FBI accidentally releases name of US-based Saudi official suspected of directing support for 9/11 attacks.

It has been one of the most sensitive secrets surrounding the Sept. 11 terror attacks - the identity of a Saudi Embassy official in Washington D.C. who officials believe directed support for the al-Qaida hijackers. The name was accidentally revealed in a FBI legal declaration in response to a lawsuit brought by families of 9/11 victims seeking to obtain the name of the Saudi government officials complicit in the terrorist attacks. Family members say the revelation marks a major breakthrough and shows the FBI believed there was a link between the hijackers and the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Brett Eagleson, a spokesman for the 9/11 families, said, This shows there is a complete government cover-up of the Saudi involvement. It demonstrates there was a hierarchy of

The FBI just evacuated the National Solar Laboratory and other areas near Roswell and nobody knows why.

On September 6, 2018, the FBI swooped in with Blackhawk helicopters and other vehicles and evacuated (raided?) the National Solar Observatory near Roswell, New Mexico – and no one knows why. In addition, the nearby United States Post Office was evacuated and the surrounding area locked down too. A worker told ABC: “We were told on September 6 that we would be evacuated along with the surrounding area, we were not told why. We were told just to be out of the area. We remain suspended until we are allowed to return.” One week later and all facilities in the area remain closed. Roswell and the United State’s highly secretive White Sand Test Facility and Holloman Air Force Base are barely 100 miles apart. Directly in between, in

35 Thomas Street – the ultra top-secret NSA headquarter located smack dab in the middle of Manhattan (meet Titanpointe)

It’s common knowledge that the commercial behemoth AT&T has surreptitiously partnered with the NSA since the Bell companies split up decades ago. How much cooperation they provided however, was not known until Edward Snowden leaked top secret government documents revealing not only extensive cooperation with secret government agencies, but a clever veil of deceit willingly provided by one of America’s most respected corporations. 33 Thomas Street In 1969, AT&T began construction of a building located at 33 Thomas Street in the lower Manhattan borough of New York City. Standing on the east side of Church Street between Thomas and Worth streets, the building was known as the Long Lines Building (and later discovered to be Titanpointe). It was architected like a typical 1970’s style phone building –

Miracle – boy survives sub-zero temperatures and near-zero oxygen during five-hour flight in wheel well of airplane

  It’s a rare event and even rarer if the person attempting it survives. The FAA says that since 1947, there have been around 100 people known to have stowed away in wheel wells of an airplane. Most of them died. But this week a 16-year-old boy survived a five-hour flight from California to Hawaii hidden in a wheel well of a commercial Boeing 767 airplane. Aviation experts are calling it a “miracle”. Authorities say the boy ran away from home after a fight with his parents, jumped the airport fence, and ran across the tarmac to the first airplane he could find. He climbed onto the wheel of the Boeing 767 and up into the wheel well where he remained for the five-hour plus flight from

Officials beleive 2013 attack on PG&E Metcalf substation a “dress rehearsal” for a larger electric-grid attack to come

The Wall Street Journal released a stunning report yesterday revealing that on April 16 of last year, what looks to be a coordinated terrorist attack on the nations’ electric grid, took place in Los Angeles, California.  Originally reported as an “act of vandalism”, many officials are now coming out and admitting that they believe the attack against a PG&E substation was a dress rehearsal for a larger electrical-grid attack to come. Although details of the attack are of course, sketchy, what we do know is this.  The attack began just after midnight on April 16, 2013.  A group of men (experts say it would have required more than one man to conduct the attack) climbed through at least two different manholes to an underground AT&T utility

The unsolved Max Headroom Incident – pirates hijack Chicago TV broadcast to air bizarre and creepy tirade (1987)

Before the advent of the Internet and widespread public knowledge of a coordinated “hacking” culture, a strange and eerie incident occurred during a November 22, 1987 broadcast on WTTW-11 Chicago (a PBS affiliate) of Dr. Who, when a still-as-yet unidentified hacker took over the station’s broadcast replacing a brief section of the evening’s program with a creepy montage of a masked Max Headroom figure spouting bizarre, and often unintelligible, statements at the camera. Even more baffling, the perpetrators, who would have had to not only possess expert knowledge of broadcast technology but also have access to sophisticated and expensive television broadcast equipment, appeared to be youngsters. To date, how the perpetrators hijacked the television station’s broadcast is unknown and the culprit(s) have never been found

The Maury Island incident – Crisman and Dahl sighting of six UFOs over Maury Island sparks conspiracy and coverup

When it comes to early historical UFO accounts, we often recall the Roswell crash or the Kenneth Arnold sighting, both of which occurred in 1947. Seldom is the 1947 Maury Island incident remembered nor mentioned in publications, and for good reason - many UFO investigators believe the Maury Island incident was a hoax.  Others however, believe the case bore the classic earmarks of an intelligence cover-up operation. Regardless of whether or not Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman spotted six UFOs flying above Maury Island in June of 1947, the Maury Island case incorporates several unusually bizarre, but historically proven facts, including the first reported case of government-sponsored “men in black”, two suspicious crashes of airplanes transporting case evidence back to their home  base, several shadowy

Israel Keyes – meticulous serial killer’s body count may never be known

Israel Keyes murder spree Serial killer Israel Keyes is the type of serial killer the public, and police, fear: one that is so wily and meticulous, the complete story of his murders may never be known.  Keyes is believed to have embarked on a decades-long murder spree which may have included more than a dozen murder victims. He murdered his first victim in 2001 and his last in 2012 when he kidnapped 18-year-old Samantha Koenig of Anchorage, strangled her, and dumped her remains in an icy Alaskan lake. Thus far only three of Keyes' victims have been positively identified even though while in custody, Keyes admitted to eight murders.  The FBI has linked Keyes to at least 11 killings, and likely many more, and feel that

Every phone call in the United States is recorded? FBI agent revelation on CNN shocks the world

When news broke that the wife of Boston Marathon bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, spoke with her husband on the phone after his pictures and video appeared across the country as the prime suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, authorities focused on telephone calls between Russell and Tsarnaev that took place both before and after the attack to determine if she had prior knowledge of the plot or participated in any way.  On May 1, 2013, CNN ran a segment on the story on their Outfront show discussing how the wife could be implicated in the Boston Marathon bombings through electronic conversations.  CNN Host Erin Burnett discussed with his guest, former Counterterrorism Agent for the FBI, Tim Clemente, how voice mail could certainly be used to implicate

The 1950 Guy Hottel UFO Memo – secret US Air Force memo regarding recovery of UFO and its occupants

FBI officials admitted last week that the most popular file in their online reading room, the memo known as the Guy Hottel Memo, was never even investigated.  The memo, dated March 22, 1950, was written by special agent Guy Hottel, head of the FBI's field office in Washington and addressed to FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover.  In the memo, special agent Hottel discusses a second-hand account from an Air Force investigator, who disclosed to the agent that three 'flying saucers” containing dead alien bodies had been recovered in New Mexico. In its entirety, the memo reads: An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50

Chilling conspiracy theories that ended up being true

Before you turn your back on a conspiracy theory, it might behoove you to consider than many hotly-debated conspiracies that were eventually validated as true.  Check out this partial list of conspiracies that turned out to be true after further investigation or disclosure by the perpetrators. The Dreyfus Affair: French government wrongfully convicts Alfred Dreyfus on treason charges based on falsified documents.  Was made public by writer Emile Zola. The Mafia: Until the 1960’s, the mafia was a secret society of sorts until Joe Valachi revealed their secrets to law enforcement officials. MK-ULTRA: CIA sponsored mind control experiments.  Exposed by Rockefeller Commission investigation after public rumors circulated that the program existed and was conducting illegal experiments on civilians. The Manhattan Project: Government project conducted to