Strange Events

The Gombe Chimpanzee War – violent four-year civil war for territory involved kidnapping, rape, and murder (1974)

The violence began on January 7, 1974 when a party of six males from the southern Kasakela tribe brutally attacked and murdered Godi, a young, well-liked male member of the northern Kahama tribe. Over the next four years, all six males from the Kahama tribe would be killed by the Kasakela. Female Kahama tribe members suffered similar fates – one was murdered, two went missing and were never found, and three were kidnapped, beaten, and raped by the Kasakela. The war was over a sliver of jungle turf – and the combatants were monkeys. The war was called The Gombe Chimpanzee War (also known as the Four-Year War) and it lasted from 1974 through 1978. Scientists had never witnessed anything like it - and have never

The loudest sound on Earth occurred on August 27, 1883 and circled the Earth four times

On August 27, 1883, when a volcano erupted on the island of Krakatoa, the Earth emitted a sound louder than any sound in recorded history. The sound was so loud, it burst the eardrums of sailors in a boat forty miles away and circled around the Earth four times before succumbing to silence. No louder sound was thought to occur prior to this event and no louder sound has been created since. It was 10:02 on a Monday morning in 1883 when the “boom” burst from the island of Krakatoa, which sits between Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. A volcano had erupted on Krakatoa and it literally tore the island apart. The plume of smoke and debris exploded from the volcano at 1,600 miles per hour (more

The mysterious New Mexico “brilliant flash of light” event (August 15, 1999)

At 11: 18 PM on August 15, 1999, the residents of the southwestern United States experienced an intense, unimaginable bright flash of light which lit the area brighter than daylight for 2-3 seconds.  At the same time, people from all across  the  western  U.  S.  began calling the UFO hotlines reporting their sightings of an unidentified object travelling overhead.  Most reported a hovering ball of light. Calls came in from  New  Mexico,  Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Texas and Mexico.  21 minutes later, a second (less bright) flash occurred. According to the MUFON journal from that month: “What makes this first flash so interesting, and a fact which seems to rule out any type of meteoric event, is that a second, and similar, flash occurred, approximately

Mysterious Tunguska explosion rocks remote area of Siberia in 1908

Introduction In 1908, a mysterious event occurred in a remote area of Siberia that literally rocked the earth.  To this date, scientist continue to debate the cause of the incident. On June 30, 1908 at approximately 7:15AM, a huge explosion occurred in a remote, mosquito infested swamp near the Tunguska River.  A local reindeer herding tribe, called the  Evenki, described seeing a bright, white light streak across the sky.  They claimed the object, with a tail over 800 kilometers long,  made no noise as it passed over the forests northwest of Lake Baykai.  They heard 5 explosions, the second of which was the most powerful.  The Evenki people sealed off the area, believing it was 'enchanted', and feared the gods must be angry at them. Consequences The detonation sent

Noah and The Great Flood – civilizations throughout history have told of a great flood that destroyed mankind

Noah and the Great Flood The biblical story of Noah’s flood is world renowned. A deluge of rain that covered the earth with water and purged all evil from mankind.  The survivors of the great flood went on to repopulate the planet and hence, were the originators of mankind.  What most people do not know however, is that the historical recording of a great flood is a widespread theme throughout many cultures.  For true skeptics, including scientists who scoff at the idea, the evidence presented below is overwhelming.  Believers rejoice and naysayers place your heads firmly in the sand.  Practically every major civilization in existence believed a flood story lending credence to the idea that something catastrophic did indeed occur on earth many thousands of years