Month: June 2019

What’s up with the increase in UFO sightings and discussion in the news media?

It’s a hot topic today – UFOs – and they’re now being discussed openly, and seriously by the media. Just this month a discussion about the elusiveness of UFOs was reported in the scientific journal, Space. History channel reported on sightings near nuclear facilities. Live Science ran a story recounting UFO sightings documented by the Pentagon’s Advance Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Popular Mechanics reported President Trump and Senators had been briefed on UFO sightings. And CNN ran a story about the large number of pilots reporting UFO encounters. UFOs are big news right now – and the number of reports are only accelerating. Why has the number of UFO reports increased? Possibly the large number of conflicts around the world keep the public’s eye to the

Woman dies for 27 minutes before being revived – unable to speak, her first written message will send chills down your spine.

In 2018, young, healthy Tina Hines had an unexpected cardiac arrest. Her husband, Brian Hines, worked on her until medical personnel arrived. He revived her four times. At the hospital, doctors revived her two more times. Tina was on a defibrillator, unable to breathe, when suddenly, she came back to life. The total time of “death” was estimated to be a remarkable 27 minutes. Upon awakening, Tina was unable to speak because she was intubated, a endotracheal tube hanging from her mouth. She had something important she needed to share though. She motioned frantically for a pen and paper. A family member handed her a personal journal. Tina took the pen and with shaky hands, scrawled her message. For a few minutes, family members stared at the

16-year-old French boy encodes Bible and Quran into DNA and injects them into his body – and lives.

16-year-old Adrien Locatelli, from Grenoble, France, has succeeded in transcribing the book of Genesis and the Quran into DNA and injecting them into his body. He injected the text of the books in each thigh. Locatelli documented the procedure and published his research in a paper that “relates the first injection in a human being of macromolecules whose primary structure was developed from a religious text.” How the boy injected encoded DNA into his own body It has long been known that any type of information could be encoded in DNA, the molecule that stores information needed for living things to grow, age, and function. Locatelli recognized that even words could be encoded in a DNA strand. The boy says no special equipment was needed to implant the

Proverbial Jonah was swallowed by a whale in South Africa – whale gulps down photographer then spits him back out.

In May 2019, 51-year-old dive tour operator Rainer Schimpf was photographing a school of sardines off the coast of South Africa. Several 15-ton whales had been circling the sardine “bait ball”, a tight school of fish that have been corralled by predators, in this case whales, dolphins, and a few sharks. Suddenly, everything went dark. “We were very astonished that out of nowhere this whale came up. I was busy concentrating on the sharks because you want to know if the shark is in front of you or behind you, left or right, so we were very focused on the sharks and their behavior -- then suddenly it got dark." Schimpf immediately knew what had happened. He’d been swallowed by a whale. "I held my breath. I mean

Parrots in India are getting addicted to opium and flying into trees in a drunken stupor.

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh, India are livid. Their poppy crops are being destroyed by parrots who have become addicted to opium. Farmers say the birds swoop in and gobble poppy flowers with such speed that they are unable to act quick enough to stop them. In fact, they say the birds have learned to fly in silence to further avoid detection. The birds make up to forty visits a day, razing poppy crops to the ground. In some cases, the birds have been spotted uprooting entire poppy plants, carrying them away to enjoy their fix in private. Afterward, the birds have been witnessed flying in circles, crashing into trees, and lying sprawled in nearby fields in a zombie-like stupor. When the narcotic effects of the opium

Wow! – Photo shows uncanny silhouette of Jesus streaming from clouds in Argentina

Monica Aramayo was visiting San Salvador in Argentina when she noticed an unusual steam of light emerging from the clouds. She quickly snapped a photo and posted on social media. The illusion quite clearly looks like the holy figure of Jesus Christ shining through thick, dark clouds. Some discounted the photo, saying they saw nothing. One person, Romina Salinas, said: “I personally only see the sun coming through the clouds, but people see what they want to see." Meanwhile, the photograph is quickly going viral on social media networks.

Man pays $13,000 for Florida Villa, gets 1-foot strip of land between two duplex driveways

A South Florida man is livid after being scammed this week in a home purchase. Initially Kerville Holness thought the bidding price for the property was too good to be true. The property auction was part of a sale of homesteads that had defaulted on their taxes. The picture showed a quaint villa, part of a duplex in Tamarac, with a bid price of just $13K.  The going price should have been over $150,000. Elated, he jumped on the deal. When it came time to take possession of the land, however, Holness found that what he had purchased was a 1-foot wide strip of land running between two driveways of a duplex property. Its value? $50. County officials are unsure why the strip of land was never

The Wilhelm Scream- the scream you’ve heard in hundreds of movies from Disney to Star Wars.

The Wilhelm Scream is a stock scream, somewhat comical, and easily recognizable. Once you’ve heard the scream, you’ll notice its use in hundreds of movies, TV shows, cartoons, and video games. If you’ve watched Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Titanic, 22 Jump Street, or any of more than 400 other movies – you’ve heard the iconic scream. NOTE: You can listen to the Wilhelm Scream in this video compilation on Altered Dimension's YouTube channel. The Wilhelm Scream made its appearance in its first film, Gary Cooper’s Distant Drums, in 1951. The voice of the scream is unknown but believed to be the voice of singer Sheb Wooley. The scream is named after Private Wilhem, a character in the 1953 Western

Burger King workers surprised when dead man’s funeral procession arrives with “one last wish”.

Workers at a Burger King in Leeds, England were caught off guard this week when a hearse pulled into the restaurant's drive-thru. The ordered a double-bacon cheeseburger, then opened the back door of the hearse and placed the meal on top of the casket. The driver told restaurant mangers 71-year-old Leonard Durkin gave his son "one last wish" to carry out when he died. Durkin requested that at his funeral, his favorite meal, a Burger King double-bacon cheeseburger, be placed on top of his coffin. Durkin's son, Peter Durkin, told reporters the elderly jokester often stopped at the Burger King after visiting his wife's grave (which was located nearby). He always ordered a double-bacon cheeseburger. "Dad had a brilliant sense of humor and before he died he

17-year-old shark attack victim saved by father who punched shark until it released his daughter and retreated.

A gruesome shark attack in North Carolina could have been much worse had it not been for a heroic father who physically attacked, and beat, the shark into submission. The incident occurred on June 2, 2019 at around 12:30 PM at Fort Macon State Park in North Carolina. 17-year-old Paige Winter of New Bern was attacked by the shark near the shoreline in shallow water. Although Paige will survive, she lost a leg and fingers during the attack. A witness described the attack: “All of a sudden, everyone started screaming, and I looked to my left and they were rushing towards this little girl. She looked little but she's actually 17. And it looked like she was belly crawling on the beach and officials were running towards