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If I re-install the application, will it terminate my paid subscription?

No.  If you choose to clear the application data or re install the application, your subscription will not be affected.  The application recognizes if it has been re-installed and will contact the Google Play market and verify the subscription status the first time the application is started after a re-installation.

I purchased the premium subscription but I still cannot get to the premium content


The purchase of a subscription should (and most of the times will ) work seamlessly and transparently but occasionally the application is unable to contact the Google Play marketplace after a subscription is purchased.  If you still cannot get to premium content after purchase of a subscription, simply restart the application.  If that still does not work, uninstall the application and re-install it.  The app will recognize the new installation and check the Google Market for your subscription status and update it as needed.

What is the difference between the free version and premium version?

The premium version, which costs $1.99, opens up access to all premium content.  Premium content includes new feature articles and all news items (paranormal news items are typically added on a daily basis).  Featured content will be available to users of the free version about 6-9 months after the content has been made available through the free app.