Slithering Rocks in Death Valley National Park

Introduction In California's Death Valley, there is an area call 'Racetrack Playa' that  has puzzled visitor's for hundreds of years.  The area gets its name from the large flat stones that mysteriously 'race' around this barren dry lake bed. These rocks, some weighing for than 600 pounds, slithering across the ground leaving snaking grooves in the hard, dry, stone.  Some of the trails left by the moving rocks are thousands of feet long. Scientific Studies Studies have been made of the area and measurements taken of the rocks and their positions.  Scientific proof indicates that the rock movement is continuing to occur.   Scientists believe a rare combination of events must occur for the rocks to move.  The first requirement is rain in the parched desert climate which transforms the area

The Alphabet Murders (Rochester, New York)

Alphabet Murders (aka the Double Initial Murders) The "Alphabet murders" (also known as the "double initial murders") took place from 1971 to 1973 in the Rochester, New York area. Three young girls were raped and strangled. The case got its name from the fact that each of the three girls' first and last names started with the same letters and that the bodies were found in towns that started with the same letter as the girls' names. Each of the girls was found in or near an area matching their initials: Carmen Colon near Chili, Wanda Walkowicz in Webster, and Michelle Maenza in the town of Macedon. Carmen Colon goes missing Carmen Colon, 11, lived with her grandparents when she disappeared November 16, 1971. She was last seen

The Grim Sleeper serial killer – illusive for three decades, at least a dozen women meet untimely deaths by his hand

  Introduction They had his DNA. They had his fingerprints. They had a description from a survivor. Ballistics tests matched the .25 caliber gun used in the crimes. But the elusive Grim Sleeper serial killer remained on the loose and claiming victims in Los Angeles for over a quarter of a century. The Grim Sleeper is believed to be responsible for between 10 to 20 murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles since 1985. He killed by gunshot or strangulation and in some cases, both, usually after some sort of sexual contact with the victim. Ten of his victims were black women – several were prostitutes, their bodies typically found discarded in alley ways, most near Western Avenue in South Los Angeles. LA Weekly exposes a hidden

The Battle of Los Angeles

Few are aware that 70 years ago there was a historic and widely documented air battle in the Los Angeles skies against an object that to this day, remains unidentified.  Known as The Battle of Los Angeles or The Battle of LA, the true life event was the basis for a 2011 movie of the same name. On the night of February 24/25, 1942, less than three months after the United States entered World War II, an extraordinary event occurred in the skies of southern California. Known as the Battle of Los Angeles (or The Great Los Angeles Air Raid or The Battle of L.A.), a large number of flares, fires, blinking lights, and a huge UFO appeared in the skies of Los Angeles. As warning