Man finds himself in background of photo taken when he was just a child

“Josh” says he was stunned to find an adult image of himself embedded in the background of a portrait studio photograph taken of him when he was a child. The photo was shot in 1983 by Olan Mills studios and has hung in his parents’ live room for decades. The man’s mother has always noted that she could see faces in the background but nobody really paid much attention to them. That is until this week, when the man says he returned to his parents’ home and was stunned to find his image was one of the “faces” his mother had long noticed in the picture. Josh explained: "I was visiting today and took a closer look at my picture. I'm pretty stunned, to say the least.

Ancient Egyptian “God of the Dead” statue begins rotating in circles inside museum case

The 4,000-year-old Osiris statue (Osiris is the Egyptian God of the Dead) was constructed in 1,800 BC and has been housed in the Manchester Museum since 1933.  Until last week, the relic has sat undisturbed amongst several other ancient Egyptian relics.  Last week, museum curator Campbell Price noticed that the statue, which normally faces forward alongside several other Egyptian statues, had been turned, revealing  an Egyptian religious prayer imprinted on its back. "‘I noticed one day that it had turned around.  I thought it was strange because it is in a secured glass case and I am the only one who has a key." Price returned the status to its original forward-facing position but found that the next day, it had rotated, once again revealing the prayer

Court sentences men who accidentally stole van full of dead bodies

A Polish court this week sentenced three men for up to four years in prison after the men accidentally stole a van full of dead bodies . A coroner assistant was driving the Mercedes Sprinter van from Berlin to a crematorium in the town of Meissen, Germany. The driver stopped at a “car park” to wash his hands and when he returned, the van was gone. The three men who stole the van were unaware that it contained 12 German corpses that were on their way to be cremated. When the thieves discovered the bodies in the back of the van, they promptly dumped the coffins in a nearby forest where they were later discovered, “strewn around the forest” but intact and still in their

Chinese man carries his home around on his back like a human-snail

Looking like someone out of the Flintstones, 38-year-old Liu Lingchao is the human equivalent of a real-life human snail, carrying his 132 pound (60 kilogram) house, made of bamboo poles and plastic sheets, on his back as he travels throughout China.  A veritable travelling salesmen, he earns money for food and supplies by collecting plastic bottles and metal cans along his route that he sells when he passes through a new Chinese city along his way. Lingchao has thus far gone through three such portable shelters.  The one he carries around now measures 5-feet wide (1.5 meters) and stands 7.2 feet (2.2 meters) high.  Inside the shelter, he has a padded horizontal bar that rests upon his shoulders while carrying the home on his back.  As

Arizona man’s chronic runny nose is not due to allergies – he’s leaking brain fluid!

An Arizona man, who had a runny nose for over a year, was shocked to hear that the fluid leaking from his noise was not snot – it was brain fluid. Thinking he had year-round allergies, Joe Nagy visited his doctor where he was diagnosed with a perforated brain membrane. A tiny hole in the membrane was allowing brain fluid to leak into his sinus cavity and out the nose. "You don't really think about it, but our brains are really just above our noses all of the time.” Unfortunately, Nagy contracted meningitis and the fluid inside his brain became infected - a very dangerous situation. However, once the meningitis cleared up, doctors were able to plug the hole with medical glue. A happy Nagy told Fox Phoenix: “I

After lethal injection and moments before death, Texas inmate shouts “Wow! This is great! Thank you, warden!”

On September 2, 2002, 18-year-old Richard Cobb abducted two women and a man from a store in Rusk, Texas during an armed robbery. Cobb took the three to an East Texas field about 10 miles away where he raped one of the women and then shot all three with a 20-gauge shotgun and left them to die. Cobb, a drug addict who was already on probation for auto theft, did not realize that one of the women was still alive and would thereafter survive to testify against him.  He was convicted of capital murder. On April 30, 2013, moments before his execution, Cobb was given the opportunity to make his last statement.  He spoke with mocking conviction: “Life is death, death is life. I hope that someday

These kids in China have to scale a dangerous 195-foot cliff each day in order to get to school

What are these crazy kids up to now?  They are going to school!  In China, the youth of Zhangjiawan village in Long Tianping County have  195-foot (60 meter) cliff they have to climb in order to get to school.  There is a safer route but it takes three hours to get to school via the roundabout path so parents have their kids climb these custom-built ladders each day.  The ladders are built by the parents that live in the area and are replaced every few years for, ahem, safety reasons.

Man wraps his entire body in plastic in order to protect against religious impurity while flying aboard commercial airline

We don’t much like making fun of anyone’s religion but this must have been some sight to see for passengers of a recent commercial airline flight.  A photo of an Ultra Orthodox Jewish man wrapped in a life-size plastic bag aboard an airplane has been posted online and is quickly going viral.  According to Oddity Central: “It is believed the man dressed entirely in black and wearing a Jewish skullcap or “kippah” may belong to the Kohen sect of Judaism, whose members believe they are descended from the priests of ancient Israel and cannot come in close contact with dead in order to protect their higher-than-average holiness. Apparently, the strict religious code prohibits visiting cemeteries except for the funerals of close relatives, and even flying over

Crooks in Argentina selling huge ferrets on steroids as “dogs”

Fresh news out of Argentina – a man who thought he had found a great deal on groomed toy poodle dogs ($150 each), took the dogs to a veterinarian who broke the news to him. “That’s no dog, it’s a ferret. And a really big one.” As it turns out, the practice is not unusual in Argentina where young ferrets and rodents are started on a chemical cocktail of steroids at birth, then groomed, and sold to tourists as “Brazilian rats”. After the story broke, another woman came forth claiming she had also been tricked into buying what she thought was a Chihuahua but also turned out to be a giant ferret. As one Twitter user pointed out, "If you can’t tell the difference between a dog and

Sidewall skiing – Saudi Arabian youth drive on two wheels in latest craze

Saudi Arabian youth, who apparently have very little to live for, have introduced some wild and crazy driving stunts to the world before.  Last year YouTube video of Saudi youth “skiing” behind speeding cars went viral.  This year they've upped the ante with “sidewall skiing”.  Sidewall skiers use a ramp to tilt the car up onto two wheels.  Then the driver must rely on maneuvering skills to keep the car from flipping over.  Whilst driving on two wheels, passengers cling to the sides and perform tricks – standing on the car, push-ups  or even changing a tire have all been performed and captured on video.  Check the picture and video gallery below.   Sidewalk Skiing–Saudi Arabia youth gone wild

Home burnt to the ground by flaming snake after woman douses snake with gas and sets on fire

While cleaning around the outside of her house, a Texas woman was frightened by a snake that slithered across the yard.  Thinking on her feet (or not), she doused the snake with gasoline and instructed her son to grab a match and set the snake on fire. The flaming snake fled into a pile of brush located next to her home, setting the brush on fire which quickly spread to her home. The woman called Texarkana 911 services: “We were trying to kill a snake with fire. It done caught the house on fire!” The woman's house was completely destroyed by the fire.  A nearby neighbors house also suffered significant damage.