Pentagon administrator says “metal from crashed UFOs” are stored in Bigelow warehouse near Las Vegas

Regular readers are familiar with Robert Bigelow, the Budget Suites of America owner who used his vast fortune to start Bigelow Aerospace, a space technology company based in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Bigelow Aerospace works on various space technologies for the US government (and several other foreign governments). He is admittedly a firm believer in UFOs. More specifically, he believes aliens have and are present on Earth today. In a 2017 TV interview, Bigelow confirmed that he believed in aliens when he told reporters: “There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence. And I spent millions and millions and millions – I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.” This week, Luis

Eyewitness report from welder who cut open the crashed UFO at Roswell

A retired engineer has opened up and revealed an interview he conducted with a military welder who described cutting open the hull of the infamous crashed UFO at Roswell. The witness’s version not only matches other Roswell eyewitness accounts, including confirmation of strewn wreckage and lifeless alien bodies inside the downed UFO, but reveals new details that may forever change the Roswell saga. The engineer who interviewed the welder, explained that his interest in UFOs began while attending school at the University of California in Santa Cruz. After conducting a few amateur UFO investigations, his reputation on campus as “someone who knew about UFOs” grew. It was during his time at UCSC when a friend from his church introduced him to another friend who had asked to

Airline pilot bets he can land while blindfolded – crashes plane killing 70 passengers (1986)

On October 20, 1986, the seven-man crew of a Tu-134A aircraft departed from Koltsovo Airport (Sverdlovsk in the Urals, Russia) on route to Grozny aboard Aeroflot Flight 6502. To the 85 passengers, it was a routine flight. However, to pilot in command Alexander Kliuyev, the trip needed a little spice. While approaching a stopover landing at the Kurumoch Airport, co-pilot Gennady Zhirnov proposed an outlandish dare. Kliuyev agreed and made a bet that he could make an instrument-only landing while blindfolded (some reports say the cockpit windows were curtained). At 3:48 PM, at a height of 1,300 feet, flight engineers pulled blinds over the windshield. Foregoing any visual contact or radio-controlled assistance, Kliuyev began his attempt to touch down while flying blind. At around 215 feet, the aircraft

Caught on video – military transport carrying nuclear weapon gets rear-ended by armored vehicle

The videographer that shot frames from the video below, explained that a military convoy, complete with several military helicopters in the air and federal marshals leading the way, passed through his town (Nevada area). According to the videographer, the convoy was delivering nuclear weapons or nuclear material (possibly a common occurrence in his area). As the videographer was shooting the film, he says a federal agent pulled over and attempted to stop him from filming the procession. During the distracting melee, one of the trailing escort vehicles rammed into the back of the truck the convoy was protecting!  Not sure (and afraid to ask) what happened to the cargo inside. Here is the convoy approaching the man’s position (presumably the federal official has already attempted to stop

In eerie coincidence, hi-speed photo of airshow plane crash captures the very moment wing walker Jane Wicker died

It’s a common thought – what happens at the precise moment we pass from this life to the next. However, it’s an extremely rare event when that moment is captured in a photograph. Such was the case on June 22, 2013 at the Vectren Dayton Air Show in Dayton, Ohio when an eagle-eye noticed that one small section of a spectacular hi-definition, high-speed photograph of a plane crash froze in time the instant a female wing walker, Jane Wicker, met her end. Jane Wicker - wing walker 45-year-old Jane Wicker was a Federal Aviation Administration budget analyst with a backbone made of steel. Financial accountant by day, Wicker began her daredevil career in 1990 after answering an advertisement from the Flying Circus Airshow in Bealeton, Virginia. After

Horrific crash of TransAsia Airways airplane captured on terrifying dashcam videos

The moment a TransAsia Airways airplane came down in Taiwan has been caught on several terrifying dashboard videos. The plane, carrying 58 people heading to the island of Kinmen, crashed shortly after takeoff on February 4, 2015 after narrowly missing a series of high-rise buildings and clipping a taxi cab and freeway bridge before crashing into a river. Half of the passengers on the plane survived the violent crash. Below is the dashcam video shot from the automobile closest to the event.  This video was shot from a car travelling behind the taxi that was clipped by the crashing airplane. TransAsia Airways crash–dashcam video from closest vehicle   Below is video shot from the second closest car. The braking car in front is the source of the first video

Observant researcher finds crashed triangle-shaped UFO in photo of Moon’s Ryder crater

Ryder crater is a notable crater on the far side of the Moon – the side that always faces away from Earth. It remained unobserved until 1959 when an orbiting Russian space probe first photographed it. It has never been explored by human life. Yesterday an observant viewer found an interesting anomaly in a NASA photograph of the 10-mile-wide crater – what appears to be a partially-buried triangle-shaped UFO. The unusually-shaped object was found by “Streetcap1”. In the photo above, you can see a clearly defined triangle-shaped object with a slightly rounded dome in the center. The perfectly symmetrical object juts from the moon’s surface at a slight angle.  Below is a full-size photo of the area where the object is located – arrow indicates the

Deadly train crash in Spain caught on video

What is being called the worst train crash in history, a commuter train in Spain was caught on video crashing into a concrete wall as it rounded a sharp corner at too high a speed.  The high speed train crashed on a curve in northwestern Spain between Madrid and Ferro on Wednesday.  Nearly 100 passengers were killed in the accident (218 passengers were aboard the train when it crashed).  It was later learned that the train was travelling at a speed of 118 MPH (190 km/h) on a stretch of track that has a speed limit of 49 MPH (80 km/h).  Al 13 carriages were derailed with four of the thirteen overturned. Train crash in Spain–raw footage