Fish with human feet (including five toes) caught off Caribbean coast by 74-year-old local fisherman

The aquatic horror pictured above was caught of the coast of Windward, on the Island of Carriacou in the Caribbean by 74-year-old fisherman, Hope McLawrence. According to McLawrence: “This has shocked me to a considerable extent since I never thought that a creature like this even existed, much less in the harbor of these shallow, friendly waters!” McLawrence said the fish has two feet with toes, no fins, and “a perfect human nose above its mouth” (sorry, no picture of the fish's "human nose" could be found). Our best guess right now is a frogfish, a predator known to eat just about anything it can fit into its mouth. Still, I won’t rule out nuclear-tainted, biological freak of some unknown species. Very weird. Sources: Mirror, Metro UK, Wikipedia

“Bionic girl”, incapable of tiring, feeling hunger, pain, nor fear – has no sense of danger

Doctors dubbed 7-year-old Olivia Farnsworth of Huddersfield, England, the “bionic girl” because a rare chromosome condition (chromosome 6 deletion) renders her incapable of feeling pain, hunger, or exhaustion. Her mother, 32-year-old Niki Trepak, explained to reporters: “Doctors have called her the bionic girl; she's made of steel - and she's got no sense of danger.” Geneticists say they have never come across the disorder before and believe Olivia is the only person in the world with these unusual characteristics. Hit and drug by a car, she never even cried Lest you think Olivia has an admirable condition, recognize that her rare disorder also renders her impervious to fear or the normal human rules of self-preservation. For instance, little Oliva was run over by a car – and drug hundreds of feet underneath it –

Traveling freak gives us scariest mugshot of the year – Paradox, the Dutchess of Hell, arrested in Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas officers arrested 29-year-old Albuquerque, New Mexico native Mara Paradox on a marijuana possession charge and booked “her” into the county jail this week. Beyond what you can see in the mugshot above, Paradox (formerly Chance Davis) is indeed “different”. She has undergone gender transition, changed her surname, and installed various body modifications, including face piercings, body tattoos, horn implants, and tattooed eyeballs to complete her jailhouse corpse look. Paradox worked at the Venice Beach Freakshow where she ate glass, hung hooks from her eyelids, and laid upon a bed of machetes. Earlier this year, she had a friend chop off her ring finger in order to leave her left hand looking like a lobster claw. Now that she’s bailed out of jail, she is expected

The history of the Freak Show and the legendary freaks who promoted the popular attractions

The history of the freak show Freak shows were popular attractions during the mid 19th to mid 20th centuries until changes in societal attitudes towards handicapped persons and tightening of local laws prohibiting “exhibition of deformed human beings” led to the decline of the freak show as a form of entertainment. Featuring attractions such as deformed humans and animals, unusual physical performers, “pickled punks” (abnormal fetuses preserved in glass jars), and occasional hoaxes (e.g. “bouncers” - fake pickled punks made from rubber), the freak show has captivated audiences since as early as the 16th century. The 1600's  thru 1800's By 1600, severe physical human deformities and animal abnormalities were no longer deemed bad omens or manifestations of evil spirits residing within the person’s body and the public display

Gibsonton, Florida – Showtown USA (aka Freaktown USA) is home for many famous sideshow freak performers

The migration of sideshow freaks to Gibsonton, Florida began in the 1936 after legendary carnival performers Al “the Giant” Tomiani (who stood 7’11” in his bare feet) and his wife, Jeanie the Half-Girl (she was only 2’1” tall) moved to waterfront property in Gibsonton to start a fishing business. Located just 20 minutes south of Tampa, “Gibtown” looks like any other non-descript American town with a grocery store, gas station, and library. But if you travel deeper within its streets, you’re just as likely to run across elephants in a resident’s front yard or any number of legendary sideshow freaks who have made their home there for over 75 years. The move to Freaktown USA Soon after Al and Jeanie Tomaini, the “world’s freakiest couple”, settled in

21-year-old Florida woman obviously misunderstands men’s motiviations – adds third breast to make herself unattractive

21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil (I’m guessing this isn’t her real name) says she was rejected by fifty plastic surgeons before one cosmetic surgeon (licensed?) agreed to perform an unusual surgery to add a third breast in between Tridevil’s two natural breasts. At a cost of more than $20,000, the surgeon’s only condition was that she sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect his identity. The doctor constructed the third breast out of silicone, skin tissue taken from her stomach, and used an artificial implant to create the nipple for her new breast. The areola was tattooed on by a tattoo artist. When asked why she sought such a bizarre procedure, Tridevil gave two reasons – (1) she wants to be a reality TV star (subsequent to her surgery, there's plenty of

Freakish two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey

Turkish beachgoers received a gruesome surprise last week when the body of a freakish two-headed dolphin washed onto the shore of Izmir on Turkey’s west coast. The two-headed dolphin, which had two heads but merged to share just one tail, was discovered by sports teacher Tugreul Metin who watched in amazement as it washed onto the beach. “I couldn't take it in at first - I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I've never even heard about a dolphin like this let alone seen one with my own eyes.  I was completely shocked.” Measuring over 3 feet in length, the dead dolphin was believed to be a one-year-old calf. The eyes on one of the dolphin heads had not fully opened and neither head had

Eight-legged “Octogoat” – goat born in Croatia has eight spider-like legs

A goat in Croatia has given birth to kid (baby goat) with eight legs. Rancher Zoran Paparic says after the mother goat (Sarka) gave birth to the freakish goat, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things. Then I called my neighbor to make sure that I am not crazy.” Octogoat also has both male and female reproductive organs. Two healthy goats were born with the eight-legged wonder. Local veterinarians told Paparic that the reason for the goat’s extra legs is an underdeveloped twin sibling and that it is likely it will not survive. Veterinarians say if Octogoat can survive for longer than a week, it may live a full life. Check out more pictures of Octogoat below.    

Maine fishermen catch freaky lobster that has five human-like fingers

A crew of lobster fishermen in Maine found themselves in possession of an eerie five-fingered lobster after a recent haul. Recognizing their catch was something unusual, Capt. Peter Brown and lobsterman Richard Figueiredo of the fishing vessel Rachael Leah, delivered the specimen to the Maine State Aquarium who has put the bizarre creature, a Homarus americanus, or American lobster, on public display. They named their newest aquarium member “Lola”. Weighing in at four pounds, Lola’s right claw is normal but her left claw (also known as the crusher claw) has five human-like fingers. Aquarium management said that three of the claws can move but not all are usable. They explained to reporters that they believe the anomaly is a result of a DNA mix-up – a

Woman wears corset day and night to deform waist into freaky wasp-shape silhouette

24-year-old Berlin native Michele Koebke has a goal in life - to set the world record for the World's Tiniest Waist.  In order to achieve this goal, and create the wasp-waist silhouette that was so popular in the 19th century, she has worn a tight corset every day and night for the past three years (she removes the corset to shower).  When she began her quest, her waist measured a mere 25 inches.  Thus far she's shrunk it down to 20 inches and intends to get it down to 15 inches before she stops - or before she is forced to stop.  With a waist so abnormally small, her stomach has been pushed from its normal horizontal position rendering her unable to consume a normal

Doctor Evil’s two-headed shark discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Researchers confirmed last week that the two-headed shark discovered in the Gulf of Mexico on April 7, 2011, was indeed a single shark with two heads and not a conjoined twin. The specimen was found by a fisherman in the uterus of a pregnant female shark near the Florida Keys. It is the first confirmed two-headed bull shark. Some have noted that the shark was found shortly after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that occurred in the nearby area but authorities claim the shark’s deformity is not related to contaminants from the spill.