Month: June 2015

Scientists baffled by mysterious dancing ball of light caught on CCTV camera in synagogue

For all intents and purposes, you would assume this mysterious globe of light captured on CCTV video, was a rare but explainable case of ball lightning. Trouble is, the locals reported the weather was clear with not a lightning storm in sight. Rabbi Michael Oishie discovered the oddity when reviewing CCTV footage taken at his synagogue. Oishie says the video was shot around 4:00 AM on May 28, 2015 at the Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporozhye in Southeast Ukraine. Unable to discern what the strange floating globe was, he shared the video on Facebook with this message: “Strange things happened in the Synagogue around four o’clock in the morning.” Experts believe the video is authentic but are unable to provide a viable explanation for the dancing ball of light. Theories

Ceres Lights – mystery lights on dwarf planet bear striking semblance to street lights of earthly cities

  Scientists were baffled when they were first spotted in 2004 and as NASA’s Dawn spacecraft probe draws nearer to the dwarf planet, the Ceres Lights mystery grows deeper.  The photo above shows the striking similarity between the Ceres Lights and earthly lights photographed from space (Las Vegas in the example above).  That they look near identical is easily apparent.  Chris Russell, principal investigator for the unmanned Dawn mission at the University of California, Los Angeles, agreed that the origin of the lights has scientists scratching their heads: "The bright spots in this configuration make Ceres unique from anything we've seen before in the solar system.” Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  As of June 6,

Dark Web’s Assassination Market uses a faux gambling scheme to solicit bids for deadly contract hitmen

It exists in the deepest darkest corner of the web, the Dark Web (or Deep Web), a hidden, encrypted part of the Internet only accessible through Tor (i.e. The Onion Router). Its intent is not entirely clear. Is it a sick form of gambling entertainment or is it a marketplace providing an anonymous bidding service for hired contract killers? Assassination Market claims to be a “prediction market” where any party can place a bid guessing the date of death of a given individual. The catch is this – if you guess the date correctly, you take home all of the funds in the “dead pool”. Think about the ramifications of this scheme - this inadvertently (or purposefully) provides incentive for a would-be assassin to complete the kill and

Loveland Sniper – Coloradans on edge after learning there’s a serial killer loose in Colorado

Police now believe several unsolved Colorado shootings are related and that a single serial killer is on the loose and beginning to gain steam. In April, 20-year-old Cori Romero was shot through her neck while driving onto an I-25 entrance ramp near Fort Collins, Colorado. Romero survived the attack and told police that she was taking the onramp on April 22 when a dark-colored SUV pulled beside her vehicle. She said the car window shattered and she called 911, not realizing that she had been shot. One month later, on May 18, 48-year-old John Jacoby was found lying near his bicycle on Country Road 15 in Windsor. He had been killed by two bullets – and only five miles from the spot where Romero was killed. The