Heaven’s Gate – the cult that killed themselves in order to board a waiting UFO hiding behind a comet.

Who were Heaven's Gate? Applewhite’s family could understand how the man they knew - a friendly, happy, caring Christian and devoted husband and father of two - could walk away from everything to found a cult. But that's what Marshall Applewhite did. And not just any cult. Heaven’s Gate was strange even among the bizarre New Age beliefs that were popularized in the 1970s — a time when a generation of free spirits were leaving the conventional behind to find themselves. For one, Heaven’s Gate was the first cult to go hi-tech. It had a website before most traditional businesses did, and its beliefs were meticulously spacey, involving aliens, UFOs, and talk of ascension to the “next level.” Visitors to the website were not quite sure if what

Happy Halloween! Skull-shaped “dead” comet hurtles past Earth passing just under 1.3 lunar distances

This bizarrely-shaped comet will zip past Earth today at just under 1.3 lunar distances. Fittingly, the comet, which scientists believe is “dead” (it has already shed its volatiles), bears an eerie resemblance to a human skull. Previously scientists thought the object was a large asteroid (dubbed Asteroid 2015 TB145). New measurements reveal a darkly shadowed object about the length of 6 football fields. Scientists say there is no danger of the object colliding with earth. Sources: NASA, LA Times, Science Daily

Meteor in Russia explodes, injuring hundreds of people, only hours before record-breaking comet passes by Earth

A powerful meteor with the power of a 300 kiloton atomic bomb blasted the Russian region of the Urals early on Friday about 9:20 AM local time injuring over 1,000 people, hospitalizing more than 100 persons (two critically injured), damaging several hundred building structures (including a zinc factory that appears to have taken a direct hit), and shattering countless windows.  The meteor, or meteors, released several kilotons of energy above the Chelyabinsk region, a city about 930 miles east of Moscow that is also home to several nuclear and chemical weapons disposal facilities.  The towns of Emanzhelinsk, Etkul, Kopeisk, Korkino, Chebarkul, Yuzhnouralsk, Zlatoust, Troitsk, Uvelsky and Krasnoarmeisky were also impacted.  The meteor hit just hours before Asteroid 2012DA14 made its closest recorded pass of an