The pedophile handshake – how pedophile secret symbols are used by pedo underground in plain sight

The discovery of pedophile secret underground symbols FBI’s Cyber Division Innocent Images National Initiative first discovered the secret pedophile code in 2007. For decades, the symbols had appeared unnoticed on websites, jewelry (e.g. pendants, rings, coins), clothing, and sometimes hidden in plain sight within other imagery. The symbols consist of various images used to covertly signal, within the pedophile underground culture, the pedophile’s preference, cause, or illicit intent. When the symbols were discovered, the FBI issued an intelligence bulletin to law enforcement offices: “Pedophiles, to include those who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences. To specifically indicate the pedophile’s gender preference, members

Scientologists’ secret underground base in New Mexico is marked by huge symbols visible only from the air

According to The Sun, and a new book, Church of Fear (scheduled to be published in 2013), the Church of Scientology has built a huge underground bunker (called Trementina Base in reference to the nearby community of Trementina) located deep underground in the New Mexico desert. The “alien space cathedral” acts as a vault for Scientology members and their belongings and was built to ensure their survival when a nuclear holocaust wipes out humanity.  The site is marked by large symbols etched onto the desert floor, two diamonds surrounded by a pair of overlapping circles, that are only visible from the air.  A private airstrip, built to serve the church's leaders, is within walking distance of the symbol. The complex is located near Mesa Huerfanita, New Mexico, about

Opus Dei Religious Sect

Introduction Religious organizations have long been known for their generosity and willingness to help others.  But has a Catholic sect known as Opus Dei, under the guise of promoting Christianity and spreading goodwill, gone too far? The Organization Today Opus Dei is run out of its $47 million dollar, 17 story headquarters on 243 Lexington Street smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, New York.  Consisting of over 85,000 members, the organization was founded by the Spanish priest, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albas in 1928 under the basic premise of allowing each member to strive to become holy every day of their life.  Escriva was known as being a very kind man but also a man who could explode

US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

Introduction Let’s say you know that a highly illegal act is about to take place. The details of the illegal act are going to be conveyed via a telephone. Good time for a wiretap? But who do you ask? Who decides when a wiretap, an obvious violation of the United States constitution, is deemed appropriate? You occasionally read about wiretaps, or other types of questionable surveillance being granted, but have you noticed that they never say who granted it? What’s the big secret anyway? About the Court There exists in Washington D.C. a highly secretive court called the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Responsible for deciding when a politically dangerous wiretap is appropriate, this branch of the US government is

LEIU (Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit)

Introduction In the United States, every American cherishes their freedom – it’s what this country was built upon. So it’s no surprise that we are in fear of some of our government enforcement agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigations – agencies that some feel may threaten this freedom. These agencies often seem to operate beyond the boundaries of what our constitution permits or at the very least they seem to often ‘toe the line’. But, were you aware of the agency, operating as a private institution, that is protected from the constitutional boundaries that other agencies must adhere to? The Organization There exists an agency called the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, a highly secretive intelligence network that links the intelligence squads

The Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party Introduction The Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland, California by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale on October 15, 1966. Originally called the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, it was an African-American organization established to promote “black power” and aggressive self defense through acts of social agitation and through a movement called the Black Power Movement. The original Black Panther party remained active until the 1970’s. The New Black Panther party is still active today. Huey P. Newton Huey P. Newton, one of the original founders, was born in Louisiana and moved to Oakland, California when he was three years old. Upon graduating from high school, Huey still could not read. Disappointed with himself, he set out on a road to self improvement

The Knights Templar

Who were the Templars? The Knights Templar was a powerful military order formed at the end of the First Crusade with the mandate of protecting Christian pilgrims on route to the Holy Land. They were a monastic order – part warrior, part monk - banded together they took monastic vows and fought to the death for the preservation of Christianity. The Order began humbly, surviving on donations from travelling pilgrims, but soon grew to become the most powerful business organization in all of Europe. Feared as warriors, respected for their charity and sought out for their wealth, the Templar knights were the key players of the monastic fighting Orders. In European political circles, they became very powerful and influential. In 1139 AD, Pope Innocent II exempted the

Odessa – hiding Nazi war criminals

ODESSA, (German Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, “Organization of Former SS Members”) is believed to have been an international Nazi network set up toward the end of World War II by a group of SS officers in order to avoid their capture and prosecution for war crimes. A fictional account of the organization was manifest in Frederick Forsyth's 1972 best-seller thriller The Odessa File. Forsyth's ODESSA smuggled war criminals to Latin America. However, several authoritative books by professionals involved in the U.S. War Crimes Commission (including T.H. Tetens and Joseph Wechsberg) have verified the organization's existence and given details of its operations. Wechsberg studied Simon Wiesenthal's memoirs on ODESSA and verified them with his own experiences in the book The Murderers Among Us. The purpose of ODESSA

The mysterious Vril Society – did a German secret society work with aliens to develop a groundbreaking energy source

They believed in a revolutionary new alternative energy source that would change the world forever, that short hair for women was atrocious, that a utopian New World order was inevitable, and that they could channel communications from alien races located in star systems that were light years away. The Vril Society, partnering with Nazis and assisted by the Vrillerinnens alien race, allegedly succeeded in the development of a groundbreaking saucer shaped transportation device. Is it myth, legend, or did the Vril Society really partner with alien races to develop radical new technologies that remained veiled from the world after the fall of the Nazis? The Vril Society The Vril Society, also known as Alldeutshe Gesellschaft fur Metaphysik or Vril Gesellschaft, were led by Maria Orsic (or Orsitsch) a