Unusual Places (you can visit)

Neptune Memorial Reef – Florida’s bizarre underwater cemetery reminiscent of Atlantis

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Entrance to Neptune Memorial Reef (Atlantis Memorial Reef) in Florida thumb

The Neptune Memorial, also known as the Atlantis Memorial Reef, is an underwater cemetery located three miles off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida. At over 16 acres in size, it is also the world’s largest man-made reef built to hold the remains of over 125,000 people. Persons buried in the Atlantis Memorial Reef are […]

More Eerie pictures of cool abandoned places (some you can still visit)

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There’s something about abandoned places that sparks a bit of imagination, and heartache, in all of us. Below are more eerie, but beautiful, abandoned places, some of which you can still visit.

Dashrath “Mountain Man” Manjhi – a man single-handedly moves a mountain in a labor of love for his lost wife

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Dashrath Manjhi, a poor laborer from the Gahlour village near Gaya in Bihar, India, known also as “Mountain Man”, lost his wife, Phaguni Devi, who was unable to be taken to the nearest health care center on time for immediate treatment as the nearest road to the city was 70km long (43 miles) long. Vowing […]

Exploring LA’s dark, abandoned subway system located deep underneath the city of Los Angeles

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Old LA subway system tunnel

For those who didn’t know, LA does indeed have a subway system although the geographical dispersion of LA residents doesn’t make it a very popular choice for moving about the city. Still, in the 1940’s, over 65,000 riders used the LA subway system, a system that has since been abandoned after the new lines were […]

Route 66

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Historic Route 66 – the highway that spawned a dozen movies, a TV show, and a hit song, can still be traveled today. With a little advanced planning, you can travel the historic route and still drive along some of the original sections of the infamous highway.

Post, Texas – breakfast cereal magnate attempts to create his own Utopia in rural Texas

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Few people are aware of CW Post’s unusual project to create a perfect, utopian town – Post, Texas. His project, meant to be a means of relaxation for him, would end up further diminishing his health and eventually would be the root cause of his death.

The Winchester Mystery House

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The Winchester Rifle, “the rifle that won the West”, was a revolution in gun design. Designed and developed by Oliver Winchester and utilized by the United States’ military branches, the gun’s unique lever action design produced unrenowned riches for Oliver and his heirs. After a series of tragedies drove one of the heirs to madness, […]

Fort Knox – where America keeps its most treasured possessions (and gold!)

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The United States Bullion Depository, commonly called Fort Knox, is a fortified vault building located near Fort Knox, Kentucky, which is used to store a large portion of United States official gold reserves and, occasionally, other precious items belonging or entrusted to the federal government. The United States Bullion Depository holds about 4,603 tons (4,176 […]

Platos Retreat – Infamous New York Sex Club

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Plato’s Retreat opened its doors in 1977. Couples could be straight only – no homosexuals allowed. Drugs were not allowed. Alcohol could not be consumed on the premises. Plato’s Retreat featured a pool room, steambaths, disco dance floor, an in-house sauna room, and a swimming pool with waterfalls. Located in the ultra-popular Manhattan area, it […]

New York City Underground – lost underground tunnels beneath the city see new light

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You would presume that city government would have knowledge of every nook and cranny in their city, that they would have every street, subway, tunnel, and building mapped and documented. Surprisingly, many of our older cities have underground labyrinths that are largely or wholly undocumented, long forgotten by time. In New York City, it is […]

China’s Kowloon Walled City – the bizarre city of boxes, mazes, and dark alleys

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Up until the 1994, there existed, just north of Kowloon Bay, a bizarre city in Hong Kong named Kowloon Walled City. Over time the veritable lawless (and unclaimed by any government) Kowloon Walled City became a curious stack of cheaply constructed boxes through which ran a maze of dark alleys and exposed pipe and wiring […]


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