UK girl has been hiccupping every two seconds for the past three months – doctors are baffled

In January 2013, 13-years-old Emily Marsh, from the United Kingdom, was on her way to math class when she began to hiccup.  At first it was funny but now, three months later, not so much.  Emily hiccups every 2 seconds and has been hiccuping continuously, even while she sleeps, for over three months.  The physical action is so exhausting, she has to take afternoons off from school to rest.  She has undergone a series of tests, including an ultrasound scan, chest X-ray, endoscopy and MRI scan, but doctors have so far been unable to cure her condition.  She has tried sucking on sweets, a spoonful of vinegar, osteopathy, hypnosis, sneezing, gargling, and other old-wives tales but to date, she is still hiccuping. Emily explained to the Telegraph: "I've tried drinking backwards,