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How did missing three-year-old North Carolina boy survive for three days in forest during sub-freezing torrential rains? Toddler says bear protected him.

Three-year-old Casey Hathaway was last seen playing with two other children in his great-grandmother’s backyard on January 22, 2019. When the children went back into the house, Casey did not follow. The family searched for the missing boy for 45 minutes, then called North Carolina’s Craven County Sheriff Department. His great grandmother told the 911 operator: "He was walking in the woods back there and we can't find him. The other ones come through the house but left him there and he walked off somewhere and we can't find him." Search and rescue teams arrived from across the state to assist but the weather conditions were so bad, some were turned away. Helicopters, drones, and K-9 dogs scoured the area which was described as “extremely rugged”. On

The Brown Mountain Lights – inexplicable ghost lights have puzzled observers for hundreds of years

The enduring mystery of the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights The Brown Mountain Lights are found in the North Carolina foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on a low ridge known as Brown Mountain. The dancing, glowing spheres of red, blue, yellow, or green light, typically appear on brisk, fall evenings. The mystery of Brown Mountain’s ghost lights has endured for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, and the phenomena has been witnesses by a countless number of people. Law enforcement officials and Forest Service officers have seen the lights up close and describe them as beach-ball size orbs that float by and then vanish. Witnesses from afar say the lights appear to rise up off the mountaintop, hover, wobble, and then disappear. Despite organized research of the phenomena, scientists still

The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island – early American settlers disappear without a trace

The Settlement of Roanoke Island In 1587, a colony of 118 men, women, and children became one of the earliest attempts to colonize the new world - America.  Traveling from Britain to Roanoke Island, near Chesapeake Bay on North Carolina's coast, they were the first true attempt at colonization of the New World.  Not long after settling, they became one of the Nation's first great mysteries. The colony, led by John White, settled on Roanoke Island, near Virginia.  John's granddaughter, Virginia Dare, became the first American born in this new land.  But times were tough in the new world and supplies became scarce.  Ten days after Virginia's birth, Simon Fernandes, a Portuguese sailor, was forced to return to England for more supplies.  After much protest, John White was ordered to return with

Ghost Lights – mysterious, inexplicable light phenomena

History reveals reports of ghost lights are not a new phenomena In 1656, John Davis of Cardinshire, Wales recorded some of the earliest historical evidence of ghost lights. In this small town in Northern Wales, ghost light sightings were quite common and believed to portend the death of someone in their town. The lights were witnessed around homes, in the open air, and occasionally inside their homes. A small light represented the death of a child, a large light the death of an adult. Davis noted a ghost light sighting by his wife’s sister who had observed five lights inside her bedroom. That night, five of their servants died of suffocation in what was only described as ‘a freak accident.’ These strange lights are still reported in