Sometimes it’s not as simple as rain, sleet, and snow. The weather, even though it occurs constantly all around us, still produces many astounding phenomena.

Slithering Rocks in Death Valley National Park

Introduction In California's Death Valley, there is an area call 'Racetrack Playa' that  has puzzled visitor's for hundreds of years.  The area gets its name from the large flat stones that mysteriously 'race' around this barren dry lake bed. These rocks, some weighing for than 600 pounds, slithering across the ground leaving snaking grooves in the hard, dry, stone.  Some of the trails left by the moving rocks are thousands of feet long. Scientific Studies Studies have been made of the area and measurements taken of the rocks and their positions.  Scientific proof indicates that the rock movement is continuing to occur.   Scientists believe a rare combination of events must occur for the rocks to move.  The first requirement is rain in the parched desert climate which transforms the area

Icy Bombs

Madison Township Incident On September 2, 1958 in Madison Township, New Jersey, Dominick Bacigalup survived an experience that to this date has confounded scientists. While sitting at his kitchen table, Dominick was bewildered when the roof and attic of his kitchen exploded with a deafening roar. After Dominick regained his senses, he was puzzled to find that a huge object had crashed through his ceiling. Upon closer examination, he and the authorities determined that the object was a 70 pound block of ice. Rutgers University was contacted and explained that no known atmospheric conditions could cause such an anomaly. Hail accumulation was ruled out. The FFA cited that the accumulations and release of large blocks of ice were extremely rare - and they

Green Sun (or Green Flash)

Introduction Every once in a while, if the atmospheric conditions are just right, the sun will spark a bright green hue just as it disappears on the horizon.   Called the 'green flash', this phenomena is purported to be caused by the spectral separation of the sun's colors. The green flash only lasts for a second or two. Conditions For the phenomena to occur the atmosphere must be extremely clear.  This particular condition allows the light to be refracted, the colors separated producing the astonishing green flash.  The phenomena can occur shortly after sunset or right before sunrise.  They are typically seen where there is an unobstructed horizon, such as over water, but the phenomena has been reported over mountain tops

Ball Lightning

Introduction On July 5, 1852, a Periason man reported an extraordinary event. While sitting in his living room chair, a bright ball of light descended down his chimney and emerged from the fireplace. The fireball, about the size of a basketball, hesitated slightly and then darted towards him ‘like a cat’. He quickly withdrew his feet and the object slithered back into the center of the living room. He watched in dismay as the flaming ball of light disappeared back into the fireplace, rose up the chimney, and exploded, severely damaging the top of the chimney. Although scientists quickly dismissed the incident as a ‘wild imagination’, hundreds more reports of similar sightings continued to flood authorities around the world, some accompanied by photographs attesting to the events. At

The Dust Bowl and Black Sunday

The Dust Bowl and Black Sunday   "The impact is like a shovelful of fine sand flung against the face," Avis D. Carlson wrote in a New Republic article. "People caught in their own yards grope for the doorstep. Cars come to a standstill, for no light in the world can penetrate that swirling murk. . . .   The nightmare is deepest during the storms. But on the occasional bright day and the usual gray day we cannot shake from it. We live with the dust, eat it, sleep with it, watch it strip us of possessions and the hope of possessions. It is becoming Real. The poetic uplift of spring fades into a phantom of the storied past. The nightmare is becoming life." The Dust Bowl, or

Noah and The Great Flood – civilizations throughout history have told of a great flood that destroyed mankind

Noah and the Great Flood The biblical story of Noah’s flood is world renowned. A deluge of rain that covered the earth with water and purged all evil from mankind.  The survivors of the great flood went on to repopulate the planet and hence, were the originators of mankind.  What most people do not know however, is that the historical recording of a great flood is a widespread theme throughout many cultures.  For true skeptics, including scientists who scoff at the idea, the evidence presented below is overwhelming.  Believers rejoice and naysayers place your heads firmly in the sand.  Practically every major civilization in existence believed a flood story lending credence to the idea that something catastrophic did indeed occur on earth many thousands of years