Heaven’s Gate – the cult that killed themselves in order to board a waiting UFO hiding behind a comet.

Who were Heaven's Gate? Applewhite’s family could understand how the man they knew - a friendly, happy, caring Christian and devoted husband and father of two - could walk away from everything to found a cult. But that's what Marshall Applewhite did. And not just any cult. Heaven’s Gate was strange even among the bizarre New Age beliefs that were popularized in the 1970s — a time when a generation of free spirits were leaving the conventional behind to find themselves. For one, Heaven’s Gate was the first cult to go hi-tech. It had a website before most traditional businesses did, and its beliefs were meticulously spacey, involving aliens, UFOs, and talk of ascension to the “next level.” Visitors to the website were not quite sure if what

Oregon ranchers advised to travel in pairs and carry arms after rash of mutilated bull cases in Salem area.

Associated Press has reported that ranch hands in Salem, Oregon have been advised by law enforcement to travel in pairs and carry arms after a rash of dead bulls with sex organs and tongues removed have been reported throughout eastern Oregon. According to law enforcement, the bulls showed no indication they were shot, attacked by predators, or poisoned. There were no tracks around the carcasses and the bulls had been entirely drained of blood. The owner of one ranch said it appeared as if “someone using a knife or scalpel did it”. Explanations for the bizarre mutilations vary widely. Some ranch management hands think someone is killing the bulls to cause financial harm to the ranchers. Dave Bohnert, director of Oregon State University’s Eastern Oregon Agricultural

UFO sighted over Oregon – unidentified high speed, high altitude object tracked on radar, confirmed by several commercial pilots, chased with F15C Eagles

Word of UFO sighting over Oregon leaks on Internet forums There are reports coming out of Oregon this week about an interesting UFO sighting that took place on October 25, 2017. Multiple pilots over multiple states confirmed visuals of the object as it flew across the heavily-trafficked western USA airspace.  In addition, an air traffic control recording of the their conversations while tracking the object leaked (see below) and within days, NORAD confirmed the unidentified object flew across western US skies and that military F15C Eagle fighter planes had been scrambled to intercept the object. Word of the sighting, which took place about 4:30 PM near the California-Oregon border, began to spread after pilots leaked details about the incident on Internet forums. One pilot wrote: “Just landed in

Weird ad: Looking to produce super baby, man seeks women to impregnate during 2017 solar eclipse

Solar eclipses can be eerie events. At totality, a creepy darkness settles and shadows change into unsettling broken forms. It’s a weird experience to say the least. But a guy from Europe has submitted a proposal which adds a whole new level of weirdness to the occasion. An unusual ad appeared on San Francisco Bay Area’s Craigslist this week from a man seeking a women to impregnate during the solar eclipse (the proposed location is reportedly Oregon). The objective is to time the act to reach climax during totality. According to the ad, the result will be “a child that will be on the next level of human evolution”. The overexuberant advertiser claims the act will allow the two participants’ cosmic energy to align resulting in knowledge

Collection of historic vintage UFO photos (before we had Photoshop)

During the Golden Age of UFO sightings, the time between 1940 and 1970, thousands of UFO reports were submitted to officials, many of which were held for decades before being released to the public.  Included in these reports are many notable photographs purported to depict UFO's, or flying saucers as they were known at the time.  Below is a collection of the most popular historic UFO photographs from as early as 1870. UFO over Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia. December 29, 1953     This is widely believed to be a photo of the infamous UFO over Westall Scondary College in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, witnessed by more than 200 students and teachers as it descended into an open, grassy field. The only official explanation to date is "experimental craft". 1966   UFO in

FAA warns of unusual GPS interference this month from Top Secret China Lake weapons tests

  Something unusual, and highly secretive, is going on in the Mojave Desert this month that has the capacity to wipe out aircraft GPS systems in an area covering nearly a dozen states. This week the FAA warned pilots that military tests were occurring this month at the Naval Air Weapons Center that could cause interference with GPS systems. They didn’t go into details of course, but whatever is being tested is huge. They noted that the tests, which are centered in Nevada’s 1.1-million-acre China Lake installation, could affect GPS systems in ten different states including Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Sonora (Mexico). The warning was issued on June 4, only three days before the first test was conducted. Specifically mentioned

That time in World War II when Japan used a hot air balloon to bomb Oregon and kill six people

It may surprise you to find that there were actually six civilian casualties in the 48 states during World War II. The incident occurred in 1945 when a Japanese balloon bomb floated into the United States where it killed six people in rural eastern Oregon. They are the only World War II U.S. combat casualties in the contiguous 48 states.  Up until their deaths, U.S. officials kept news of the deadly weaponized balloons from the public in order to avoid panic. The death of Elyse and five children in Oregon On May 5, 1945, as the United States and Japan were locked in the final stages of World War II, Reverend Archie Mitchell and his wife were driving five young teenage students to a Saturday afternoon picnic.

Portland Pooper caught “doing his business” on surveillance video – police seek public’s help before crime spreads

  Southeast Portland Oregon residents are breathing a bit easier now – they now have a picture they hope will tie a man to the “evidence” left behind at various businesses in the area. Known as the Portland Pooper, for over a month now, a mysterious assailant has been defecating on business properties throughout the area and area business owners say they’ve had enough of his crap. “I think it’s really gross and shocking. I just don’t know what to say about it.” One business owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, finally decided to take matters into his own hands and make the unknown assailants #2 business his own business. The business owner placed a hidden surveillance camera in a window and aimed it at a nearby parking lot

Man beats the odds – truck crushed into 3-foot space between two semis and he miraculously survives

A 26-car pileup in Oregon involving 100 people in 26 cars resulted in 12 injured drivers and one amazing photograph of a driver who against all odds – survived the horrific crash virtually unharmed. The picture above features 27-year-old Kaleb Whitby, who was driving his four-door pickup truck in the heavy wind and fog when the pileup occurred. In the aftermath, Whitby found his truck crushed and tangled into a small three-foot side gap between two 18-wheeler semi-trucks. Against all logic and probability, Whitby survived the ordeal despite his Chevrolet Silverado being flattened into a three-foot wide space. The Oregonian interviewed Whitby and gave a gut-wrenching account of the accident. “Headed up a slight hill into a curve, Whitby decided to pass the semi-truck in front of

Unapproved genetically modified “mutant” wheat found growing on farm in Oregon

This week, federal officials announced that they had found unapproved, genetically modified wheat growing on farms in Oregon. They noted that wheat of this type was developed by Monsanto to resist the herbicide Roundup during the late 1990's and early 2000's. According to officials, for unknown reasons, Monsanto suddenly “dropped the project” in 2005 before seeking FDA approval. The department said they had not determined if any of the wheat had yet entered the food supply or into grain shipments. The genetically modified wheat was found in at least two fields in the area. A similar situation occurred in 2006 when unapproved genetically engineered rice was found growing in a farmer's field. In that particular case, since the rice had been engineered to resist herbicides, it grew