Parrots in India are getting addicted to opium and flying into trees in a drunken stupor.

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh, India are livid. Their poppy crops are being destroyed by parrots who have become addicted to opium. Farmers say the birds swoop in and gobble poppy flowers with such speed that they are unable to act quick enough to stop them. In fact, they say the birds have learned to fly in silence to further avoid detection. The birds make up to forty visits a day, razing poppy crops to the ground. In some cases, the birds have been spotted uprooting entire poppy plants, carrying them away to enjoy their fix in private. Afterward, the birds have been witnessed flying in circles, crashing into trees, and lying sprawled in nearby fields in a zombie-like stupor. When the narcotic effects of the opium

Collection of historic vintage UFO photos (before we had Photoshop)

During the Golden Age of UFO sightings, the time between 1940 and 1970, thousands of UFO reports were submitted to officials, many of which were held for decades before being released to the public.  Included in these reports are many notable photographs purported to depict UFO's, or flying saucers as they were known at the time.  Below is a collection of the most popular historic UFO photographs from as early as 1870. UFO over Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia. December 29, 1953     This is widely believed to be a photo of the infamous UFO over Westall Scondary College in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, witnessed by more than 200 students and teachers as it descended into an open, grassy field. The only official explanation to date is "experimental craft". 1966   UFO in

12-year-old girl has hundreds (and counting) nesting ants removed from ear – doctors baffled by infestation

In August 2015, the parents of 12-year-old Shreya Darji from Gujarat, India, took her to the local hospital complaining about irritation in the little girl’s ear. Using an endoscopic camera to peer deep inside her ear canal, doctors were baffled by what they discovered.  Inside Darji's ear, they found and removed dozens of giant ants nesting in her ear canal. Today, Darji’s parents say she still has between ten to fifteen ants crawl out of her ear each day while doctors search for the cause – and a cure. A year later, doctors continue to remove ants from Darji’s ear canal on a daily basis but say the problem persists and the ants continue to breed inside the little girl’s head. Dr. Jawahar Talsania, senior Ear,

“Explosion” that killed Indian man turns out to be a falling meteorite

Yesterday, authorities described it as "an explosion”. The incident, in which a 40-year-old man died and three others were injured, took place at the Bharathidasan Engineering College in Natrampalli, India on Saturday, February 6, 2016. Witnesses reported hearing a loud rumbling noise followed by an explosion which blew out windows of buses and buildings and left a four-foot deep crater in the ground. Initially authorities thought the cause of the explosion was a bomb, possibly dropped by a terrorist or military drone aircraft. Today however, we learn that the cause was not manmade at all – it was a meteorite. Authorities today retrieved a piece of the meteorite and issued the following statement, “A mishap occurred yesterday when a meteorite fell in the campus of a private engineering college in

After repeated UFO sightings at Delhi airport, Indian security forces and air force put on high alert

On October 23, 2015, Air Traffic Controllers at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport observed unexplained flying objects hovering  around the airport. According to airport officials: “A member of Indian Air Force (IAF) sits at the ATC tower of Delhi airport. At 10:44am on Friday, he first noticed a flying object over runway 9-27, the smallest runway of Delhi airport. He reported two more objects at 10:50 am and 10:55 am, flying outside the airport boundary. “ Sightings of the suspicious objects repeated on October 27,2015 and a helicopter was sent to investigate. Two days later, the pilot of an Air Vistara reported being blinded by a bright light while landing on IGI’s runway 29. Today we learn that the Indian airport has been put on high alert

Stunning news from Oxford researcher – 100% genetic match found between Yeti creature samples and 40,000-year-old polar bear

To the joy of cryptozoologists around the world, a University of Oxford scientist has made an stunning discovery that seems to have solved the mystery of the elusive Yeti (Abominable Snowman) creature. Geneticist and Oxford professor Bryan Sykes found a genetic match between an ancient polar bear and two separate samples taken from reported Yetis - suggesting the creature known as the Yeti is alive and living in the Himalayas. His announcement stunned the typically skeptical scientific world: “We have found an exact genetic match between two yeti samples from the Himalayas and the ancient polar bear.” Sykes made a global appeal last year for samples from suspected Yeti (cryptid) sightings. Those who submitted samples to the project were asked to give a description of the material and

Three-month-old baby burst into flames – doctors suspect Spontaneous Human Combustion

Rahul, a three-month-old baby from Chennai in southern India, was admitted to a local medical institute yesterday with burns covering 10% of his body. Doctors there believe the burns were caused from a condition known as spontaneous human combustion (SHD). According to the baby's mother, the child burst into flames without any source nine days after his birth and suffered three other similar episodes, the last of which occurred about a month ago. The doctors believe the baby’s body may have caught on fire because of the excretion of gases, likely methane gas formed during digestion of the baby’s food. The baby's father told Deccan Herald reporters that "neighbors started isolating the family after observing Rahul. Everybody thought it was due to evil influence."  Naturally, others

Mind-reading girl set to be added to worldwide registry of people with phenomenal savant talents

A 9-year-old mind-reading savant is discovered In 2013, a nine-year-old autistic girl from Sharjah, India was discovered to have an extraordinary ability to feel her mother’s emotions and read her mother’s thoughts without touch or any other physical medium.  Nandana Unnikrishnan was revealed to the world in April 2013 and she could be the next name added to a worldwide registry of people with savant talents.  Savant syndrome is a condition in which a person with serious mental disabilities demonstrates profound and prodigious abilities far in excess of what is considered normal.  Nandana Unnikrishnan’s parents began to notice her unusual reactions to her mother’s thoughts at an early age.  When her mother felt or thought something, nine-year-old Nandana would react – without being told.  Before long

Dashrath “Mountain Man” Manjhi – a man single-handedly moves a mountain in a labor of love for his lost wife

Meet Dashrath Manjhi, a poor laborer from the Gahlour village near Gaya in Bihar, India.  Dashrath, known also as “Mountain Man”, lost his wife, Phaguni Devi, who was unable to be taken to the nearest health care center for urgent treatment as the nearest road to the city was 70km long (43 miles) long.  Vowing to solve the problem himself, Dashrath set out on a labor of love, and swore to move mountains in order to ensure nobody else would experience trouble obtaining emergency medical treatment from the nearest town.  You see, Dashrath knew that although the nearest medical facility was 70km away, if a certain mountain did not exist, the trip between the cities of Atri and Wazirganj would be shortened to a mere

The Indian Rope Trick

Introduction The famed Indian rope trick - a myth, a product of mass hypnosis, or was it really magic?  The trick, involving a coil of rope that is magically extended skyward, has yet to be duplicated by modern day magicians despite centuries of exhaustive study by scholars and expert magicians. The Trick An early account from India in the 14th century, tells of a magician using a coil of rope with a large wooden ball tied to one end.  The magician tossed the wooden ball high into the air.  Instead of returning to the ground, it rose higher and higher until the rope disappeared into the clouds.  A small boy (the magician's assistant) jumped to the rope and began climbing hand over