Five decades later, the government still refuses to release these documents related to the JFK assassination

It has been more than five decades since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the streets of Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. The event spawned dozens of conspiracy theories while the U.S. government insisted the murder was the work of a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. Still, much of the data, documents, and witness testimony have never been released to the public. Here’s what we know is being withheld. How we know information related to the Kennedy assassination is being withheld On February 4, 2016, the National Archives released a list of 3,063 documents that have been “fully withheld” since JFKs death. The list was released after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Politico and others. Curious JFK documents that have yet to be

Finally! Kennedy conspiracy theory becomes fact – declassified report reveals CIA Director led cover up of JFK assassination

It has long been suspected and now officially confirmed by the CIA themselves – agency Director John McCone withheld key information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy from the Warren Commission during its investigation of the assassination. The new report, which was assigned “SECRET/NOFORN” (not to be shared outside the agency) and quietly declassified by the CIA in the late-September 2014, concludes that McCone, who ran the agency when Kennedy was shot in November 1963, led the cover up in order to keep the commission focused solely on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin of the president. The report was published as part of a classified article in the CIA's Studies in Intelligence (Vol 57, N0. 3) periodical which drew on information in a still-classified biography of Director John

Wave of unusual deaths leaves many wondering – “Who’s killing our bankers?”

More than a half-dozen dead in less than two weeks.  Police classified the deaths as suicides even though the causes of death remain vague and in some cases undetermined.  The dead died violently but none died via self-inflicted gunshots, the method preferred by nearly 90% of all male suicide victims.  And all were prominent financial executives - some working for companies with reported ties to governmental intelligence gathering organizations; others working for institutions that many believe are a part of a vast financial criminal conspiracy. It began in early January when rumors spread that a Swiss Reinsurance Company director had died under unusual circumstances.  Nothing regarding the death was released to the public and the company remained mum.  Then on January 11, Wall Street Journal investigative reporter

Skull and Bones Society – video offers a forbidden tour of their compound and peek at their secret rituals

Founded in 1832, Skull and Bones is an elite secret society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  Operating under the business name, Russell Trust Association and informally known as “Bones”, it chooses or “taps” only 15 senior students a year who become patriarchs after they graduate.  Its past members (called Bonesmen) have included many of the most powerful men of the 20th century including William Howard Taft, Percy Rockefeller, Prescott Bush, John Forbes Kerry, and George W. Bush (who himself tapped five fellow Bonesmen to join his administration). The Skull and Bones society is featured in many conspiracy theories, which claim that the society plays a key role in a globalist/corporatist conspiracy for world control, that it is a branch of the Illuminati, or that

Pont Saint Esprit mass insanity event – did the CIA secretly poison an entire town with LSD?

    The 1951 Pont Saint Esprit mass hallucinogenic event – ergot poisoning or did the CIA secretly dose an entire town with LSD It began in August 1951 in a small, quiet village on the banks of the River Rhône in southern France after an outbreak of food poisoning, upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhea soon gave way to mass folly and collective delusions. Dozens of Pont Saint Esprit (or Pont St. Esprit) villagers developed fever-like symptoms, suffering hallucinations and exhibiting bizarre mannerisms. Then it quickly spread to hundreds more. One man tried to drown himself, screaming that he was being eaten from the inside – by snakes. Another man believed he could fly and flung himself from the third-story window, breaking both of his legs. Then he

Chilling conspiracy theories that ended up being true

Before you turn your back on a conspiracy theory, it might behoove you to consider than many hotly-debated conspiracies that were eventually validated as true.  Check out this partial list of conspiracies that turned out to be true after further investigation or disclosure by the perpetrators. The Dreyfus Affair: French government wrongfully convicts Alfred Dreyfus on treason charges based on falsified documents.  Was made public by writer Emile Zola. The Mafia: Until the 1960’s, the mafia was a secret society of sorts until Joe Valachi revealed their secrets to law enforcement officials. MK-ULTRA: CIA sponsored mind control experiments.  Exposed by Rockefeller Commission investigation after public rumors circulated that the program existed and was conducting illegal experiments on civilians. The Manhattan Project: Government project conducted to

35-year CIA veteran claims to find Roswell proof in Langley “historical collection” vault

35-year CIA veteran Chase Brandon, served as a covert operations officer for the CIA for 25 years.  He was then assigned as a official liaison on the director's staff where he spent his final 10 years with the agency.  It was during his time as a director (in the mid 1990’s) that Brandon walked into Langley’s Historical Intelligence Collection section and began browsing around.  The Historical Intelligence Collection is tightly secured and few CIA personnel have access to the vault.  As Brandon was shuffling through the boxes he noticed one box with a single hand-written word on it – “Roswell”.  He examined the contents of the box and although he will not disclose specifically what was in the box (his security oath prevents disclosure), what