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That time a Beluga whale spoke, telling a diver to get out of its tank

// February 28th, 2016 // No Comments » // Water Based

At first researchers at the US National Marine Mammal Foundation aquarium in San Diego, California were baffled by the muffled voices they heard. The mystery was finally solved when a diver in the whale’s tank surfaced, poked his head out of the water, and asked, “Why did you tell me to get out of the […]

Dafara Creature lives in pool at bottom of African canyon and feeds on raw flesh

// January 26th, 2013 // No Comments » // Water Based

In Dafara, a dry, flat, featureless land located near the African city of Bobo Dioulasso in the West African savanna of Burkina Faso, you will find a strange crevice, seemingly out of place, accessible by a single trail leading into dense foliage. If you follow the trail into the dark fissure you will find that […]

The Canvey Island Monster

// December 27th, 2012 // No Comments » // Water Based

In August of 1954, a man stumbled upon a strange, lifeless creature covered in seaweed on the shores of Canvey Island, Great Britain. After carefully examining the animal, he was certain it was unlike any creature he had ever seen. It appeared to be a marine animal but strangely exhibited some land-bearing animal characteristics – […]

The Loch Ness Monster (aka “Nessie”)

// December 27th, 2012 // No Comments » // Water Based

Mackenzie spotted what looked to him like a overturned boat ‘wriggling and churning up the water.’ Eight years later two separate groups of people reported a sighting and described what the modern day world envisions ‘Nessie’ looks like – a large gray beast with a small horse-like head at the end of a large neck, […]


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