Exact location where Salem witches were hung has been discovered – meet Proctor’s Ledge

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Although there are about 1,000 official records detailing the Salem witch trials, scant evident about the actual executions exists leaving researchers little means to determine the precise location where the accused witches met their end. This changed after a group of seven scholars formed the Gallows Hill Project and set out in 2010 to answer […]

The Salem Witch Trials – mass hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts ends in deaths of 25 people

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The Salem witch Trials were a series of hearings, and executions, of people accused of witchcraft in the towns of Salem Village, Salem Town, Ipswich, and Andover, Massachusetts. In the end, twenty-five people died, most of them women. Today the trials are considered abominable and serve as a vivid cautionary tale about the dangers of […]


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