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Area 51 up in smoke – photos of huge fire and roiling smoke at top-secret military base

A couple visiting Area 51 captured photographic evidence of a remarkable fire that has locals and nearby Las Vegas residents worried about what might have gone up in smoke (and spread through the air) at the top-secret military base. The man recalled noting several roiling plumes of smoke as they approached the final gate leading into Area 51. “Really weird smoke over there. What could be going on?” The couple pulled to the side of the road where other cars were parked, watching the smoking fire. Within minutes, the infamous “white truck” security team came to the scene and blocked the road leading towards the fire. The couple filmed the event in 2012 but feared retribution if they published the video. They uploaded the video to YouTube this week. Check out pictures of

Tour bus accidentally enters top secret Area 51 military base – intercepted by military personnel and charges filed

Tourists tagging along on an Adventure Photo Tour bus on May 28, 2014 got an unexpected welcome from Area 51 military personnel when the tour bus driver accidentally drove the bus onto the ultra-secret military base. The driver and all tourists aboard the bus were charged with trespassing. Driver Dennis Ryan intended to take the busload full of tourists to the edge of the Area 51 military base where they could take photos of the infamous “Keep out!” signs but instead, became distracted after a tourist asked him a sports related question. Donna Tryon, owner of Adventure Photo Tour, told KLAS-TV of Las Vegas, “Our guys make it a point to tell the passengers that, you know, you can't go over that line, and if you

Gambler Archie Karas during “The Run” – turns $50 into $40 million then loses it all

School of hard knocks breeds a legend Archie Karas, born Anargyros Karabourniotis in 1950 on the Greek island of Cefalonia, was well versed in the school of hard knocks.  As a child, he was forced to earn money shooting marbles to avoid going hungry.  At the age of 15, after a violent fight with his father, he ran away from home (he never saw his father again) then hopped on an international ship taking a job as a waiter.  By the time his ship reached America, he understood not only what it took to survive, but had the wherewithal (and intelligence) to grow rich while doing what he loved.  Considered by many to be the greatest gambler of all time, he once had the longest documented

For Sale: Bizarre Cold War bunker home located underneath the streets of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is fertile breeding ground for the strange. Now that this bizarre, personal Cold War bunker has hit the residential market, you can add this creepy Hobbit-like underground home to your list of places to see on your next visit to Sin City. At this sprawling home for sale at 3970 Spencer Street, just east of the Las Vegas Strip, you can golf, barbecue, swim, relax in a hot tub, dance under a starry sky and make breakfast while gazing at the mountains - all while 26 feet underground. The unusual home is a 5,000 square foot subterranean villa situated inside a 15,2000 square-foot bunker. It was built in the 1971 (and still retains a 70's Brady Bunch décor) and features a heated pool, four-hole

Howard Hughes – the richest man on Earth and his many bizarre eccentricities

Background Howard Hughes was born in Texas in 1905 to Howard Robard Hughes and Dallas heiress Allene Gano. Raised by an overly obsessive mother who forced him to endure strange cleanliness rituals, douse himself with mineral oil daily, and avoid other 'germ ridden' children, Howard had no other alternative than to be different. His mother, who insisted on giving him hand-baths until his teen years, died when he was 16 years old and his father perished just two years later. The youth took over his father's company (at the age of 18), the Hughes Tool Company, and was immediately recognized for his brilliant business skills. Howard Hughes' Life Bored with the tool business, Howard became a movie producer and created such classics as Scarface, Hell's Angels, and The Outlaw. His