Other Ghosts

Ghost caught on security cam in Japan – woman walks through it (circa 2011)

This video surfaced around 2011 and sparked much discussion. Years later, the consensus is still out – hoax or real? In the video, which was captured via a security cam on the streets of Japan, you will see a woman walking down the sidewalk (top-right side of frame). As she approaches a man standing stationary on the sidewalk, she turns her head to look at something on the opposite side of the street. By all appearances, she is about to walk right into the man. Instead, she walks right through him. Check out the video below. We’ve added additional post-processing zooms and slow-mo’s. Woman walks through ghost on Japanese street

At last! Ireland’s famous Grey Lady ghost captured on film!

It’s believed that a photograph of Ireland's famous ghostly apparition, the Gray Lady, has been captured on film at last. The picture, which shows a ghostlike body hovering above a tree-lined path, was shot at the Dark Hedges in Stranocum, County Antrim, a location recently made famous as King’s Road in the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones”. Local photographer Gordon Watson captured the apparition on October 24, 2014 while shooting landscape photos of the Dark Hedges (an atmospheric, 300-year-old beech tree-lined path in Northern Ireland that approaches the famous Georgian mansion, Gracehill House). Kevin McAuley, a well-known local photographer, examined the original photo and insists that there’s no way the one-of-a-kind photo has been digitally enhanced. “It looks like a dress going towards the shape of a

Black-eyed children of Staffordshire, England – mysterious childlike beings seek permission to enter person’s abode

Described as childlike beings with eerie coal black eyes, no iris or pupils, and pale, white skin, a scourge of mysterious black-eyed children have been reported throughout England in recent months (2014).  Commonly sighted in the area since the 1980’s, there are hundreds of reports of black-eyed children, often seen in groups of two or more, who ask for permission to enter the person’s home or vehicle.  Witnesses often report an overwhelming feeling of dread and despair in their presence.  What the black-eyed children seek is not known. Reports of black-eyed children increase in 2014 In August 2014, a woman reported an encounter with a black-eyed child after hearing deathly screams while on a walk with her daughter near the marshy countryside of Cannock Chase in the county

Haunted dolls – when demonic and spiritual entities take possession of inanimate objects

There are many documented cases of demonic entities and ghostly spirits inhabiting inanimate objects.  Historical accounts of books, vases, boxes, automobiles and of course, houses, have been reported to become “possessed” with otherworldly spirits but one of the most common inanimate objects subject to demonic or ghostly possession are toys – particularly children's’ dolls. The demonic possession of Annabelle the Doll Most readers are familiar with the case of Annabelle the Doll, the Ed and Lorraine Warren investigation of the demonic entity that dwelt inside a Raggedy Ann Doll (and mentioned in the movie, The Conjuring). The doll had been given to a young nursing student as a birthday present from her mother. Shortly thereafter, the woman (Donna) and her roommate (Angie) noticed that the position and

Eerie Facebook messages from dead girlfriend push grieving boyfriend to mental breakdown

It quickly became a viral sensation as the world watched a grieving boyfriend pushed to the edge of mental breakdown after being tortured by eerie Facebook messages from his dead girlfriend. Whether a hoax, made-up story, purposeful manipulation, or real spirit unable to find a means to move on – it’s so creepy, you’ll probably lose sleep over it. The death of Emily and the breakdown of Nathan According to posts on Reddit (in a forum where stories are supposed to be "true" and nobody is allowed to ridicule the poster), Nathan's girlfriend Emily died in a horrific three-car crash on August 7, 2012 after a vehicle ran a red light and struck her car.  She died instantly on the scene.  About a year later, in late 2013, Nathan says

The Philip Experiment – did a 1972 scientific experiment conjure a spirit or create a real ghost?

The 2014 movie The Quiet Ones, portrayed a historic event known as The Philip Experiment. What many do not know is that The Philip Experiment was an actual historic research project conducted by a Toronto organization in 1972 in an effort to prove that paranormal entities such as demons, spirits, ghost, and poltergeists were manifestations produced by human will through expectation, imagination, and visualization. A prominent group of citizens, three men and five women with no interest in the occult, participated in the study, the results of which not only shocked the group but stunned the world. The how and why of The Philip Experiment has never been answered leaving many to wonder - did the group accidentally summon a demonic or spiritual entity or did

Haunted White House – rumors of ghostly apparitions inside the White House date back 200 years

The photo above, featuring an east view along the south wall of the White House, was taken during the remodeling of the White House on May 25, 1950 by National Parks Service photographer Abbie Rowe and shows a transparent human-shaped figure towards the rear of the room.  Various explanations have been offered including long exposure and reflected light but none explain why the ghostly figure in question is transparent while other persons in the photograph are so clear.  The consensus is that the photograph is authentic and unaltered.  The ghostly figure that appears in the photo however, is still unknown. Reports of ghostly apparitions at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are nothing new.  The White house maintains a haunted legacy that dates back well over 200 years.  Even

Is this the ghostly spirit of a small child refusing to leave an abandoned school building?

Not much is known about this new, hotly-debated picture that surfaced yesterday other than it was shot in an abandoned elementary school in a rural, mountainous area of the United States and it shows no signs of trickery. Around 2011, the school, which was several decades old, was about to be torn down. An ex-student returned to the old building to take a few pictures before the structure was demolished. The picture was shot with his cell phone and the photographer claims he did not notice the small child until after he downloaded the photos from his phone to his computer. What do you think - an inanimate object playing tricks with shadows or the ghost of a small child refusing to leave the old decrepit school

Are children more psychic than adults? From the mouths of babes – true stories that will scare you speechless

Are children more psychic than adults? It is often said that children have a sixth sense that is particularly attuned to spirits of those who have passed away (including themselves if you believe in reincarnation).  The predominant cause cited is because their conscious minds, controlled primarily by the left brain, are not as developed as adults.  Others feel their laser-sharp psychic ability manifests at an early age because they are more open to possibilities than “trained” adults who over time, program children to tune out and dismiss anything they see and hear that doesn't fit into the physical world.  Whatever the reason, children around 3-5 years old often demonstrate an uncanny ability to see and hear things that adults cannot sense.  If you find this hard to envision,

Guildford Ghost photograph remains one of the most convincing ghost pictures in history

The Guildford Ghost Photograph Guildford, located in the United Kingdom, is considered to be one of the most haunted places on earth.  Visit the town center any night of the week and you’ll find several “ghost tours” where locals will take you on a walk about the city while pointing out the many haunted locations scattered throughout the town.  Don't dismiss their stories too fast - there is evidence that bolsters their claims. Guildford has produced one of the most convincing pieces of ghostly evidence in history - a picture that has confounded experts.  The general consensus is that the picture is real and untouched.  Amateur photographer, Mark Baker, 37, who took the picture, has no idea what the figure is and insists that the picture has not been

Female ghost caught on cafe security cameras in Scotland

Dan Clifford was reviewing the security footage taken from the CCTVs in his local café when he noticed a ghostly female figure hovering over one of the tables before vanishing into thin air.  The security cameras are set to turn on automatically when motion triggers them.  The film segment in question was taken during the middle of the night, at which time the business was closed and the doors locked tight.  Dan explained that his café, the Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in Perth, Scotland, has produce other unexplained phenomena.  Workers complain of hearing ghostly voices while others have witnessed chairs being pushed across the room.  Some employees have reported being physically shoved in the back by an invisible entity. Clifford noted that he has even

The burning Wem Town Hall ghost – ghost of calm little girl appears amongst the flames

Wem Town Hall, a building in the market-town of Wem in Shropshire, England, was destroyed by fire on November 19, 1995.  During the fire, Tony O’Rahilly, a amateur photographer, took pictures of the burning building from across the road (police had stopped him and would not allow him to get any closer). To his surprise, after the photo had been developed, in the doorway of an upper floor, appeared a young girl standing calmly, staring directly at the camera, seemingly unaffected by the flames burning all around her. Fire ravaged the town hall once before, in 1677 when a 14-year-old girl, Jane Churm, dropped a lit candle.  It has always been maintained that the Town Hall was haunted by the young girl.  This led to local speculation that

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena

Introduction Séances, Mediums, Ouija boards - is it possible to talk to the dead?  Can the dead communicate with us?  Many paranormal researchers believe it is possible using a method known as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVP involves recording empty space or white noise on tape recorders or other magnetic devices and subsequently examining those recording looking for discrete messages from spirits.  These messages may sound like noise to some but EVP investigators using computer software, can clean up those recordings in order to make the voices easier to hear.  Since recorders use magnets to record sound, anything that would disturb this magnetic field, such as paranormal activity, could be recorded on tape. Famous EVP Researchers Who is to be

Enfield Poltergeist haunting – ghost terrifies mother and four children in their Enfield, England home

The Enfield Poltergeist event (also known as the Enfield Haunting) was a period of apparent poltergeist activity in England that took place at 284 Green Street Brimsdown, Enfield, England between August 1977 and September 1978, with an added outburst of poltergeist activity in August 1980.  During the span of three years, a terrifying entity haunted the Hodgson family – a mother and her four children.  Paranormal investigators, including infamous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, assisted the family and witnessed many of the strange and inexplicable activity the family claimed to experience.  For several years after, the haunting held the nation spellbound, puzzling policemen, psychics, experts in the occult, and hardened reporters alike.  It became one of Britain's most notorious haunting cases, spawning TV shows, books, and