  In the memo, special agent Hottel discusses a second-hand account from an Air Force investigator, who disclosed to the agent that three 'flying saucers” containing dead alien bodies had been recovered in New Mexico. In its entirety, the memo reads: An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50

Edgar Mitchell, NASA Apollo 14 astronaut, admits insider knowledge that UFOs are real

When big-name scientists, celebrities, or other influential people admit their belief in the UFO phenomena, it’s an eye-opener.  When an astronaut, one that has flown an Apollo mission, says that he has inside knowledge that UFOs and aliens are indeed visitors from other planets, well, it’s jaw dropping.  That’s exactly what happened in 2008 when Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo 14 fame, told Kerrang Radio while on air, “I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real, although it has been covered up by our governments for quite a long time.” Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut on the Apollo 14 mission, became the 6th man to walk on the moon.  During his 1971

35-year CIA veteran claims to find Roswell proof in Langley “historical collection” vault

35-year CIA veteran Chase Brandon, served as a covert operations officer for the CIA for 25 years.  He was then assigned as a official liaison on the director's staff where he spent his final 10 years with the agency.  It was during his time as a director (in the mid 1990’s) that Brandon walked into Langley’s Historical Intelligence Collection section and began browsing around.  The Historical Intelligence Collection is tightly secured and few CIA personnel have access to the vault.  As Brandon was shuffling through the boxes he noticed one box with a single hand-written word on it – “Roswell”.  He examined the contents of the box and although he will not disclose specifically what was in the box (his security oath prevents disclosure), what