Eight mysterious repeating radio bursts have been detected coming from the far reaches of space.

Earlier this year, only a single repeating FSB (fast radio burst) had been discovered. The mysterious repeating radio burst had been detected from the far reaches on the universe and then lost. This week, scientists say they have discovered an astonishing eight new repeating radio signals. Seven of the repeating radio signals fired only once showed a downward drift in frequency but the eighth one fired a pattern of signals three different times. The signals were detected by the CHIME (Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment) radio telescope. CHIME monitors a broad swath of the sky and unlike other radio telescopes, listens for lower range of frequencies. The results are analyzed by scientists and artificial intelligence algorithms. "It's a great way of developing the kinds of techniques that

Canada’s new CHIME telescope goes online and immediately detects mysterious radio burst from deep space

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity mapping Experiment (CHIME) has been operating in British Columbia for less than a year and already it has detected something unusual in deep space. This week astronomers announced the telescope is picking up mysterious signals from deep space known as “fast radio bursts” or FRBs. FRBs are millisecond-long bursts of radio emissions that are stupendously powerful. They are notable because scientists can find no explanation how they could be naturally produced. This of course introduces the prospect that FRBs are an artificially-created signal, possibly designed to avoid wavelengths of naturally-occurring radio emissions in order to communicate with faraway civilizations. CHIME’s astronomers noted that the strange burst, named FRB 180725A, was first observed on July 25, 2018. It is the lowest frequency (as low

Mysterious radio transmission out of New Jersey hints at something sinister in 2016 presidential election

The source of the radio transmission is unclear as is its intent. The transmission began on September 20, 2016 on AM radio station 1630 and repeated the phrase “Trump will go 26th” in a loop that lasted several hours at least (as of the time of this article, people in the area were reporting the transmission was ongoing). Recordings of the message were captured and posted on YouTube. One poster noted: “So this weirdness just happened on our way to Hoboken at 7AM this morning on the New Jersey Turnpike. On 1630 AM radio, a voice keeps repeating "Trump will go 26th". It went on for at least 5 minutes from when the radio tuned it in while scanning. Near the Newark airport I78 part of Turnpike.