voynich manuscript

Researchers one step closer to deciphering enigmatic Voynich manuscript

One step closer to cracking the Voynich Manuscript? The enigmatic Voynich Manuscript has puzzled cryptographers and historians for centuries but today, after botanists announced in the journal for the American Botanical Council that they had found matches for many of the plants depicted in the Voynich Manuscript, we may be one step closer to understanding the meaning of the 600-year-old codex.  How did botanist crack the code?  Rather than focusing on the words in the mysterious manuscript, the botanist focused on the pictures instead. Botanist Arthur O. Tucker stumbled across the discovery after recognizing one of the plants in the manuscript: "We were both immediately struck by the similarity of xiuhamolli/xiuhhamolli (soap plant ... sometimes known as the “Aztec Herbal”) to the plant in the illustration on folio 1v