Bizarre “light pillars” project glowing map of Finnish city into the night sky

They call them "sun pillars", vertical shafts of light extending upwards from the setting Sun into the sky. A type of halo effect, they form when sunlight reflects off the surface of falling ice crystals and thus, are more common in cold, snowy northern latitudes than other parts of the world. Occasionally the optical phenomenon can also be produced from other sources of light, including street lights. Such was the case in Finland last week when light pillars rose into the air projecting a perfect map of the city's streets into the dark, night sky. On January 12, 2016, residents of Kauttua, Finland were treated to an unusual pattern of beautiful, bright, glowing lines in the sky. Many took pictures and posted them on the Internet. It wasn’t

Ultra-fast UFO caught on dashcam video by award-winning astro-photographers in Darwin, Australia

Two award-winning astro-photographers report capturing video of an ultra-fast Fastwalker UFO screaming across the sky in Darwin, Australia. The couple, Paul and Sylvia Mayo, have 30-years’ worth of astrophotography under their belts and say they are “baffled by the sight” which took place on June 12, 2015 at 1:00 AM as they pulled into a gas station in Darwin, the capital of city of Australia's Northern Territory. The couple say at first they thought nothing of the object streaking across the sky until they realized the unbelievably high rate of speed it was travelling. The couple returned home and posted the video on YouTube with the comment: “We were leaving the Caltex service station at Berrimah in Darwin NT when our dash-cam captured a super-fast object moving

NASA webcam captures mysterious beam of red light shooting towards Earth

NASA video cams captured an intriguing, and bizarre, occurrence on December 5, 2014 – a mysterious beam of red light shooting from an unknown red sphere down to Earth (see screenshot above). The red light beam occurred around 9:20 AM GMT and was captured by a live webcam that’s placed on the outside of the International Space Station.  And this isn't the first time the strange beam of light was spotted in space... The source of the beam of light is unknown but it’s obviously not a natural occurrence. One viewer thinks it's NASA using a red laser to "mess with our heads" wile some have suggested it is a UFO probing or communicating with something or someone on earth.  Others however, think the video may

More photos and video of UFO over Houston emerge

I originally hesitated before reporting the recent UFO sightings over Houston, Texas but after seeing additional photos and videos of the August 12, 2014 event, decided there was a good chance the object(s) sighted could be more than just reflections on an automobile’s windshield or an errant drone. The brightly-lit orbs were sighted over Houston, Texas during the night of August 11 and early morning hours of August 12, 2014. Multiple sources came forward presenting video and photographic evidence of the object(s) that were taken as a thunderstorm moved over the area. Local KPRC-Houston DJ, DJ Nayyz claims he spotted the object while driving home and began tweeting several photos with the caption “UFO over Houston’s east side”. Later, a second witness, “Mr Rastafarian”, posted

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures odd shard of light bursting from surface of Mars

We’re not going to file this one under paranormal events just yet but still, it’s an interesting development. Eagle eyes have spotted an odd shard of light that seems to be erupting from the surface of Mars. Altered Dimensions verified that the photo is available on NASA’s website and has not been altered in any way. Two explanations thus far include missing photo image data (not likely since the light shows a distinct rounded-bottom and seems to overlay the terrain above and behind it) or possibly a reflection off of, well, we’re not sure what it would be reflecting off of and hence, the mystery. NASA has not publicly commented on the photo, which was taken by the rover’s right-hand navigation camera, nor offered an explanation

Captured on deer cam – couple discover images of UFO rising/descending from night sky

Rainer and Edit Shattles of Jackson County, Mississippi were quite perplexed after reviewing video from their “deer cam” that had been set up in an open field on their 150 acres of land in rural Mississippi.  The deer cam, which is triggered by an infrared sensor, snaps images of wildlife animals as they approach the deer feeder.  To their surprise, on February 16, 2014, it revealed a set of odd hovering lights descending from the night sky. The Shattles are baffled, never imagining they would be caught up in a world-wide UFO mystery that has become known around the Internet as, the Deer UFO Photos. Shots of the mysterious lights were captured in the Cumbest Bluff area of Jackson Country, Mississippi and discovered by the Shattles the

Multiple UFO reports from Arizona – several independent witnesses report two sets of bright lights hovering in the sky

Several UFO reports arrived from Arizona on Wednesday (1/16/13) while rumors that there is a video of the event is beginning to circulate (we found one video that claimed to be of the event but the objects did not fit the description witness have been providing).  One witness reported seeing four huge, glowing orange-yellow lights in the Phoenix sky.  The sighting began with the witness was driving home and noticed four bright lights in the sky.  He pulled over and began taking pictures with his cell phone when another set of three lights suddenly appeared.  The lights appeared to be connected together as the distance between them never varied.  After a few minutes the lights blinked out. The second report came from Buckeye, Arizona. This witness

The mysterious New Mexico “brilliant flash of light” event (August 15, 1999)

At 11: 18 PM on August 15, 1999, the residents of the southwestern United States experienced an intense, unimaginable bright flash of light which lit the area brighter than daylight for 2-3 seconds.  At the same time, people from all across  the  western  U.  S.  began calling the UFO hotlines reporting their sightings of an unidentified object travelling overhead.  Most reported a hovering ball of light. Calls came in from  New  Mexico,  Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Texas and Mexico.  21 minutes later, a second (less bright) flash occurred. According to the MUFON journal from that month: “What makes this first flash so interesting, and a fact which seems to rule out any type of meteoric event, is that a second, and similar, flash occurred, approximately

Ghost Lights – mysterious, inexplicable light phenomena

History reveals reports of ghost lights are not a new phenomena In 1656, John Davis of Cardinshire, Wales recorded some of the earliest historical evidence of ghost lights. In this small town in Northern Wales, ghost light sightings were quite common and believed to portend the death of someone in their town. The lights were witnessed around homes, in the open air, and occasionally inside their homes. A small light represented the death of a child, a large light the death of an adult. Davis noted a ghost light sighting by his wife’s sister who had observed five lights inside her bedroom. That night, five of their servants died of suffocation in what was only described as ‘a freak accident.’ These strange lights are still reported in

The Phoenix Lights – UFO sighting witnessed by thousands of people (1997)

Strange  lights reported over Phoenix, Arizona On March 13, 1997, one of the most massively witnessed UFO sightings occurred in the skies over and around Phoenix, Arizona.  Witnessed by thousands of people and photographed by hundreds, there is no doubt that something was seen over the skies of Phoenix that night.  The question remains - what did they see? The strange lights, which would come to be called The Phoenix Lights (or Lights over Phoenix) were sighted during a three hour period between 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm on March 13.  They covered a 300 mile corridor from the Nevada line through Phoenix to the northern edge of Tucson.  Since thousands of witnesses called local Air Force bases, news stations (including the infamous Coast to Coast radio show),