Everybody loves a good ghost story. The peculiar thing about these ghosts stories – they’re purported to be true.

History of the Perron family and the Harrisville Haunting (true story behind the movie The Conjuring)

Ed and Lorraine Warren Ed and Lorraine Warren had been investigating paranormal activity since the early 1950’s. During their decades-long careers, they investigated over 4,000 hauntings, including the well-known Amityville Haunting where they were recognized as the first psychic investigators to step onto the scene. The 2013 film, The Conjuring, was based on their terrifying investigation of the Perron family and their haunted farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Known variously as the “Harrisville Haunting” or the “Perron Family Haunting”, the Warrens would say that their investigation of the Perron family’s haunting was their “most intense, compelling, disturbing and significant investigation” of their careers. Roger Perron, his wife Carolyn, and their five children Andrea (Annie), Nancy, Christine, Cindy, and April endured a decade of torture from the

Guildford Ghost photograph remains one of the most convincing ghost pictures in history

The Guildford Ghost Photograph Guildford, located in the United Kingdom, is considered to be one of the most haunted places on earth.  Visit the town center any night of the week and you’ll find several “ghost tours” where locals will take you on a walk about the city while pointing out the many haunted locations scattered throughout the town.  Don't dismiss their stories too fast - there is evidence that bolsters their claims. Guildford has produced one of the most convincing pieces of ghostly evidence in history - a picture that has confounded experts.  The general consensus is that the picture is real and untouched.  Amateur photographer, Mark Baker, 37, who took the picture, has no idea what the figure is and insists that the picture has not been

Female ghost caught on cafe security cameras in Scotland

Dan Clifford was reviewing the security footage taken from the CCTVs in his local café when he noticed a ghostly female figure hovering over one of the tables before vanishing into thin air.  The security cameras are set to turn on automatically when motion triggers them.  The film segment in question was taken during the middle of the night, at which time the business was closed and the doors locked tight.  Dan explained that his café, the Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in Perth, Scotland, has produce other unexplained phenomena.  Workers complain of hearing ghostly voices while others have witnessed chairs being pushed across the room.  Some employees have reported being physically shoved in the back by an invisible entity. Clifford noted that he has even

The burning Wem Town Hall ghost – ghost of calm little girl appears amongst the flames

Wem Town Hall, a building in the market-town of Wem in Shropshire, England, was destroyed by fire on November 19, 1995.  During the fire, Tony O’Rahilly, a amateur photographer, took pictures of the burning building from across the road (police had stopped him and would not allow him to get any closer). To his surprise, after the photo had been developed, in the doorway of an upper floor, appeared a young girl standing calmly, staring directly at the camera, seemingly unaffected by the flames burning all around her. Fire ravaged the town hall once before, in 1677 when a 14-year-old girl, Jane Churm, dropped a lit candle.  It has always been maintained that the Town Hall was haunted by the young girl.  This led to local speculation that

The Cokeville Miracle – the American tragedy that never happened

On May 16, 1986, when former town marshal David Gary Young and his wife Doris Young took 154 children and 13 teachers hostage at Cokeville Elementary school in Wyoming, and kept them at bay with a shopping-cart sized bomb attached to five hairpin-trigger blast caps, it should have ended in great tragedy - one of the worst in American history.  Yes, the bomb did explode and it exploded in a room packed full of children, but the only persons to die that day were Mr. Young and his wife.  In what is called “The Cokeville Miracle”, the lives of the children and teachers were miraculously spared.  If you ask residents of the town how such a thing could happen, they will look you in the

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena

Introduction Séances, Mediums, Ouija boards - is it possible to talk to the dead?  Can the dead communicate with us?  Many paranormal researchers believe it is possible using a method known as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVP involves recording empty space or white noise on tape recorders or other magnetic devices and subsequently examining those recording looking for discrete messages from spirits.  These messages may sound like noise to some but EVP investigators using computer software, can clean up those recordings in order to make the voices easier to hear.  Since recorders use magnets to record sound, anything that would disturb this magnetic field, such as paranormal activity, could be recorded on tape. Famous EVP Researchers Who is to be

Athens Mental Hospital

Introduction The Athens Mental Health Center, in Athens County, is located on a hill across from the Hocking River in Ohio. It opened in January 9, 1874 on land purchased from a local farmer named Coates. In recent years, the State Hospital campus also known as ‘The Ridges”, has been absorbed into the Ohio University campus and now houses several of the University buildings. Clearly, lots of changes have taken place on this plot of land, but there still exists some original remnants of the old institution - and they are not wholly physical remnants… Many years ago, mental institutions were considered peculiar places. The Athens Mental Health Center was one of those places. Years ago it was used to house the criminally insane, patients that were

The Bakersfield Lyons Haunting

The Bakersfield Lyons Haunting After Mrs. Meg Lyons died suddenly in her Bakersfield, California house, it had remained untouched when Mrs. Frances Freeborn moved in during the month of November, 1981. Every piece of Mrs. Lyons' furniture was just as she left it. Her clothes still filled the closets and dressers. Eager to make the house her own, Mrs. Freeborn set about cleaning out the house and refurbishing it to her liking. And that's when the trouble started. The first unsettling mystery was a loud thumping noise coming from the kitchen area, which Freeborn at first dismissed as noisy plumbing. But then there was other strangeness. Freeborn habitually closed all doors and cabinets before retiring to bed, only to find them wide open in the morning. Lights

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch The Bell Witch or Bell Witch Haunting is a poltergeist legend from Southern United States folklore, involving the Bell family of Adams, Tennessee. The legend is the basis of the films An American Haunting (2006) and The Bell Witch Haunting (2004), and may have influenced the production of The Blair Witch Project (1999). EXCLUSIVE - Read the complete text of the historical Red Book. Published in 1890, this is the definitive account of the Bell Witch haunting. Strange animals on the farm John William Bell moved his wife Lucy, and family from North Carolina to Tennessee after purchasing a plot of land and a large house from a local farmer. He eventually increased his land holding to over 300 acres of land. John became a popular

The Berini Haunting in New England

Introduction In one of the most terrifying cases of recent times, a New England family was surprised, disturbed and ultimately horrified by a series of apparitions that seemed to have one objective – to drive them from their home. The strange, horrifying events that took place in a New England home in the late 1970s and early 1980s have been documented and investigated, but never fully explained. They began as a series of benign if remarkable hauntings and escalated into one of the most astonishing cases of ghostly, paranormal activity in recent American history. The real name of the family involved has been kept secret to protect their privacy, but the investigators for the Psychical Research Foundation provided them with the pseudonym of Berini. First names have

The Brown Lady

Introduction Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England is a splendid home. Inhabited by Townshend family for over 300 years, the hall gives its name to the area, the Raynhams. It is also home to one of the most famous and well-regarded ghost photographs ever taken. Raynham Hall Raynham Hall was constructed in 1619 by Sir Roger Townshend. At his death in 1637, the home was still incomplete. Designed by Inigo Jones, the home ignored traditional English style and instead featured an Italian style, 100 years before the style became mainstream. Sir Roger Townshend intended to make a grandiose statement with his new home and although he died before his home was completed, his son ensured that even after death, his dream was realized. Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshend Charles Townshend, 2nd

Enfield Poltergeist haunting – ghost terrifies mother and four children in their Enfield, England home

The Enfield Poltergeist event (also known as the Enfield Haunting) was a period of apparent poltergeist activity in England that took place at 284 Green Street Brimsdown, Enfield, England between August 1977 and September 1978, with an added outburst of poltergeist activity in August 1980.  During the span of three years, a terrifying entity haunted the Hodgson family – a mother and her four children.  Paranormal investigators, including infamous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, assisted the family and witnessed many of the strange and inexplicable activity the family claimed to experience.  For several years after, the haunting held the nation spellbound, puzzling policemen, psychics, experts in the occult, and hardened reporters alike.  It became one of Britain's most notorious haunting cases, spawning TV shows, books, and

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel – real life exorcism goes wrong

Anneliese Michel (September 21, 1952 – July 1, 1976) was a German Catholic girl who was "possessed by demons" and subsequently underwent a series of exorcisms. Following the last exorcism and after warning her mother that she could take no more, Anneliese died in her sleep. Anneliese's early life Anneliese Michel was born September 1952 in Klingenberg, Bavaria, Germany. A devout Catholic girl, Anneliese often slept on a bare floor as reparations for her sins. In 1968, when she was 16 and still in high school, Anneliese began to suffer from violent seizures. Unable to speak, scream, or call for help, she would later explain that she felt as if a huge body of weight were sitting on her chest. Soon, Anneliese began experiencing devilish images while praying. She claimed

Gef the Talking Mongoose – animal-like poltergeist haunts British family (1931)

"I am a freak… and if you saw me you'd faint" "I am a freak. I have hands and I have feet, and if you saw me you'd faint, you'd be petrified, mummified, turned into stone or a pillar of salt." Thus said Gef when asked what he was. Hiding in the walls of a quaint farmhouse on the Isle of Man (Mann), Gef was indeed a unusual persona. Researched extensively by legendary ghost hunter, Harry Price, Gef was thought to be a spirit that took shape in the form of a talking mongoose. On a farm in Manx, Doarlish Cashen in the United Kingdom's Isle of Man, in the early 1930’s, Mr. James T. Irving discovered what he thought was a strange animal inside his house.

The Proctor Haunting (or the Haunting of Willington (Katy) Mill)

It was the autumn of 1834 when the Proctors, a Quaker family, began to notice disturbances in their house near Tyneside in northern England. It began with the sound of dull, heavy treading upstairs. Every member of the family complained of hearing footsteps and whistling that could not be accounted for. The sound of a clock being wound could not be explained. Over a six-year period, the intensity of the haunting increased. The stomping of angry footsteps echoed throughout the house, contrasted by faint whisperings. And then there were the apparitions. The white figure of a strange woman was seen in a window by a neighbor, and then seen in other rooms of the house by the Proctors. A disembodied white face appeared over a