The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction (aka The Hill Abduction or Zeta Reticuli Incident) – first widely-publicized report of alien abduction

Known as the Hill Abduction or Zeta Reticuli incident, the Betty and Barney Hill abduction occurred on the evening of September 19, 1961 and early morning September 20, 1961. The Hills were driving home from a vacation when they allege they were abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural area near the Indian Head resort in New Hampshire. Although the couple eventually talked about the event with friends and family, for many years they sought no publicity. This changed when a major periodical published a front-page article about the abduction using details from a secret audio recording of the couple discussing the event with a local community group. Their mysterious and puzzling case, verified by several researchers, psychologists, and scientists, became the first widely-publicized report of

The Travis Walton Abduction

No abduction case in history has garnered as much publicity, fascination, and controversy than the Travis Walton abduction in 1975.  And it's no wonder.  Do you believe the unshaken testimony of 7 witnesses, a testimony that has not deviated even years after the witnesses parted and gone their separate ways?  Does the polygraph evidence, 13 tests in all, prove the witnesses are offering us the truth and nothing but the truth?  Or do you believe the nay Sayers who claim the event was a well-planned hoax, nothing more than a 'story' told to allow the crew to escape an inevitable failure of their government contracted project?  It's quite possible that in this case, only 'time will tell'.  But for now, we can present the full