Freakish, prehistoric-looking sea creature washes up on shores of Australian lake

Australia is the land of many strange animals but this one has locals stumped.  Ethan Tipper took the photograph above of a bizarre sea creature that washed up on the shores of an Australian lake this week. The prehistoric-looking sea creature appears to be about 10 feet long with an eel-like (sea serpent) body, long snout, and hundreds of sharp teeth. The creature is possibly some sort of eel (pike eel has been suggested) but if so, it’s an unusually large one. The creature was found on February 15, 2016 at the Swansea Boat Ramp on Lake Macquarie (near the lake’s mouth) in Newcastle, New South Wales.  Lake Macquarie (also known as Awaba) is Australia's largest coastal salt water lagoon measuring over 40 square miles. Sources: Facebook (Ethan Tipper)

Terrified girls inadvertently capture picture of Newcastle ghost while snapping selfie

Two young ladies taking a selfie were surprised to find that they unintentionally captured the presence of what they believe is a ghostly spirit. The girls were out and about in Newcastle on Sunday, October 26, 2014 when they decided to pop into a local pub, the Slug, for a quick drink.  22-year-old Victoria Greeves and her 23-year-old friend Kayley Atkinson say the pub was empty at the time and claim they did not see the spooky old Victorian-era woman who appeared in the background of the photo, standing between the two friends. Greeves was so frightened by the incident that she deleted the picture from her phone. Luckily, beforehand she sent the photo to friends on Snapchat who retained copies as proof of the otherworldly appearance. Greeves told