During the CNN broadcast of the President Obama inauguration (January 20, 2009), an interesting UFO can be seen if your eyes are keen enough.  Watch carefully, right after the segment shifts to the scene of the Washington Monument, you will notice an extraordinarily fast UFO shoot from the right side of the screen towards the left.  The object is very fast and hardly noticeable if you are not paying attention.  Once you spot it, you can easily see that there is indeed a very fast object shooting through the sky.  The CNN announcers briefly mentioned it later in the broadcast.

It could be presumed to be an extremely fast drone, albeit potentially faster than any man-made aircraft we have yet to see, but for the fact that no sound was reported (nor do you hear it in the audible track of the CNN broadcast).  In addition, there is no noticeable reaction from the pedestrians walking along the Washington National Mall, providing further proof that the object made no sound as it zipped past the Washington Monument.


UFO caught on film near Washington monument during Obama inauguration



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