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The Vatican secret library – what mysteries lay hidden in the Holy See’s Vatican Secret Archive

In Vatican City, the walled enclave within the city or Rome, there is an archive containing more than 75,000 codices from throughout history and an estimated 1.1 million ancient printed books. It was officially designated the Vatican Apostolic Library (aka Vatican Library or the Vat) in 1475 although the collection is much, much older – one of the oldest in the world. If you are a researcher, and can sufficiently document your need for access, the collection is open for limited periods of time – except for a section of the library known officially as the Vatican Secret Archives. About the Vatican Secret Archives (aka Vatican Secret Library) From the main library, go by the way of Porta Angelica, through Porta di Santa Anna and you will

How does this 2,500-year-old Egyptian sculpture depict young girl holding a modern-day laptop computer?

We’ve seen several instances before which hint at ancient civilizations possessing knowledge or access to advance technologies beyond their means - technical knowledge and devices that would not have been invented for tens of thousands of years. Another interesting case popped up this week related to an ancient Greek funerary relief sculpture dated to about 100 BC which shows a young attendant girl holding an object which looks remarkably like a modern-day laptop – complete with flip up screen and connection ports. The sculpture is housed in the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California. Originally the object in the little girl’s hands (she holds it at a right angle for a distinguished looking woman to view) was described as a “shallow chest”. Detractors however, point

The Bermuda Triangle – Devil’s Triangle swallows up planes and ships between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico

The Media Blitz The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle and Hoodoo Sea, birthed its legend on September 09, 1950 in a strange Associated Press dispatch.  E.V.W. Jones penned an article on a strange anomaly he had stumbled across.  It seemed as if a unusual number of planes and ships had been disappearing in the ocean between Florida and Bermuda. Two years later, in 1952, Fate magazine published an article, Sea Mystery at Our Back Door, by George X. Sand who wrote of a "series of strange marine disappearances, each leaving no trace whatsoever, that have taken place in the past few years in a watery triangle bounded roughly by Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico". In 1974, Charles Berlitz published his infamous book, The Bermuda Triangle.