Dogfight! Fighter jets chase metallic disc-shaped UFO over Bulgaria

This week, a man from Bulgaria photographed what he says were “fighter jets chasing a UFO over Nova Zagora”, a city in southeastern Bulgaria. According to the witness, there were numerous people working in the field who watched the military jets flying at “very low altitudes” in the area above the villages of Gac, Zagortci, and Han Asparuhovo” while chasing a metallic, disc-shaped object. Witnesses who watched the dogfight, which involved two military jets, say the object performed “spectacular maneuvers” for about five minutes over the area as the jets circled around and above it. Analysis of the photos is currently underway (admittedly, the photo of the object slightly below the powerline is particularly suspect to me). Check out more pictures in the pictorial gallery below.

Skeletonized werewolf skull found in buried (and chained up) wooden box in Southeast Europe

Bulgarian historian, “Filip”, was conducting field research for a book on the Balkan Wars when he ran across a local farmer (“Trayche”) in the small village of Novo Selo in Macedonia on October 26, 2014 who presented him with a very interesting story – that he had found a box, chained shut, containing the skeletonized skull of a werewolf while plowing a new section of field. Surely Filip doubted the outlandish claim but the farmer then produced the box, werewolf skull inside, for Filip to witness himself. Trayche would not allow Filip to take the skull but did permit him to take pictures of the ghastly head. Filip presented the photo of the skull to a government wildlife official who felt it was not a monkey skull

Bulgarian hikers capture clear photo of giant, gray humanoid-like alien creature deep in Yundola forest

In November 2013, a group of hikers in Yundola, Bulgaria captured what appears to be a huge, gray humanoid alien standing inconspicuously in the dense forest. Yundola, located between the mountains of Rila and Rhodoppe near Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is a popular hiking destination in Bulgaria. The group of hikers were moving through a heavily wooded area when one of the hikers noticed something up ahead. Having an unobstructed view of the humanoid creature (presumably the other hikers had not yet noticed the creature or had obstructed views at this point), he paused and snapped a picture of the creature which then slid behind the trees and quickly disappeared into the woods. In the photo, you can see what appears to be a giant, gray alien. A