Woman visits doctor after severe eye pain – doctor finds four tiny bees living under her eyelid.

A woman in Taiwan went through an eye-opening procedure this week when doctors removed four live bees that were living under her left eyelid. Hung Chi-ting, the head of the ophthalmology department at Taiwan's Fooyin University Hospital, told reporters: "I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging things inside.” The bees, a species known as halictidae, nest near graves and fallen trees. The woman believes the bees blew into her eyes while she was visiting a relative’s grave site. The woman says she washed her eyes but the severe pain persisted. “It was very painful. Tears wouldn't stop coming out of my eye. I was scared to death." Doctors say her eyesight has