The Mysterious Chicago Tylenol Murderers

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On September 29, 1982, 12-year-old Mary Kellerman of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, (a suburb of Chicago) woke up at dawn and went into her parents’ bedroom. She did not feel well and complained that she had a sore throat and a runny nose. Suspecting a cold was coming on, her parents gave her one Extra-Strength […]

Jena Six – questions of racial disparity

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Jena Six (or Jena 6) was the name given to a group of six black teenagers charged with the beating of Justin Barker, a white student at Jena High School in Jena, Louisiana, United States, on December 4, 2006. Sparking questions of racial disparity, many aspects of the case are troubling, including the subsequent crimes […]

The Alphabet Murders (Rochester, New York)

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The “Alphabet murders” (also known as the “double initial murders”) took place from 1971 to 1973 in the Rochester, New York area. Three young girls were raped and strangled. The case got its name from the fact that each of the three girls’ first and last names started with the same letters and that the […]

The Notorious B.I.G. – Gangsta Wars

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Biggie Small went through the typical rapper life cycle – a life of crime at an early age followed by infamy and more criminal acts after that. Ending in the typical violent death, Biggie’s story deviates from the typical rapper tale in that his death was unsolved and riddled with conspiracy theory.

The unsolved D.B. Cooper hijacking (skyjacking) of Boeing Flight 305

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D. B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the United States on November 24, 1971, received $200,000 in ransom, and parachuted from the plane. The name he used to board the plane was Dan Cooper, but he became known as “D. B. Cooper”. No conclusive evidence has ever surfaced regarding Cooper’s true identity or […]

The Grim Sleeper serial killer – illusive for three decades, at least a dozen women meet untimely deaths by his hand

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They had his DNA. They had his fingerprints. They had a description from a survivor. Ballistics tests match the .25 caliber gun used in the crimes. But the elusive Grim Sleeper serial killer continued to claim victims on the streets of Los Angeles for over a quarter of a century before an arrest was made. […]

Jack the Ripper

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The Jack the Ripper murders occurred in London more than one hundred years ago. The methods used in the investigations were years before their time but the killer was never found. Since then, evidence has been lost and facts have been muddled. The true story of Jack the Ripper takes a careful, conscious effort to […]

Jack the Ripper Timeline (Complete)

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Below is an extensive timeline of Ripper-related events covering over 100 years. It is a supplement to the Jack the Ripper article.

John Wayne Gacy – the Clown Killer

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The house where John Wayne Gacy buried his victims

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer. Between the years 1972 and 1978, before he was arrested, convicted, and later executed, Gacy raped and murdered thirty three young boys. He buried 29 of of his victims in the crawl space underneath the basement of his home. […]

The Jonestown Massacre

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Jonestown was the informal name for the “Peoples Temple Agricultural Project”, an intentional community in northwestern Guyana formed by the Peoples Temple, an American cult led by Jim Jones. It became internationally notorious when, on November 18, 1978, 918 people died in the settlement when cult leader Jim Jones commanded they drink poison.

Omega Man Counterfeiter

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In the early 1970’s, ANACS (American Numismatic Association Certification Service) noticed an unusually high number of “high relief” coins entering the market. High relief coins are coins that are struck multiple times to produce extremely clear, concise contours. Suspicious that an unusually high quality counterfeiter could be the culprit, they began careful examination of the […]

Clark Rockefeller – AKA Karl Gerhartsreiter – Master Con Man

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He’s a Bavarian born brilliant con man named who managed to convince Boston’s elite that he was a rich heir. He hosted lavish parties, drove expensive cars, and even owned a yacht yet despite the apparent riches, he had no job and no apparent source of income. He is a person of interest in a […]

Nucky Johnson and Atlantic City

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During the Roaring Twenties, Enoch Lewis “Nucky” Johnson was an Atlantic City, New Jersey political boss and racketeer from 1911 through 1941. His ingenious but ruthless tactics working the area bootlegging and prostitution rings along with help from some of prominent gangsters of the day, provided him unprecedented riches and made Atlantic City the pinnacle […]

The Rotenburg Cannibal – Internet Killer

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Armin Meiwes, a computer technician living in the German town of Rotenburg, was born December 1, 1961. He was described by neighbors as being “very childlike”, friendly, and a sensitive person. He was also called The Master Butcher and the Rotenburg Cannibal after he achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim whom […]

The Long Island Serial Killer (aka The Gilgo Beach Killer)

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The Long Island Serial Killer (also known as the Gilgo Killer or the Long Island Ripper) is a serial killer who is believed to have murdered at least ten people in the Long Island area. He targets prostitutes, who were often contacted from the online bulletin board Craigslist, and has been in operation for at […]


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