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New high-res Area 51 photos from pilot who skirted the top-secret military base’s boundary.

Pilot Bob Richards has done it again. On December 30, he legally skirted the edge of Area 51 and with high-powered photographic equipment and cooperation from the weather, snapped a new photo of the famous top-secret military base. Many are unaware that it is still possible to legally fly along the borders of the extensive Nevada Test and Training Range which is home to both Area 51 and the Tonopah Test Range Airport. However, the distance is still far enough to require high-end photography equipment, camera stabilization, and excellent weather conditions to get a good pic. So what do we learn from the new high-res photo? First, somebody forgot to close the hanger door. Looks like a new hanger at the base of the runway. An unusual circular launch pad,

Pilot takes advantage of Nellis air traffic controller’s mistake and gets clearest images of the top-secret Area 51 base we’ve ever seen.

A wily Nevada pilot took advantage of Nellis air traffic controllers in April 2020. The pilot had flown near the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) base before and knew that parts of the highly restricted airspace above the Mojave Desert were sometimes opened if no air traffic was using the space. Knowing this, Gabriel Zeifman notified Groom Lake’s control towers that he was flying toward a destination on the other side of the base. After several tries, he finally found the base “cold” (meaning no military flights were taking place in the airspace), and was given permission to fly across an outermost border. What Area 51 personnel did not know, was that Zeifman’s Cessna 150 carried a powerful camera capable of gleaning clear photos from

Google Earth released updated photos of Area 51 – imagery shows new construction on base

Many think the notorious top-secret Area 51 base has gone off the books. New satellite photos from Google Earth show that not only is the base still operating, it’s being expanded. The satellite images are the first new images from Google since 2011. In the photos we can see a newly constructed building on the southern end of the base and it’s clear that the new structure is the tallest on the base. The purpose of the building is not known. Other areas of the base appear to have expanded too, particularly Area 6 which is believed to be the location for top-secret drone testing. Of course, publicly-available satellite imagery are low-res versions and it can be assumed the Air Force was aware of the satellite flyover and

Area 51 up in smoke – photos of huge fire and roiling smoke at top-secret military base

A couple visiting Area 51 captured photographic evidence of a remarkable fire that has locals and nearby Las Vegas residents worried about what might have gone up in smoke (and spread through the air) at the top-secret military base. The man recalled noting several roiling plumes of smoke as they approached the final gate leading into Area 51. “Really weird smoke over there. What could be going on?” The couple pulled to the side of the road where other cars were parked, watching the smoking fire. Within minutes, the infamous “white truck” security team came to the scene and blocked the road leading towards the fire. The couple filmed the event in 2012 but feared retribution if they published the video. They uploaded the video to YouTube this week. Check out pictures of

Man shoots pictures of Area 51 and Groom Lake using high-flying drone

We already have good pictures of Area 51 and the new ones that came forth this week are none-the-better, however, there are two very interesting aspects to Hans Faulkner’s recent escapades. First, that he was brave enough to attempt the feat has many on the Internet in an uproar and secondly, so far, he’s survived to tell the tale. Faulkner’s photos come from an HD video he shot using an RC drone as it flew along the boundaries of the top-secret base. According to Faulkner, his drone never crossed official base boundaries. Faulkner also claims he shot the video in August 2015 – before the “No drones” sign was posted along Area 51’s security perimeter. Regardless, that Faulkner was not stopped by Area 51 security hints that Area

Last Area 51/Groom Lake border family offered over $5 million to vacate their mine – they refuse

Air Force pressure to take over Sheahan family’s Groom Lake Mine The Sheahan family has owned and worked land that borders Area 51’s Groom Lake for over 130 years. During that time, the family has literally lived with America’s closely guarded secrets in their backyard while they operated their family-owned lead, copper, zinc, gold and silver mine - the Groom Lake Mine. Of course, the U.S. government has not been pleased with their presence so near the top-secret facility. Since Area 51 (officially the Nevada Test and Training Range) opened over 60 years ago, the government has pressured the family to leave the land. Now the family is speaking out, insisting the the land surrounding the mine is theirs to keep. Joe Sheahan, Groom Mine co-owner, told

Video captures disc-shaped UFO being transported in military convoy near Area 51

This interesting video appeared on YouTube on March 24, 2015 and shows a convoy transporting what appears to be a classic disc-shaped UFO on a semi’s trailer. The one and a half minute video was allegedly shot near the remote Area 51 installation in the Nevada desert. The video appeared on YouTube with no description. In the first section of the video, the videographer apparently placed his cellphone on the dashboard of his parked car in order to secretly film the passing convoy. In the second section, he turned the cellphone sideway, possibly to film out a side window or under his arm. I’ve corrected (rotated) that section of the video to enhance viewing. It’s clear that whatever is being transported is military in nature – you

Boyd Bushman’s astonishing Area 51 deathbed confession – ex-Lockheed scientist reveals new alien/UFO photos

Boyd Bushman, who passed away in the summer of 2014, recorded a video shortly before his death in which he talked candidly about his personal experiences at Area 51 and his involvement there with alien technology, alien creatures, and their unique anti-gravity propulsion systems. During the "deathbed" video interview, Bushman produced a plethora of photographs showing the aircraft, alien visitors (dead and alive), and their futuristic technologies while disclosing never-before-told bits of information he gleaned from the unearthly alien visitors. Who was Boyd Bushman? Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014. Prior to his death, he worked as a Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. Spanning a forty-year career, Bushman was employed by Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin during which time he was awarded

Satellite photos show huge new hanger inside Area 51

What is this mysterious new hanger that has popped up inside the top-secret Area 51 facility?  The folks over at Fox Trot Alpha noticed the new hanger in the latest satellite imagery released to the public in late June 2014. The new hanger is interesting, not just because of its size, but its unusual location in a secluded area on the southern side of the top-secret military base. The new hanger measures approximately 225 feet across and is located just off the end of the runway on the south side of the base. The unusual location of the hanger keeps it out of sight of Area 51 workers while still allowing quick access to the nearby runway. FTA described the benefits of the new hanger's design: “The fact that this new

Tour bus accidentally enters top secret Area 51 military base – intercepted by military personnel and charges filed

Tourists tagging along on an Adventure Photo Tour bus on May 28, 2014 got an unexpected welcome from Area 51 military personnel when the tour bus driver accidentally drove the bus onto the ultra-secret military base. The driver and all tourists aboard the bus were charged with trespassing. Driver Dennis Ryan intended to take the busload full of tourists to the edge of the Area 51 military base where they could take photos of the infamous “Keep out!” signs but instead, became distracted after a tourist asked him a sports related question. Donna Tryon, owner of Adventure Photo Tour, told KLAS-TV of Las Vegas, “Our guys make it a point to tell the passengers that, you know, you can't go over that line, and if you

Who’s the mysterious buyer purchasing all the land around Area 51 and shutting down Rachel, Nevada businesses?

Rachel, Nevada, located along Nevada Highway 375 (the “Extraterrestrial Highway”), sits across the dusty desert floor from the top-secret Area 51 military facility.  With a population that once numbered 500 people and its close proximity to the Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51, the tiny town became a haven for UFO enthusiasts and UFO hunters.  But lately, things have grown eerily quiet at Rachel.  It seems as if a mystery man has been buying up all of the town’s property and closing down the local businesses turning the little corner of the extraterrestrial world into a veritable ghost town. Connie West, owner of the local Little A’Le’Inn restaurant, a film location for The X-Files and legendary hotspot for tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of

Area 51 references in newly released CIA document provide no new details on Groom Lake facility (and introduce new inaccuracies)

Although the media has run wild with the story, unobscured references to Area 51 in a newly released CIA document regarding the history of the U2 and OXCART spy-plane programs, provide little new information on the top-secret Groom Lake facility. In fact, prior FOIA requests for information regarding Area 51 had already resulted in the release of formerly classified documents that prove the existence of the Groom Lake facility (aka Paradise Ranch or simply “the Ranch”).  These documents were placed in the public domain long before the release of the 20-year-old U-2 and OXCART History document. To confuse the issue further, the newly released document introduced new, obviously inaccurate information. The newly released CIA document, titled The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and

Huge pyramid spotted at Area 51 – see for yourself on satellite images of Dreamland

  Witnesses around the world have reported seeing strange beams of light emitted from the tops of pyramids, casting an eerie bright beam of light into the heavens, for what purpose nobody knows. Now eagle-eyed Area 51 satellite imagery viewers have spotted a weird construction anomaly on satellite photos of the top-secret Area 51 facility. It seems as if Dreamland has built a huge pyramid on the western edge of the Area 51 facility. The evidence is irrefutable as anyone can jump on Google Maps or Google Earth and plug in the coordinates (37° 5'45.66"N 116° 5'35.77"W) to see for themselves. The pyramid was first rumored to exist at the Nevada Test and Training Range several months ago but at the time, most people thought the images,

Unusual “Batman” aircraft caught on film over Area 51 (Groom Lake)

An interesting video has emerged of a “Batplane” like aircraft filmed near Groom Lake at the top-secret Area 51 facility.  The man who shot the video is believed to live near the Area 51/Groom Lake area in a cabin, nestled between two mountains, where he can catch short, 30 second or so, glimpses of the aircraft coming in and out of Area 51 before they disappear behind the mountain walls.  The batplane-like aircraft features an unusual swept, forward-facing wing design with several missiles attached. The video comes from Third Phase of the Moon, a site proposed by some to be a hoax site so take the video with a grain of salt.  Others however, feel the video is a new type of aircraft (airplane or