underground tunnels’

DARPA issues urgent (and creepy) call for access to privately owned “underground tunnels”.

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Underground facility

The requirements are unusual – complex structures with multiple levels and ideally covering “several city blocks”. Oh yeah, and they need to be underground. That’s the “urgent” call DARPA issued this week to private company and university-managed underground tunnels. And it’s got lots of people freaked out.

Gates of Hell opened? Mysterious sulfur-smelling fogbank envelopes city of Seattle in dense, smelly fog

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Residents of coastal US city of Seattle are mystified at a massive fogbank that has enveloped the entire area in a foul-smelling mist. Seattle citizens began flooding social media networks with tales of a large bank of dense fog that rolled across the landscape filling the streets with a pungent, sulphur-smelling odor reminiscent of “manure […]


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