Sometimes it’s not as simple as rain, sleet, and snow. The weather, even though it occurs constantly all around us, still produces many astounding phenomena.

Residents fear world is ending when hellish 140-degree heat burst descends on Kopperl, Texas (1960)

An outside temperature of 120 degrees would be  nightmarish, a temperature of 130 degrees would be  hellish, and surely a 140-degree weather event would be an unsurvivable meteorological impossibility. But it happened - in Texas - in 1960 during a rare weather event called a “heat burst”. The citizens of Kopperl, a small Texas town tucked into a bend of the Brazos River, still talk about the hellish event, referring to the meteorological anomaly as Satan’s Storm. Weather records prove the event truly happened – it’s not a myth – and at the time, citizens believed the apocalypse was descending upon them. Today we know the day-after scene of unbelievable devastation was caused by a weather phenomenon known as a heat burst. It was a warm night on

Eerie leering skull face formed in Hurricane Matthew radar image

As Hurricane Matthew approached Florida’s east coast on October 4, 2016, a meteorologist from The Weather Channel noted a particularly disturbing pattern in the radar image. At first, viewers thought the image was fake but news outlets verified that the image is indeed legit.  In the radar shot above, you can see a clearly defined skull face complete with eye, nose, teeth, lips and evil, leering grin. The image was captured on infrared radar as the storm moved over western Haiti.  The "eye" in the image is of course the eye of the Hurricane Matthew storm.   NASA Earth Science Office's Paul Meyer told CNN that the sinister picture looks like a skull because of the radar's colors focused on the eye of the hurricane. The skull's

The Brown Mountain Lights – inexplicable ghost lights have puzzled observers for hundreds of years

The enduring mystery of the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights The Brown Mountain Lights are found in the North Carolina foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on a low ridge known as Brown Mountain. The dancing, glowing spheres of red, blue, yellow, or green light, typically appear on brisk, fall evenings. The mystery of Brown Mountain’s ghost lights has endured for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, and the phenomena has been witnesses by a countless number of people. Law enforcement officials and Forest Service officers have seen the lights up close and describe them as beach-ball size orbs that float by and then vanish. Witnesses from afar say the lights appear to rise up off the mountaintop, hover, wobble, and then disappear. Despite organized research of the phenomena, scientists still

It’s alive! Weird video shows the earth “breathing”

We’ve all been taught that the earth is “alive” and here’s some pretty freaky footage proving just that. This unusual video appeared online a few days ago and appears to show the earth “breathing”. In all likelihood the effect is due to wind, loose waterlogged earth, or possibly water underneath the ground surface (or a combination of both).  Whatever the cause, I'd suggest nobody go and poke it! Check out the video below. Video showing the Earth breathing   The video was rumored to have been shot in a forest in Nova Scotia on October 31, 2015 by Brian Nuttall. Sources: YouTube, Facebook (Brian Nuttall)

The Naga Fireballs of the Mekong river – mysterious glowing orbs rise from the water and are witnessed by thousands each year

Occurring often in the cool nights in late October and early November, the Naga Fireballs are mysterious glowing balls of bright red light that explode from the muddy waters of Thailand’s Mekong river. Locals call the phenomena the Mekong Lights or Naga Dancing Fire Balls and describe the lights as reddish in color and varied in size from mere sparkles to basketball-sized balls of fire. The red glowing orbs shoot from the water quickly and rise silently to around 600 feet in the air before disappearing. The number of fireballs reported varies between tens and thousands each year. The Naga Fireballs of Mekong are typically reported over a 300-mile-long section of the Mekong river centered around Phon Phisai in Amphoe Phon Phisai but occasionally appear in

Couple’s final photos tell tsunami story from the grave (2004 Indian Ocean tsunami)

As if their last words were cut off mid-sentence The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (aka Sumatra-Andaman earthquake) on December 26 is the third-largest earthquake ever recorded and holds the record for the longest duration of faulting ever observed. The massive event triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the Indian Ocean coast that generated waves up to 100 feet high which pounded the shores resulting in the deaths of approximately 230,000 people. Among those who died were John and Jackie Knill. When their digital camera was discovered among the rubble on a deserted beach in Thailand, the world was left with the pictorial last words of the couple – a visual record of their last moments on earth presented in a harrowing sequence of photos that

The Gombe Chimpanzee War – violent four-year civil war for territory involved kidnapping, rape, and murder (1974)

The violence began on January 7, 1974 when a party of six males from the southern Kasakela tribe brutally attacked and murdered Godi, a young, well-liked male member of the northern Kahama tribe. Over the next four years, all six males from the Kahama tribe would be killed by the Kasakela. Female Kahama tribe members suffered similar fates – one was murdered, two went missing and were never found, and three were kidnapped, beaten, and raped by the Kasakela. The war was over a sliver of jungle turf – and the combatants were monkeys. The war was called The Gombe Chimpanzee War (also known as the Four-Year War) and it lasted from 1974 through 1978. Scientists had never witnessed anything like it - and have never

The loudest sound on Earth occurred on August 27, 1883 and circled the Earth four times

On August 27, 1883, when a volcano erupted on the island of Krakatoa, the Earth emitted a sound louder than any sound in recorded history. The sound was so loud, it burst the eardrums of sailors in a boat forty miles away and circled around the Earth four times before succumbing to silence. No louder sound was thought to occur prior to this event and no louder sound has been created since. It was 10:02 on a Monday morning in 1883 when the “boom” burst from the island of Krakatoa, which sits between Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. A volcano had erupted on Krakatoa and it literally tore the island apart. The plume of smoke and debris exploded from the volcano at 1,600 miles per hour (more

A lake full of Pepto Bismal? Australia’s Lake Hillier – a bubble-gum pink wonder that scientists have yet to unravel

From above, Lake Hillier, located on the edge of Recherche Archipelago’s largest island in Australia, looks to be filled with Pepto Bismal.  It’s bubble-gum pink waters are so unusual, airlines report passengers getting up from their seats and crowding around windows to get a peek of the stunningly beautiful natural wonder.  Scientists are unsure why its waters retain their rose pink color but believe it may be from a dye created by the organisms living in the lake – Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria.  Another theory proposes that the pink color might be  attributed to the presence of red halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts.  What they do know is that the bright pink waters are no illusion.  The water retains its pink hue when taken

Hessdalen Lights in Norway have been reported since the 1800’s

Introduction to the Hassdalen Light Phenomenon The Hessdalen Lights are an earth anomaly (or UFO phenomena, they’re tough to classify without knowing exactly what they are) commonly seen in the Hessdalen valley in the central part of Norway. The mysterious lights, typically large, bright white, blue, red, or yellow lights floating above the ground or shooting at amazing speeds through the air, have been witnessed since 1811 or earlier. Interest in the lights picked up in 1981 when residents in the area began to see unknown lights in the valley and in the nearby districts.  The lights sometimes remain still and sometimes flash, and can suddenly move at extreme speeds up into the atmosphere or down into the ground, or into one of the many lakes in

The mysterious New Mexico “brilliant flash of light” event (August 15, 1999)

At 11: 18 PM on August 15, 1999, the residents of the southwestern United States experienced an intense, unimaginable bright flash of light which lit the area brighter than daylight for 2-3 seconds.  At the same time, people from all across  the  western  U.  S.  began calling the UFO hotlines reporting their sightings of an unidentified object travelling overhead.  Most reported a hovering ball of light. Calls came in from  New  Mexico,  Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Texas and Mexico.  21 minutes later, a second (less bright) flash occurred. According to the MUFON journal from that month: “What makes this first flash so interesting, and a fact which seems to rule out any type of meteoric event, is that a second, and similar, flash occurred, approximately

Black colored icebergs (they come in blue, green, and brown too)

Icebergs are typically white but various factors can occasionally cause them to turn a different color – green, brown, black, or blue are possible.  Factors that distort the iceberg color include a lower density of air within the ice (which allows less sunlight to reflect off the surface or pass through the iceberg with a scattered pattern of light) or a higher density of rock embedded within the ice.  Seldom are colored icebergs the result of man-made pollution or contaminants.  Many times a colored iceberg has rolled over, revealing the discolored basal ice that once lay underneath the surface.  Even striped icebergs are possible and can be created when a crevice fills quickly with water that freezes before ice bubbles are formed inside. Although rarely

Marfa Lights – the mysterious light show in west Texas

Reports in 1883 In 1883, the first official report of the Marfa Lights came to light.  A Texas homesteader, Robert Ellison, noticed the lights and feared that Indians were attacking his home.  After viewing the lights for some time however, it became clear to Mr. Ellison that these mysterious lights were not attacking Indians.  These lights danced and flew wildly across the open plains. In more recent times, hundreds of photos and video have been shot of the Marfa Lights.  Virtually all the residents of Marfa, Texas can recount sightings of the mysterious lights.  The source of the lights is unknown. Possible Explanations Debunked The Marfa, Texas phenomena is a classic example of ghost lights, a phenomena commonly explained by scientific principles.  But the Marfa Lights still have scientist

Ghost Lights – mysterious, inexplicable light phenomena

History reveals reports of ghost lights are not a new phenomena In 1656, John Davis of Cardinshire, Wales recorded some of the earliest historical evidence of ghost lights. In this small town in Northern Wales, ghost light sightings were quite common and believed to portend the death of someone in their town. The lights were witnessed around homes, in the open air, and occasionally inside their homes. A small light represented the death of a child, a large light the death of an adult. Davis noted a ghost light sighting by his wife’s sister who had observed five lights inside her bedroom. That night, five of their servants died of suffocation in what was only described as ‘a freak accident.’ These strange lights are still reported in

Mysterious Tunguska explosion rocks remote area of Siberia in 1908

Introduction In 1908, a mysterious event occurred in a remote area of Siberia that literally rocked the earth.  To this date, scientist continue to debate the cause of the incident. On June 30, 1908 at approximately 7:15AM, a huge explosion occurred in a remote, mosquito infested swamp near the Tunguska River.  A local reindeer herding tribe, called the  Evenki, described seeing a bright, white light streak across the sky.  They claimed the object, with a tail over 800 kilometers long,  made no noise as it passed over the forests northwest of Lake Baykai.  They heard 5 explosions, the second of which was the most powerful.  The Evenki people sealed off the area, believing it was 'enchanted', and feared the gods must be angry at them. Consequences The detonation sent