Collection of historic vintage UFO photos (before we had Photoshop)

During the Golden Age of UFO sightings, the time between 1940 and 1970, thousands of UFO reports were submitted to officials, many of which were held for decades before being released to the public.  Included in these reports are many notable photographs purported to depict UFO's, or flying saucers as they were known at the time.  Below is a collection of the most popular historic UFO photographs from as early as 1870. UFO over Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia. December 29, 1953     This is widely believed to be a photo of the infamous UFO over Westall Scondary College in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, witnessed by more than 200 students and teachers as it descended into an open, grassy field. The only official explanation to date is "experimental craft". 1966   UFO in

Darren Deon Vann – authorities fear alleged Indiana Strangler serial killer may have been active for two decades or more

First victim discovered – police track down suspected serial killer His first alleged victim was 19-year-old Afrika Hardy (aka Octavia), a known prostitute in Hammond, Indiana who advertised her services on the Illinois section of “Are you ready to have some real FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 5'7 and 165 pounds. I am very friendly but I DON'T TAKE NO STUFF NEITHER. I Love Mature Men.” On October 17, 2014, a female friend helped Afrika arrange a meeting with 43-year-old Darren Deon Vann at a Motel 6 at 3840 179th Street in Hammond, Indiana. Soon thereafter, the friend began receiving “suspicious text messages” from Afrika’s phone. Alarmed and concerned for Afrika’s safey, she called a male friend who went to the Motel 6 to check on her. There, at around 9:30

Illinois witness reports huge UFO flying in night sky – “at least 1/2 mile or longer”

An unusual report out of Waltonville, Illinois – will be interesting to see if anything comes out of this. A group of men were fishing outside of the small town of Waltonville in southern Illinois on August 23, 2014, when they spotted a huge object flying across the night sky. The object was described as being at least ½ mile long or longer, with a slight glow to it. According to one of the men: “It reminded me of some of the giant ships in the Star Wars movies...  I was amazed at the experience.” The men tracked the object northward until it disappeared from sight. One man submitted a crude drawing of the airship which showed the object to be rectangular-shaped with a pointed front end. Illinois

Horrifying! Dozens of razor blades found attached to playground equipment in Illinois park. One toddler injured.

Monsters of a different kind emerged in Illinois yesterday.  Police say a two-year-old child was injured with cuts to his hand after a bizarre visit to Millennium Park in East Moline, Illinois.  Authorities report they found at least a dozen razor blades glued to playground equipment in up-turned positions along handrails, swing handles, and monkey bar grips. After the toddler's father discovered his injuries, he took the child home where he was treated for cuts on his hand.  The father then went with police to the park, located at the intersection of Archer Drive and 34th Avenue, where they found and removed about a dozen razor blades from the playground equipment.  The blades were attached to various surfaces on the equipment using a unidentified white, putty-like

Insurance company recalls $500,000 payout – man repays with a backbreaking 4 tons of quarters

Roger Herrin, an Illinois businessman, was outraged after a court ordered that he return more than $500,000 in insurance money related to the 2001 wreck and death of his teenage son. The court order was issued to resolve a decades-old legal battle over how $800,000 was to be distributed amongst the survivors of the accident. In protest, Herrin decided to repay the half-million dollars in coins. Herrin told reporters: "I've had 10 years to think about this a little bit, and I'm very, very bitter at this ruling. It's wrong, and everybody knows it's wrong. Herrin initially planned to repay the money with pennies but found that was unfeasible. Instead, Herrin delivered 150 transparent sacks of quarters, all he could get from the Federal Reserve in St. Louis,