Month: June 2016

Artificial intelligence that perfectly predicted Kentucky Derby winners says war is imminent

Its name is UNU and it’s a sort of artificial intelligence that works on a “hive mind” model. Its accuracy is startling. When asked to predict Oscar winners, it did so with 76% accuracy easily beating all critics. Last year it perfectly picked the first four of the Kentucky Derby, in order, winning a Superfecta with 540 to 1 odds. This week, in a publicly accessible Q&A session, it hinted at something quite frightening – new world conflicts. What is UNU? UNI is a “swarm intelligence” that links intelligence from groups of expert individuals in a real time system. Using complex algorithms and realtime calculations, it easily beats human intelligence, including every individual that is part of the hive. For instance, in UNU’s Kentucky Derby prediction, none

The Golden State Killer (aka East Area Rapist or Original Night Stalker) – California’s most prolific serial killer eludes police for over 40 years

He was originally known by two names, the East Area Rapist (EAR) and the Original Night Stalker (ONS).  Once police realized the two were one and the same person, the Golden State Killer moniker took hold (often referred to as EAR/ONS or EARONS by case researchers). Altogether, he is believed to have burglarized more than 120 California homes, raped between 45-50 women, and slain 10-12 people during the years between 1976 and 1986. Today, police are no closer to capturing the man who has eluded them for more than four decades. The first attack defines a serial rapist’s modus operandi (June 1976) The East Area Rapist's first known attack occurred on a Friday, June 18, 1976. The assailant snuck into the Paseo Drive home of a 23-year-old

Woman’s “sleep app” records mysterious ghostly voice in middle of night

Jenny, who lived alone in her second-story apartment, had heard the odd clicking sounds before and was accustomed to having the inexplicable midnight noises jar her awake in the middle of the night. In an attempt to help her analyze her sleep patterns and discover the source of the odd sounds, she installed an app on her phone, Sleep As Android, a sleep improvement app, available in the Google Play store, that includes an alarm, soothing sounds, and a “sleep talk recorder” that records snoring, sleep talk, cover ruffles, coughing, and other nightly sounds. Sleep app recording reveals ghostly voice speaking to woman in middle of night Jenny began using the app on October 1, 2013 and at first, only heard sounds of her coughing, moving, or

Chinese town’s failed tourist plan causes village to be overrun with hundreds of wild monkeys

Like a scene from the sci-fi thriller The Planet of the Apes, villagers in the city of Xianfeng (Sichuan, China) are being accosted daily by hundreds of wild monkeys. Attempts to recapture the monkeys for transport out of the city have failed leaving villagers seeking a way to co-exist with their new unfriendly neighbors. “The villagers are now being terrorized by the monkeys who have taken to destroying crops and homes as well as starting fights among themselves.” In 2003, the village transported 70 macaque monkeys from nearby mountains into the city figuring the idea of monkeys running amok would attract tourists – and it did. Xianfeng became a tourist magnet and the villagers made lots of money from outsiders who travelled to the city to watch the

Horrors of war: That time the U.S. Army buried hundreds (possibly thousands) of Iraqi soldiers alive

“I came through right after the lead company. What I saw was a bunch of filled-in trenches with people’s arms and legs sticking out of them… We could have killed thousands.” On February 24, 1991, in the first two days of ground fighting known as Operation Desert Storm, an estimated 8,400 U.S. soldiers began an assault against 8,000 Iraqi soldiers along a 10-mile-wide stretch of border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, a seemingly impervious boundary that was laced with barbed wire, dangerous minefields, and fortified trenches. When reporters reached the area the day after the attack, they were told that not a single American soldier had lost his life. However, not a single Iraqi body was to be seen. War correspondent Leon Daniel said: “This ferocious attack

FAA warns of unusual GPS interference this month from Top Secret China Lake weapons tests

  Something unusual, and highly secretive, is going on in the Mojave Desert this month that has the capacity to wipe out aircraft GPS systems in an area covering nearly a dozen states. This week the FAA warned pilots that military tests were occurring this month at the Naval Air Weapons Center that could cause interference with GPS systems. They didn’t go into details of course, but whatever is being tested is huge. They noted that the tests, which are centered in Nevada’s 1.1-million-acre China Lake installation, could affect GPS systems in ten different states including Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Sonora (Mexico). The warning was issued on June 4, only three days before the first test was conducted. Specifically mentioned

These giant arrows blanket the U.S.A. from coast to coast – what are they?

You’ll find them in a nearly straight line between the East Coast (New York) and the West Coast (San Francisco). Like an ancient cosmic map, they are spaced about 15 miles apart and placed on any available surface – the side of a mountain, across the desert floor, and in the great, flat plains of the central United States – anywhere where they can be easily seen from space. Although many are now covered with scrub brush, these giant concrete arrows, sometimes as much as 70 feet in length, leave backpackers and hikers who stumble across them scratching their heads. What are they? Where did they come from? Who scattered them across the USA? The giant arrows are remnants of the Transcontinental Airmail Route, a sequence

List of locations of Transcontinental Airway beacons and concrete arrows (station name, counties, GPS coordinates)

The list below (organized by state) contains the known locations for Transcontinental Airway (airmail route) beacons/arrows that are known to exist today.  The first line of data indicates the station name followed by the county the beacon is located in.  The next lines list the route (or routes) that the beacon was a part of.  Finally, if available, the GPS coordinates of the beacon/arrow are given. Alabama 20 NO-A Evergreen DOCILF Butler County Atlanta-New Orleans Evergreen-Atlanta section St. Tammany Gulf Coast Airways 31.420854, -87.041079 24 NO-A Greenville W. Butler County Atlanta-New Orleans Evergreen-Atlanta section St. Tammany Gulf Coast Airways 31.852608, -86.718679 26 NO-A Sandy Ridge Lowndes County Atlanta-New Orleans Evergreen-Atlanta section St. Tammany Gulf Coast Airways 32.121054, -86.479936 33 NO-A Opelika Lee County Atlanta-New Orleans Evergreen-Atlanta section St. Tammany Gulf Coast Airways 32.616565, -85.437619 54 LA-A Emelle Tuscaloosa County Los Angeles-Atlanta Meridian-Birmingham section 59 LA-A Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa County Los Angeles-Atlanta Meridian-Birmingham section 33.224224, -87.612416 70B FTW-A Oxford Talladega County Los Angeles-Atlanta Fort Worth-Atlanta

Roman Polanski – famous director drugs and rapes 13-year-old girl, flees country, and remains free (with support from Hollywood friends)

Roman Polanski’s tale reads like millions of other child abuse stories except the participants were rich, elite, and never paid for their crimes. In fact, the abuser, famous movie actor and director Roman Polanski, was celebrated – and continues to be celebrated today. Countries seek his artistic merit and refuse to extradite him while Hollywood elites continue to claim his reparation - a month in jail, a week of psychological evaluation, and decades on the run after fleeing the United States – were sufficient for his crimes. Polanski remains free, and continues to direct and appear in movies (e.g. Rush Hour 3), despite tricking, drugging, and raping 13-year-old Samantha Gailey. Introduction By 1977 Roman Polanski was on top of the world. It had only been eight years