Florida man bitten by snake that slithered from his toilet

Florida's python problem is well-known. The state has been invaded by pythons that thrive in the state's warm, humid environment. Pythons have been found in backyards, swimming pools, and inside cars. To make the nightmarish invasion even more terrifying, this week a ball python was found inside a toilet. The Coral Springs Police Department reported that firefighters and the Coral Springs Humane Unit were dispatched to an apartment building on May 26 when a man called and said a ball python slithered from his toilet and bit him on the hand. The man says he noticed the snake in the toilet before he sat down. He attempted to pull the snake out but it latched onto his hand. The snake is not venomous but its bite can

Jaw-dropping 33-foot long Giant Anaconda snake discovered in Brazil

Workers at the Belo Monte Dam hydroelectric dam project near the Xingu River in northern Brazil stirred up an enormous snake that’ll make you quake in your boots. The Giant Anaconda was awakened after workers set off explosives to bring down a cave. The mammoth reptile was found as they cleared the rubble. Unfortunately, the snake died from the explosion. Workers used a construction crane to lift the beast’s body and measure it. According to witnesses, the snake weighed more than 880 lbs. with a diameter of over 3 feet, about waist-high to a normal-sized man. The length was reported to be 32.8 feet, more than seven feet longer than the previous world-record holder. The Belo Monte Dam is being constructed on the Xingu River in the

Miami man battles wild 8-foot python in remote Florida area and lives to tell the tale

23-year-old Jason Leon was riding his ATV with a few of his friends when he noticed a few feet of snake sticking out of the brush by the gravel road. Jason crawled off the ATV, grabbed the head of the snake, and yanked it free from the brush. To his surprise, there was 15 more feet of the snake that was concealed by the thick brush.  The battle began. The 18-foot female python wrapped around his leg once, then twice, and then began working its way to Jason's waist. A friend handed Jason a nine-inch hunting knife which he sunk into the head of the snake. He then decapitated the snake and contacted wildlife officials. Wildlife officials took the snake and confirmed that it was indeed a

Home burnt to the ground by flaming snake after woman douses snake with gas and sets on fire

While cleaning around the outside of her house, a Texas woman was frightened by a snake that slithered across the yard.  Thinking on her feet (or not), she doused the snake with gasoline and instructed her son to grab a match and set the snake on fire. The flaming snake fled into a pile of brush located next to her home, setting the brush on fire which quickly spread to her home. The woman called Texarkana 911 services: “We were trying to kill a snake with fire. It done caught the house on fire!” The woman's house was completely destroyed by the fire.  A nearby neighbors house also suffered significant damage.