35 Thomas Street – the ultra top-secret NSA headquarter located smack dab in the middle of Manhattan (meet Titanpointe)

It’s common knowledge that the commercial behemoth AT&T has surreptitiously partnered with the NSA since the Bell companies split up decades ago. How much cooperation they provided however, was not known until Edward Snowden leaked top secret government documents revealing not only extensive cooperation with secret government agencies, but a clever veil of deceit willingly provided by one of America’s most respected corporations. 33 Thomas Street In 1969, AT&T began construction of a building located at 33 Thomas Street in the lower Manhattan borough of New York City. Standing on the east side of Church Street between Thomas and Worth streets, the building was known as the Long Lines Building (and later discovered to be Titanpointe). It was architected like a typical 1970’s style phone building –

Politicians, organizations, and shell companies spin a delicate web of deceit between Trump, Russia, and NYC mob

Unravelling President Donald J. Trump’s rumored political and business ties unveils potentially the greatest US conspiracy of all time When delving into potential collusion between Russia and high level U.S. officials, it's not the depravity of the participants’ actions but rather, the repute of the participants, the public’s level of trust in them, and the frequency of fraudulent activity which ultimately reveal to be the normal method of operation in the cesspool of Manhattan’s real estate market. With the evidence currently available, we cannot yet conclude that US President Donald Trump had illicit connections to the Russian government (or the mob), shrouded channels that potentially include concessions that weaken the USA’s democracy, nor can we confirm that Donald J. Trump’s business practices, or those of any other

The Russian purge – who’s killing Russia’s top diplomats and is the US involved

The highly efficient work of government assassinations Some countries are especially proficient when it comes to government sponsored assassinations. Initiated for a variety of reasons, sometimes as retribution, sometimes to “set an example”, but typically because of what the target knows, assassinations come in the form of plane crashes, car crashes, gunshots, “assisted suicide”, close-and-personal beatings, even imaginative forms such as binary poisons where two doses are required and given weeks apart (the poison disintegrates and appears as a natural compound after causing a fatal heart attack in the victim). Governments are brutally efficient extinguishers of human life. And when it comes to government assassinations, nobody is more attuned to the job than Russia. Are Russian government officials being assassinated and if so, by who? An unusual number of

The mysterious death of Michael Hastings – did an automobile cyberattack silence a controversial journalist?

Michael Hastings' controversial journalist career Michael Mahon Hastings, American journalist, author, and contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine, had no second gear. Described as a person who “talked fast, smoked fast” and “vibrated energy”, his aggressive demeanor and penchant for writing the truth with no regard for consequences may have prompted his untimely death. In 2013, Hastings died in Los Angeles in a high-speed automobile accident that some believe to be the world’s first cyberattack against a car. An innocent start - a tragic end Michael Hastings began his career writing children’s stories for Scholastic, an educational magazine for kids. By 2002, he had moved to Newsweek where he earned accolades for his coverage of the Iraq War. In 2007, while based in Iraq, his fiancée, Andrea Parhamovich,

Russia’s mystical “Nooscope” device – can global human consciousness be manipulated by a machine?

Meet Anton Vaino When in early August 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin selected 44-year-old Anton Vaino (or Vayno) as his new chief of staff, very little was known about the man. He had participated in no press interviews during the past year and had little personal biography openly available. It was known that he previously served as a foreign diplomat and was currently acting as deputy chief of staff when Putin selected him to replace his old KGB colleague, Sergei Ivanov, but other than that, Anton Vaino was a ghost. Seeking information on Russia's new Veep, researchers looked into Vaino’s academic work and stumbled across a startling discovery. What they found looked like something straight from the pages of a science fiction novel – only the story

The murder of Teresa Halbach and Manitowoc County’s bizarre investigation of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey

It has been called one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in American history. The wrongful conviction and subsequent prison release of Steven Avery in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, spurned nationwide news, television interviews, and a Netflix documentary (Making a Murderer). Upon his release from prison his father warned him, “Manitowoc County’s not done with you. They are not even close to being done with you.” Less than two years later, his father’s words would ring true when Avery, along with his nephew Brendan Dassey, was again accused of a heinous crime – this time the abduction, sexual assault, and murder of local photographer, Teresa Halbach. The Avery’s – trying to fit a square peg into a round hole Manitowoc County, Wisconsin is a typical American farming community, hardworking,

Was DNC staffer Seth Rich assassinated for releasing Clinton emails to WikiLeaks?

Police respond to reports of gunshots in a wealthy Washington neighborhood On July 10, 2016 at 4:20 AM, Washington police officers responded to reports of gun shots in the affluent Bloomingdale neighborhood. Upon arriving at the 2100 block of Flagler Place, near Howard University on the northwest outskirts of downtown Washington D.C., they find a bleeding 27-year-old Seth Conrad Rich.  Seth had been walking home and talking to his girlfriend on the phone when he was shot multiple times. Near death, he was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. The attack occurred less than a block from Seth’s home. His body was covered in bruises indicating he had been beaten. Police say there are no suspects, no motive, and no witnesses to

Horrors of war: That time the U.S. Army buried hundreds (possibly thousands) of Iraqi soldiers alive

“I came through right after the lead company. What I saw was a bunch of filled-in trenches with people’s arms and legs sticking out of them… We could have killed thousands.” On February 24, 1991, in the first two days of ground fighting known as Operation Desert Storm, an estimated 8,400 U.S. soldiers began an assault against 8,000 Iraqi soldiers along a 10-mile-wide stretch of border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, a seemingly impervious boundary that was laced with barbed wire, dangerous minefields, and fortified trenches. When reporters reached the area the day after the attack, they were told that not a single American soldier had lost his life. However, not a single Iraqi body was to be seen. War correspondent Leon Daniel said: “This ferocious attack

The Franklin child abuse scandal – stunning cover-up of child prostitution ring for wealthy elitists and political leaders

A Conspiracy of Silence In 1993, a film crew from Yorkshire Television in the UK travelled to Omaha, Nebraska to make a documentary about a pedophile ring. The project was funded by the Discovery Channel and set to air in 1994 in the UK and in the United States a year later. To their horror, filmmakers uncovered a vast operation functioning throughout the country that supplied children to the wealthy and political establishment for purposes of molestation, drug trafficking, and blackmail. The filmmakers were in the final editing stage of the documentary when the Discovery Channel suddenly withdrew support for the project. To this day, the documentary remains unaired. The film told the story of Lawrence King and an alleged cover-up that reached the highest levels of

That time a surge in fogged pictures let Kodak discover radiation from secret nuclear testing was raining all over the world (1950’s)

The problems began in 1946 when Eastman Kodak noticed an uptick in complaints from customers regarding bad film. Customers were regularly calling Kodak and complaining about film they had bought coming out splotchy and fogged. Kodak was a powerhouse in the industry at the time and could not have their good name soiled. They set their top scientists on a mission to find out why. Equipment was tested and chemicals were analyzed but Kodak could find no explanation for the surge of fogged film that was ruining customers’ pictures. As a last resort, Kodak tested the film’s cardboard packaging – and they found large amounts of radioactive iodine-131. Kodak, who had some of the best scientists of the era on staff, traced the problem to fallout from American

That time President George Bush’s plane was shot down and he narrowly avoided being eaten by cannibals

When the horrific details were finally revealed to the American public in 2003, it came to be known as the Chichijima Incident (or the Ogasawa Incident) when in late 1944, Japanese soldiers tortured, killed and ate eight American airmen on the Chichi Jima island leaving one sole survivor – 20-year-old Lt. George H. W. Bush Sr. Chichi Jima Island Lying 700 miles south of Tokyo and part of the Bonin Island Group, Chi Chi Jima island was small, only five miles by three miles in size, but critical to the Japanese communications services who used the island as a strategic radio relay link. By the end of the war, it was defended by 25,000 Japanese troops when the United States began routine bombing raids to neutralize its

NASA’s Project Blue Beam and the government’s plan to use holographic projection to create a New World Order

Serge Monast and NASA's Project Blue Beam Speculation about Project Blue Beam has circulated for over a decade.  The top-secret program is rumored to be NASA's attempt to implement a New World Order via simulated holographic projections of major events such as the second-coming of Jesus or an alien invasion. The Project Blue Beam theory was first introduced by Canadian journalist Serge Monast in a 1991 speech and later published in his book Project Blue Beam (NASA) shortly he died under suspicious circumstances of a heart attack in 1996. According to Monast, creation of a New World Order would require several steps.  Governments would first breakdown all archaeological knowledge by faking large-scale natural events while introducing new scientific "discoveries" intended to destroy established fundamental religious doctrines.  Next a "space show" wherein three-dimensional

Mysterious SDI defense program deaths beg frightening question – how far will a government go to protect its secrets?

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program – aka the “Star Wars Project” The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program, popularly known as the “Star Wars project”, was first proposed by United States President Ronald Reagan in 1983 (and was likely conceived a few years prior to that). Its stated mission was simple: create a space-based system to protect the United States and its allies from attack by enemy strategic nuclear ballistic missiles. To the United States of course, the Strategic Defense Initiative could realize ground-breaking technological advances but Britain had much to gain too. In return for Margaret Thatcher’s support for the Star Wars program, the Reagan Administration promised a number of lucrative SDI contracts to the British defense industry including partnerships with key British defense companies

The day the United States Vice President killed the Secretary of the Treasury

Bickering politicians are nothing new and in fact, the antics of today's politicians are tame compared to the escapades of yesteryear.  On July 11, 1804, the United States Vice President, Aaron Burr, reacting to insults from the former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, challenged his foe to a duel during which he shot and killed his opponent. Vice President Burr was charged with murder in both New York and New Jersey. Animosity between Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton Founding-father Alexander Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr had long held a storied animosity towards each other. Hamilton, a Federalist, had helped Thomas Jefferson secure the 1800 presidential victory against Republican Aaron Burr and often publicly ridiculed Burr in the newspapers calling him “unprincipled”, a “dangerous man”, and

The John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination conspiracy – history, theories, documents, photos, and more

The unusual circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States, on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas spawned a multitude of conspiracy theories. These suspicions were mitigated when an official investigation by the Warren Commission concluded that there was no conspiracy and that Oswald acted alone. Since then, uncertainties have arisen as subsequent official investigations cast doubt on the Warren Commission's findings. Ultimately, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) reversed the Warren Commission's findings and concluded that Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy, with "a high probability that two gunmen fired at the President". As a result, a variety of assassination conspiracy theories circulated proposing a criminal conspiracy involving parties as