Gilgo Beach

Police identify the 6th Long Island serial killer victim previously known as Jane Doe #6.

After nearly two decades, police in Long Island have identified the Long Island serial killer's sixth victim, known until now as Jane Doe #6, using genetic genealogy technology. The victim was Valerie Mack. Mack went missing in 2000. She was 24-years-old and worked as an escort in Philadelphia. Her partial remains were found that same year in a wooded area off Halsey-Manor Road in Manorville. A year later, her dismembered remains were found along Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach.

Police release new evidence in the Long Island Serial Killer (aka Gilgo Beach Killer) case.

This week, Long Island police released new evidence in the decade old Long Island Serial Killer case. The case, also known as the Gilgo Beach killings, has left 11 murders unsolved. The murders began in late 2010 along a lone stretch of highway on Long Island near the Gilgo and Oak Beaches. Most of the victims were escorts from the area. Police have no suspects and few leads. In an effort to stimulate interest in the case, they have released evidence collected nine years ago – a leather belt embossed with the initials “HM” or “WH”. Suffolk County police say the belt did not belong to any of the victims and they have reason to believe the belt was "handled" by an unknown suspect. Commissioner Geraldine Hart said