Pilot takes advantage of Nellis air traffic controller’s mistake and gets clearest images of the top-secret Area 51 base we’ve ever seen.

A wily Nevada pilot took advantage of Nellis air traffic controllers in April 2020. The pilot had flown near the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) base before and knew that parts of the highly restricted airspace above the Mojave Desert were sometimes opened if no air traffic was using the space. Knowing this, Gabriel Zeifman notified Groom Lake’s control towers that he was flying toward a destination on the other side of the base. After several tries, he finally found the base “cold” (meaning no military flights were taking place in the airspace), and was given permission to fly across an outermost border. What Area 51 personnel did not know, was that Zeifman’s Cessna 150 carried a powerful camera capable of gleaning clear photos from

The history of the top-secret Dulce Base – an underground base in New Mexico reported to be home of alien research facility.

Residents from Dulce, New Mexico will attest that the Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico has seen its share of bizarre events. Dulce, a border town near the Colorado-New Mexico border, is remote, largely unpopulated (Dulce has a population of only around 3,000 people), and is the tribal headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. According to several reports, it is the home of the top-secret Dulce Base – a research and military facility operated jointly between humans and alien beings from another world. Paul Bennewitz picks up strange radio signals The rumors of a base in Dulce began in 1979. Paul Bennewitz, a local electrician with a doctorate in physics, was researching classified government programs at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Part of his researched

Exciting discovery of Proxima-B planet confirms prior claims of alien life in Proxima Centauri star system

The cases were completely separate but eerily similar. Both took place about 60 years ago (1950’s) and both involved witnesses speaking of alien inhabitants of a planet in the Proxima Centauri star system, a system about 4 light years away from earth. They told of a triple-star system and an earth-like planet that never grew dark. They described a sophisticated species who had visited earth several times before. The claims they made were bizarre, outlandish even, and in some cases contained scientific and technological revelations that were so advanced, even scientists today cannot completely grasp the concepts they unveiled. Most passed off the cases as fantastical tales from a troubled soul or highly imaginative mind. However, in 2016, a ground-breaking astronomical discovery called both cases back

Disc-shaped UFO depicted in 14 century Romanian church wall painting (near birthplace of Vlad the Impaler)

A newly found depiction of a disc-shaped flying object in a 14th century church in Romania bears a remarkable resemblance to a modern day disc-shaped UFO. It’s been there in plain sight for thousands of years but only noticed in 2014 by a keen-eyed tourist who snapped a photo and sent to the Israeli Extraterrestrials and UFOs Research Organization. Catalina Borta took the picture while visiting the Biserica Manastirii, or Church of the Dominican Monastery, in the town of Sighisoara, Romania. Sighisoara is notable as it is believed to be the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler (1431), the inspiration for the legend of Dracula. The 700-year-old Sighisoara wall painting shows a disc-shaped object hovering over a building (possibly the church) which is seemingly on fire and bellowing

The Aurora Texas Airship Crash

Reports Emerge The year was 1897, during the era of the “great airships”, when an event occurred in the small town of Aurora that redefined the entire city. In the late 1800’s, people all over the United States had begun reporting sightings of blimp like aircraft floating above their cities. On April 17, 1897, word spread from Aurora, Texas that an airship had tumbled through space and crashed into a local windmill located atop a small hill on the outskirts of town. The event triggered newspaper reports in both nearby Dallas and Fort Worth and eventually grew into a National story headline. The most accurate account of the incident can be found in an April 19, 1897 article, written by S. E. Haydon, a part-time news reporter,

The Roswell UFO crash – evidence points to something out of this world

Introduction On July 2, 1947, just 8 days after the Kenneth Arnold sighting, an amazing turn of events began unfolding in Roswell, New Mexico.   It wasn't until over 30 years later that the world began piecing together these amazing events to form a complex puzzle that to this day remains the most controversial and talked about UFO encounter in history.  It seems as if an unidentified flying object had crashed in Roswell. As the world was talking about the Kenneth Arnold sighting, the inhabitants of Roswell, New Mexico saw a large disc shaped object fly over their sleepy town.  Some reported that the craft appeared to be in distress and others reported hearing a tremendous explosion just prior to the crash event. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot were

Gulf Breeze

  Gulf Breeze, Florida Gulf Breeze, Florida, a town with a population of just slightly over 6000, enjoyed their anonymity.  But in the winter of 1987, their sleepy little town became the focus of the world. On November 11, 1987, Edward Walters, a local building contractor, was working late when he noticed a light outside of his window.  Peering out, he saw a glowing object partially hidden by the 30 foot pine tree growing in his front yard.  Ed went outside to investigate and was afforded a much better, if not stunning view of the unworldly object.  He described seeing a top-shaped craft with a row of dark squares with smaller "portals" between them.  The object, with its bright, luminous ring around the bottom, hovered slightly above the

Area 51 – U.S. top secret facility and prominent UFO hub hides many secrets

About Area 51 Area 51, located at the corner of a Nevada nuclear test site, has long been rumored to be the home of some of the United States' most highly classified national security projects. Hundreds of people have seen and photographed odd objects around the base including flying triangles, saucer shaped craft, and flying objects that maneuver in ways conventional aircraft could not possibly move. It has also been rumored that the technologies developed here are not of earthly origins but rather reversed engineered from studies of crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. Area 51, also known as Dreamland, The Ranch, The Box, Watertown Strip, and Groom Lake, is a 6 mile by 10 mile tract of desert land, located between two mountain ranges 120 miles northwest of Las