Unexplained wheels and axle found in NASA Mars photograph

We’ve spotted a lot of weird stuff on Mars but this one is particularly enticing. In the NASA JPL photo above, noticed the unusually-shaped object near the bottom of the outcrop of rocks. Here’s a zoomed version of the photo.   And here’s an even tighter zoom. The object clearly appears to be a set of wheels on an axle!     Of course NASA is arguing the object is nothing more than an uncommon-shaped rock but the paranormal community believes the object is further proof that Mars was once colonized by someone other than humans.  Weird-shaped rocks, remnants of an alien civilization, or wreckage from a secret human-based excursion to the Red Planet? Sources: NASA

Fossilized alien wearing high-tech spacesuit found in NASA Mars photo – and he’s holding a ray gun!

Paranormal Crucible published an interesting video this week in which they analyze a NASA Mars photo that they claim captures an alien wearing a high-tech spacesuit. The petrified statuette appears to be holding a weapon of some sort too. They cleaned up the photo (the untouched photo is below) to reveal more detail. Oddly, the object does look like a classic gray alien. I still lean toward “rock” but indeed, it’s an interesting find. Sources: Paranormal Crucible

Bones, balls, people, and more – what’s with all the anomalous objects spotted on the surface of Mars?

As quickly as NASA publishes unbelievably detailed photographs of the Martian surface, people back home find odd and unusual objects within those photos. Of course NASA always discounts the newfound anomalous objects as “natural rock formations”. Matters were clouded in early 2014 when observant researchers found “before and after” photos proving that NASA occasionally “cleans up” some of their photos (and videos). NASA calmly explained that in some instances, camera imperfections must be corrected using software – like Photoshop. Still, despite NASA's proven manipulation of the Mars photographs, eagle-eyed researchers continue finding unusual anomalies in the photographs of the Martian surface and ask “Have you *ever* in your life seen a natural rock formation on Earth that looks like that?” Here are a collection of some

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures odd shard of light bursting from surface of Mars

We’re not going to file this one under paranormal events just yet but still, it’s an interesting development. Eagle eyes have spotted an odd shard of light that seems to be erupting from the surface of Mars. Altered Dimensions verified that the photo is available on NASA’s website and has not been altered in any way. Two explanations thus far include missing photo image data (not likely since the light shows a distinct rounded-bottom and seems to overlay the terrain above and behind it) or possibly a reflection off of, well, we’re not sure what it would be reflecting off of and hence, the mystery. NASA has not publicly commented on the photo, which was taken by the rover’s right-hand navigation camera, nor offered an explanation

Scientists struggle to explain Mars mystery rock that appeared out of thin air [photos]

Last week, NASA scientists revealed the discovery of a mysterious rock on Mars that seems to have suddenly appeared out of thin air.  News of the errant “mystery rock”, which NASA said was “like nothing we’ve ever seen before”, were announced last week by NASA Mars Exploration Rover team members at an event in Caltech, California.  Amongst talk of the usual day-to-day NASA discoveries on the Red Planet (e.g. gypsum deposits, new clays), NASA shared the Mars rover team’s excitement over the discovery of a mysterious rock that appeared, out of nowhere, in NASA photos. During the event, NASA showed photos taken on sol 3528 of the Opportunity Rover mission, that captured a flat, bare bedrock.  But a few days later, on sol 3540, a large

Is NASA discovering “skulls” on the surface of Mars? Picture evidence emerges of more skull-shaped objects

A while back, when NASA video revealed an odd, skull-shaped object (complete with eye and nose holes) on the surface of Mars we figured it was just an unusually-shaped rock.  Today a second “skull” (see photo above) has been spotted in Curiosity Rover video in a location known as Sol 482 and this one is a dead ringer for a humanoid head bone.  This is at least the third skull-shaped object found on Mars.  While we’re not ready to pronounce it evidence of life on Mars yet, we reckon there’s as good a chance of it being an authentic alien skull as a bleached rock shaped like a head. Below is a shot of a “skull” photographed on earlier Mars mission (above the blue arrow). And here’s