In a portending sign of the times, Wall Street is now betting on the future of water supplies.

Future contracts for water will appear on the markets for the first time in history. Future contracts are tied to the spot price of water and let investors bet on the price of water as the value of the precious resource goes up and down due to climate change. Water will join gold, oil, and other commodities being traded on Wall Street with contracts financially settled just like any other futures contract. Contracts will each represent 10 acre-feet of water, equal to about 3.26 million gallons. Tim McCourt, CME Group Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products, explained why the water futures contracts were being issued: "With nearly two-thirds of the world's population expected to face water shortages by 2025, water scarcity presents a growing risk

Heaven’s Gate – the cult that killed themselves in order to board a waiting UFO hiding behind a comet.

Who were Heaven's Gate? Applewhite’s family could understand how the man they knew - a friendly, happy, caring Christian and devoted husband and father of two - could walk away from everything to found a cult. But that's what Marshall Applewhite did. And not just any cult. Heaven’s Gate was strange even among the bizarre New Age beliefs that were popularized in the 1970s — a time when a generation of free spirits were leaving the conventional behind to find themselves. For one, Heaven’s Gate was the first cult to go hi-tech. It had a website before most traditional businesses did, and its beliefs were meticulously spacey, involving aliens, UFOs, and talk of ascension to the “next level.” Visitors to the website were not quite sure if what

TV broadcasts in California interrupted with apocalyptic warning “violent times will come”

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, at about 11:05 AM, viewers in Orange Country, California say their television broadcast was interrupted for about 2 minutes with a breathless “Hitler-sounding” voice warning them of extraterrestrial invasions and the beginning of the Apocalypse. The audio warning was accompanied by an emergency alert flashed across the middle of the screen. The interruption was broadcast to Cox and Spectrum cable TV viewers.  One viewer described the audio feed. “It sounded like a radio broadcast coming through the television.” Another viewer reported hearing the following announced in a “terrified, breathless voice”: “The space program made contact with... They are not what they claim to be. They have infiltrated a lot of, uh, a lot of aspects of military establishment, particularly Area 51. The disasters that

Here comes Nibiru (Planet X) – new fears earth will end on September 23, 2017

Mysterious Nibiru or Planet X Interest in Nibiru, or Planet X, arose around 1976 when researchers noted that ancient Middle Eastern cultures, including the Babylonians and Sumerians, told of a mysterious planet that orbited the Sun every 3,600 years. At first the claim was scoffed at – then NASA announced new evidence of a hypothetical Planet X deep in the solar system. Today, doomsters say the hidden planet is on track for a reappearance, and this time, it will be disastrous for mankind. NASA scientists had long known of discrepancies in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune but only recently found evidence of a Neptune-sized mystery planet that orbits our sun in an unusually elongated path far beyond Pluto. They theorize it could have a mass about

The Doomsday Clock – grim reminder inches closer and closer to human extinction

The Doomsday Clock hangs on a wall in the University of Chicago where the hour hand sits at 12 o'clock.  The minute hand has only changed nineteen times, inching closer towards midnight, marking the countdown to global catastrophe and human extinction. The clock has been maintained since 1947 by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' Science and Security Board.  The decision to move the clock or not is led by a group of scientists and intellectuals, including 15 Nobel laureates.. The closer the Clock inches toward midnight, the more vulnerable the scientists believe the world is to global disaster. Originally, the Clock represented an analogy for the threat of global nuclear war; however, since 2007 it has also reflected climate change, and new developments in the

The Vatican secret library – what mysteries lay hidden in the Holy See’s Vatican Secret Archive

In Vatican City, the walled enclave within the city or Rome, there is an archive containing more than 75,000 codices from throughout history and an estimated 1.1 million ancient printed books. It was officially designated the Vatican Apostolic Library (aka Vatican Library or the Vat) in 1475 although the collection is much, much older – one of the oldest in the world. If you are a researcher, and can sufficiently document your need for access, the collection is open for limited periods of time – except for a section of the library known officially as the Vatican Secret Archives. About the Vatican Secret Archives (aka Vatican Secret Library) From the main library, go by the way of Porta Angelica, through Porta di Santa Anna and you will

Apocalypse coming? – News regarding building of Third Temple to be revealed on August 19, 2016

Jews and Gentiles alike point to biblical verses prophesying the building of a Third Temple in Jerusalem. Given that the prophecy foresees world-changing apocalyptic events following the construction of the Third Temple, and that the site of the temple (Temple Mount) is currently occupied by Muslims (Dome of the Rock), such an endeavor would produce a profound impact across the planet – and likely global apocalyptic wars. This week a Bible Code expert, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, revealed that news regarding the Third Temple would arrive on Friday, August 19, 2016. The timing for such a revelation seems feasible, maybe even probable. Just two weeks ago, the 13-year-old daughter of prominent Temple activist Amihai Ariel, was stabbed to death near Hebron. In response, Ariel and 200 Jews gathered

Here’s why many believe World War III is all but inevitable as governments around the world struggle against economic collapse

Nobody wants another world war and up until the past decade, many thought the world had matured enough to avoid any new wide scale wars (if accomplished, we’d become the first civilization to eradicate war). Unfortunately, many prominent minds believe we are not only susceptible to war, but that World War III is inevitable – and closer than we may think. Comparing modern-day to 1914's pre-WW1 days It may surprise you to find that when the days leading to World War I are compared to modern times, the periods are eerily similar. For instance, Britain, like the United States today, was a superpower in decline and no longer able to act as the world’s protector. Germany, like China, was a newly formed economic powerhouse. France, like modern-day Japan, was

Argentina’s worse nightmare coming true as record-breaking locust plague draws near

Argentina expects a locust plague of nightmarish proportions to hit the country within ten days.  Calling it the country’s worse plague of locusts in more than half a century, officials say they are running out of time as they scramble in an attempt to contain the expected onslaught.  The agriculture agency’s chief of vegetative protection told reporters: “It’s the worst explosion in the last 60 years. It’s impossible to eradicate; the plague has already established itself. We’re just acting to make sure it’s the smallest it can be.” Last year farmers reported locust clouds that were more than four miles long and two miles high.  This year’s outbreak is expected to be far worse as pockets of locusts have already spread across northern Argentina covering an area