Recent reports of silent black triangle-shaped UFOs in Texas are being classified as “unknown”

Multiple reports, from different witnesses, regarding a football field-sized black triangle shaped UFO in Texas are being classified as “unknown” by MUFON. The first report came in on January 8, 2013 with the witness claiming that he saw the UFO a few days earlier at 7:45 PM CST near the town of Webster, Texas.  He had exited I-45 and was driving west along El Dorado when he noticed the object moving above the trees. “I noticed it out the corner of my left eye. I thought it might have been a new light pole since I had never noticed it before, but the lights were becoming much larger. I was driving about 30 mph and started to slow down as the lights were starting to move

Female ghost caught on cafe security cameras in Scotland

Dan Clifford was reviewing the security footage taken from the CCTVs in his local café when he noticed a ghostly female figure hovering over one of the tables before vanishing into thin air.  The security cameras are set to turn on automatically when motion triggers them.  The film segment in question was taken during the middle of the night, at which time the business was closed and the doors locked tight.  Dan explained that his café, the Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in Perth, Scotland, has produce other unexplained phenomena.  Workers complain of hearing ghostly voices while others have witnessed chairs being pushed across the room.  Some employees have reported being physically shoved in the back by an invisible entity. Clifford noted that he has even

Giant squid finally caught on film by team of Japanese scientists

A Japanese team of scientists from Japan’s National Science Museum have captured the first live images of a giant squid.  The images, taken from a video, of the silvery, 10-foot-long cephalopod nearly one kilometer below the surface, were taken last July near the Ogasawara Islands, about 620 miles south of Tokyo, Japan.  The scientists have been searching for the legendary creature for several years.  The giant squid is thought to have accounted for the mythical 40-foot “kraken” sea monsters of giant proportions said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland in the 13th century. An anonymous author of the Old Norwegian scientific work Konungs skuggsjá (circa 1250) described in detail the physical characteristics and feeding behavior of these beasts. The narrator proposed there must

Pentagon building saucer-shaped airships for cargo transport and reconnaissance missions

Large, disk-shaped UFO reports need to be carefully vetted now that we know the Pentagon is building airships shaped like the traditional flying saucer.  Developed by Aeroscraft, the 230-foot-long prototype airship called the Pelican is designed to lift up to 10 tons of cargo across long distances, using a fraction of the fuel needed by an airplane.  The project, run by the Pentagon's Rapid Reaction Technology Office, has been underway for a few years now.  The Pentagon claims the new airship will be used for cargo missions but envisions it as a “potential tool for surveillance and reconnaissance missions” too. The 36,000 lb. prototype is much smaller than the final airship which will exceed 450 feet in length (much larger than a football field) and use

Security camera captures image of disk-like UFO hovering inches above the ground [UPDATE]

A security camera at an oil company in the small town of Cotulla, Texas is said to have captured the image of a “disk-like” UFO, floating a few inches off of the ground.  The incident allegedly occurred on July 6, 2012 (some sources state July 5).  The witness explained: “My father works in an oil company here in Texas, and they had noticed that some people were taking the crude oil in the night. So they started putting cameras up around the areas. One night one camera caught a UFO. The news had spread through the workers and they soon emailed it to my father. My father had sent it to me and now I'm posting it here.” The witness went on to note that the UFO

Divers to return to Antikythera shipwreck in hopes of finding additional Antikythera devices

At the Archaeological Institute of America meeting this Friday in Seattle, marine archaeologist Brendan Foley of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, will report on the first survey of Greece's famed Antikythera island shipwreck since 1976. The ancient Roman shipwreck was lost off the Greek coast around 67 BC, filled with statues and the famed Antikythera Mechanism, a sophisticated astronomical device that was built using technology believed to have not been available until the 14th century, thousands of years later.  Many consider the device to be the world’s oldest computer.  The survey team has indicated that the ship is twice as long as they had originally estimated and may contain more Antikythera devices or other important discoveries. USA Today stressed the importance of the discovery of the

Bright blue glowing UFO filmed from airplane window during flight from Florida to Pennsylvania

An interesting video posted on YouTube shows a bright blue, glowing light hovering in the clouds.  The video was shot from the window seat of a commercial airliner on a fight from Florida to Pennsylvania and has generated much talk on the paranormal forums.  Some have suggested that the flight was not “30,000 feet in the air” but rather, given the angle of the flaps on the airplane’s wing, was in a descent pattern.  This is a crucial fact given that the glowing object could be atop a stationary object (e.g. mountain, building) if the plane was flying at a lower altitude.  However, if the flight was indeed travelling at a cruising altitude, then this report becomes much more difficult to explain (note: no aviation

Man films UFO through telescope as it explodes in the air [VIDEO]

A Sacramento man, Elijah Prychodzko, scanning the sky with his telescope on December 20, 2012, spotted something very unusual. A bright, glowing object orbiting around another object. “I saw something that I’d never seen before. I saw another object orbiting this - whatever it was up there, and I've never seen anything like that before.” Prychodzko was looking through his telescope when he noticed a large, glowing object in the sky, a “planet” he presumed, with something orbiting around it.  He held his iPhone to the telescope viewer and shot a few seconds of video.  In the video you can clearly see a small white object orbiting the other, larger object.  Prychodzko thought the phenomena was unusual so he contacted his nephew on the phone.  When he returned to

Disc-shaped object spotted outside window of Hong Kong to Kumming City flight

A Chinese man flying from Hong Kong to Kumming City saw this object outside his window and quickly snapped a picture.  The disc-shaped object can be seen above the clouds.  Reportedly there were many other witnesses on the flight who also took pictures of the object.  We have no details yet on the flight number or the passenger who took the above photo.  The photo was posted on a paranormal forum by “Larry Siu” who has yet to disclose who took the picture.

Ancient “alien” skulls found in archaeological dig in Senora, Mexico – cranial deformation?

There a new reports just coming out about odd “alien” skulls found in a 1,000 year-old  ancient burial site in Senora, Mexico.  The site was first discovered in 1999 in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora (at a site known as "El Cementerio") while workers were digging to install an irrigation canal.  Researchers have just begun investigating the site but have already found 25 human remains, 13 of which have the odd-shaped deformed skulls.  The researchers are stating that the odd-shaped skulls are a result of purposeful “cranial deformation” or shaping of the skull, possibly as the result of an ancient ritual practiced.  The remains have been dated back to 945 A.D. to 1308 A.D. Archeologists noted: “Misshapen skulls discovered on sites are fairly uncommon, especially as

English man has stroke, wakes up speaking Welsh

Alun Morgan, 81 years old, grew up speaking English but lived in Wales for a while during an evacuation in World War II.  He was only in Wales a few months and admits that he “learned a bit of Welsh” while he was there but was not proficient with the language. He has not spoken the language in 70 years. The Englishman recently recovered from a stroke which has left doctors a bit puzzled.  After his stroke, he spent three days in a coma.  When he awoke, he spoke nothing but Welsh – and never realized he was not speaking in his native tongue.  Doctors say that the strange language quirk continued for three more days when suddenly, he switched back to speaking English again. 

35-year CIA veteran claims to find Roswell proof in Langley “historical collection” vault

35-year CIA veteran Chase Brandon, served as a covert operations officer for the CIA for 25 years.  He was then assigned as a official liaison on the director's staff where he spent his final 10 years with the agency.  It was during his time as a director (in the mid 1990’s) that Brandon walked into Langley’s Historical Intelligence Collection section and began browsing around.  The Historical Intelligence Collection is tightly secured and few CIA personnel have access to the vault.  As Brandon was shuffling through the boxes he noticed one box with a single hand-written word on it – “Roswell”.  He examined the contents of the box and although he will not disclose specifically what was in the box (his security oath prevents disclosure), what

UFOs spotted over Pennsylvania town on Christmas Day

We received some interesting reports of UFOs seen over the town of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania on Christmas day.  MUFON recorded the event and noted that witnesses reported a black object with flashing lights.  Power outages accompanied the sighting.  One photo (see above) and reportedly two video clips were shot of the unknown object. One witness noted: “We took the kids out to ride their new Power Wheel and I noticed a black spot in the sky that wasn't doing much of anything - just hovering. I pointed it out to my husband and my mother and we couldn't figure out what it could be. After about a 1/2 hour, we went back inside. Every few minutes, wed peek outside to see if it was still there - and it was. Then

Washington UFO caught on CNN broadcast during President Obama inauguration

During the CNN broadcast of the President Obama inauguration (January 20, 2009), an interesting UFO can be seen if your eyes are keen enough.  Watch carefully, right after the segment shifts to the scene of the Washington Monument, you will notice an extraordinarily fast UFO shoot from the right side of the screen towards the left.  The object is very fast and hardly noticeable if you are not paying attention.  Once you spot it, you can easily see that there is indeed a very fast object shooting through the sky.  The CNN announcers briefly mentioned it later in the broadcast. It could be presumed to be an extremely fast drone, albeit potentially faster than any man-made aircraft we have yet to see, but for the fact that no sound was