Saddle Ridge Hoard – couple discovers $10 million in old gold coins buried in backyard

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It’s amazing when even a single Gold Rush era gold coin is found, let alone a thousand of them. But that’s the sort of phenomenal find that a Sierra, Nevada couple ran across last month and they didn’t have to go far to find it – it was buried right in their backyard. Dubbed the […]

The unsolved Max Headroom Incident – pirates hijack Chicago TV broadcast to air bizarre and creepy tirade (1987)

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Unsolved Max Headroom Incident – pirates hijack Chicago TV broadcast thumb

Before the advent of the Internet and widespread existence of a coordinated “hacking” culture, a strange and eerie incident occurred during a November 22, 1987 broadcast on WTTW-11 Chicago of Dr. Who, when a still-unidentified hacker took over the station’s broadcast replacing a brief section of the evening’s program with a creepy montage of a […]

Coffin Apartments – underprivileged residents of China forced to live in tiny-sized stacked boxes

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Called “coffin apartments”, they’re Japan’s and China’s solution to cheap housing for the poor and underprivileged citizens. Designed to fit a single bed and not even tall enough to stand up in, these tiny apartments are stacked atop each other to maximize space – and profits. Hidden amid the multi-million dollar high-rise apartments in Tokyo […]

U.S. kids have it easy – in Germany a demon accompanies Santa and beats naughty kids with a stick

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He’s known in Alpine countries variously as Krampus, Klaubauf, Bartl, and Wubartl, a beast-like, half-goat, half-demon creature that takes over where Santa left off (think of Krampus as the anti-Santa). While Saint Nicholas rewards well-behaved boys and girls with gifts, Krampus captures naughty kids, places them in his oversized-sack, and carries them away to his […]

Mike the Headless Chicken – famously tough chicken lives over a year with no head

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It will forever be known as one of the luckiest breaks in poultry history – the day a propitious hatchet job left “Miracle Mike” (aka Mike the Headless Chicken) in a one-in-a-million state that allowed him to live for over a year without a head. The unusual event started routinely enough. On September 10, 1945, […]

Strange “Toynbee tiles” appear embedded in streets and sidewalks around the world

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Since the 1980’s, hundreds of mysterious “Toynbee tiles” have been found as far west as Kansas City, Missouri and as far east as Boston, Massachusetts.  Verified reports of the Toynbee tiles have come from at least 25 cities around the world.  Intricately patterned, they’ve been found laid in the sidewalks, in the middle of highways, and on […]

Norwegian artist claims to have created a perpetual motion machine – the Finsrud Wheel [VIDEO]

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We’re not quite ready to call it perpetual motion yet but it is indeed an interesting machine. Norwegian artist and mathematician Reidar Finsrud is an outside the box thinker that has devised a machine, called the Finsrud Wheel, that he believes achieves true perpetual motion albeit, even he cannot explain how. The machine reportedly uses […]

The mysterious Antikythera Mechanism – how does 14th century technology exist in a 2,000 year old device?

// January 5th, 2013 // 1 Comment » // Bizarre

Discovered on a shipwreck off the coast of Antikythera in 1901, some have called the Antikythera Mechanism the first analog computer; others the first mechanical computing device. Consisting of a sophisticated, intricate system of bronze gears, wheels, and differential cogs, the technology used to construct the device resembles that of 18th century clocks. You can […]

Buddhist monk prays so many times each day – leaves footprints embedded in wooden floor

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Buddhist monk footprints in floor

70-year-old Hua Chi, from Tongren, China, seems disappointed that his aging body only allows him to pray 1,0000 times each day (only 500 if the weather is cold). In his younger days, his strict daily ritual consisted of 2,000 – 3,000 prayers each day. In fact, Chi has prayed in his Tongren monastery for nearly […]

The crazy New York City bike messengers

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If you saw the movie, Premium Rush, you probably figured those crazy New York bike messengers must be tamer in real life than they were portrayed in the movie. You’d be wrong. Premium Rush (and Quicksilver, another movie with a bike messenger theme) actually offer a very close portrayal of a professional bike messenger. Bike […]

The Heyday of the American Lobotomy Craze

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For more than 800 years, man had known that finding a way into the delicate brain cavity and cutting or poking at the liquid filled tissue, would produce a dramatic change in a person’s behavior and demeanor. It was commonly used to “drive out the devil”. Although archaic and seldom used, by 1935, the practice […]

The truth about the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale

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Finding the earliest version of any given common fairy tale is an almost impossible endeavor. Before the Grimm Brothers gathered their collection of well-known German folk fairy tales into a single volume, these stories followed an oral tradition, being passed on from grandmother to mother to children. What you may not know is that these […]

Professional Wrestling – Real or Fake?

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A fake wrestling kick with laces of shoe

Most people have lain in bed late at night, flipping through channels, and paused to watch the action when they ran across a professional wrestling match. Smashing head butts, thudding body slams, and brutal back breakers give pause to the viewer – how do that do that without getting hurt or worse – killed? Is […]

Piri Reis map – who or what charted land masses before they were believed to have been discovered?

// December 26th, 2012 // No Comments » // Bizarre

There’s an ancient map, called the Piri Reis Map, that has scientists scratching their heads and ttheologians saying, “We told you so”. It is extremely accurate and charts much of the land that had yet to be discovered at the time of its creation. Even more remarkably, it charts the Antarctica land mass which was […]


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