London children as young as 4-years-old forced to squeeze through miles of pitch-black, claustrophobic, suffocating 7-inch chimney flues (1800’s).

The child had no choice. Sold as cheap labor by poverty-stricken parents with too many mouths to feed, they were between 4 and 8 years of age, too young to defend themselves or flee their owner and live on their own. Unfortunately, they were just the right size to squeeze into narrow, pitch black, claustrophobic, suffocatingly-hellish 7-inch chimney flues. The dangers child chimney sweeps faced In early 1800 England, immediately after the Industrial Revolution and during the Victorian Era, child chimney sweeps faced a hellish task. They were lowered into narrow chimneys by their owner and forced to clean soot, grime, and creosote from the chimney flue. Falling or being burnt to death was always a possibility but worse, if they lost their way in the complex

Area 51 up in smoke – photos of huge fire and roiling smoke at top-secret military base

A couple visiting Area 51 captured photographic evidence of a remarkable fire that has locals and nearby Las Vegas residents worried about what might have gone up in smoke (and spread through the air) at the top-secret military base. The man recalled noting several roiling plumes of smoke as they approached the final gate leading into Area 51. “Really weird smoke over there. What could be going on?” The couple pulled to the side of the road where other cars were parked, watching the smoking fire. Within minutes, the infamous “white truck” security team came to the scene and blocked the road leading towards the fire. The couple filmed the event in 2012 but feared retribution if they published the video. They uploaded the video to YouTube this week. Check out pictures of

Face of Jesus appears in smoke above burning home – neighbor saves neighbor in heroic deed

A familiar spiritual image appeared in the smoke above a burning Fresno home this week while at the exact moment, a panicked bystander screamed, “There’s still someone in the building!” Smartphone video shot of the fire shows a clear image, formed in the bellowing wisps of dark smoke, of what witnesses at the scene are calling the “face of Jesus”. Shortly after the divine face appeared in the tower of smoke, a neighbor headed warnings shouted from the crowd and entered the burning building to save his friend. In a chilling poetic statement to reporters, Monsignor Raymond Dreiling, Catholic Diocese of Fresno, said, “The true face of God, the true image of God, was the man carrying his neighbor out of the fire on his shoulders.” Sources: Fresno News,

Earthly phenomena or alien attack – spontaneous fires in Canneto baffle worlds leading scientists

The unusual enigma began in early 2004 forcing the evacuation of the entire town and now the mysterious spontaneous fires in Caronia, specifically the small town of Canneto on the northern coast of Sicily, Italy, have returned with a vengeance. Despite millions of dollars spent investigating the cause, scientists (including National Research Institute scientists and NASA physicists) remain stymied. Explanations thus far include some unknown form of electromagnetic radiation, top secret military tests gone awry, poltergeists acting up, demonic entities seeking revenge, and even aliens attempting to clear the area for an as-of-yet unknown reason. Of course, arson was the initial suspicion but was ruled out when one of the scientists witnessed an unplugged electrical cable spontaneously burst into flames. What is known for fact

Home burnt to the ground by flaming snake after woman douses snake with gas and sets on fire

While cleaning around the outside of her house, a Texas woman was frightened by a snake that slithered across the yard.  Thinking on her feet (or not), she doused the snake with gasoline and instructed her son to grab a match and set the snake on fire. The flaming snake fled into a pile of brush located next to her home, setting the brush on fire which quickly spread to her home. The woman called Texarkana 911 services: “We were trying to kill a snake with fire. It done caught the house on fire!” The woman's house was completely destroyed by the fire.  A nearby neighbors house also suffered significant damage.